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Useful Links

Name Category Comment
Gipsy Peddler Merchant SCA-legal rapier armor including doublets, pants, shirts, hoods, gloves and fighting capes.
Popinjay's Merchant Incredible custom made weapons
Northern Blade Fencing & Recreation Supply Merchant Leon-Paul equipment, plus leather work accessories and list-legal garb
Baron Kendal's Band Gun Catalog Merchant A good source for Rubber band guns.
Don Dylan's Fencing Page Historical Information A great source for all sorts of fencing information.
East Kingdom of the SCA General SCA The East Kingdom Home
The EK's League of Rapier Academies General SCA Promotion of the study, service and skill of period styles of Rapier in a contemporary Academy of Defense.
Tadcaster Militia General SCA League of Rapier Academies school located in the Southern Region, predominantly around the Barony of Bhakail.