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Event Details
Le bon vin fait le bon barde (Good Wine Makes For A Happy Bard) **UPDATED** Event date: November 20th, 2004
Hosted by Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant - St.Lambert, QC
Event Last Modified: September 23rd, 2004
Event details
Le bon vin fait le bon barde / Good Spirits Make For A Happy Bard

“Hear me tale, lad!

I passed through the Northern Shores, recently, on a trip that started from Ruantallan-By-The-Ocean to this dark inn, close to the South End of our great and faire Kingdom.  During my travels, I took a boat on a great and majestic river.  At the end of a day, the captain of the boat told me that the island we would spend the night on was the home of a terrible dragon that hadn’t been awake for the past 10 years.  Being adventurous at heart, I decided to tempt me fates and go to the Inne Of The Sleeping Dragon.  As soon as I set me foot inside the place, I noticed that the atmosphere was very warm, friendly, and somewhat inebriated.  I knew I was going to enjoy me stay there.  Sure enough, as soon as I sat down in an empty chair, by the fire that was roaring in the fireplace, a very comely wench came and asked me what I desired.  I explained to her that I was but a stranger and that I did not know the local customs.  She smiled to me and went away.  She came back with a (rather large) goblet of mead.  She then explained:  “Good stranger, it is customary for us to welcome guests with a goblet of mead.  Once you will have wetted your throat, you shall stand on the stool and you shall decline your name, so that all might know who you are.” I emptied the goblet of mead (which was not bad at all), and then stood on the stool and said “Me name is Sean McCulloch.  I am here for the night.” Hearing that, the whole crowd welcomed me by saying:  “Be welcome, Sean McCulloch, in the Barony of the Isle of the Sleeping Dragon!” During the evening, I overheard 4 or 5 people wearing a badge azure, a border or with an open book of the same, talking about the 20th day of the month of November.  They were planning on inviting a brewer of renown, Lord Ludwig von Eisburg, to share his knowledge of the arts of fermentation.  They were talking about a seminar, and then a sumptuous meal and finally, stories, songs and music.  Talking about the meal, they said that every dish should include some kind of alcohol.  But on those words, they went out of the Inne, into the dark night.

That’s me tale, lad.”

The Isle of the Sleeping Dragon will be hosting, on the 20th day of November, a seminar on how to brew mead.  The teacher shall be Lord Ludwig von Eisburg. 

This seminar is the first of an intended series of 3.  The first one (2004), will be bent on showing beginning brew ers how to make mead.  The second seminar (2005, intermediary level) will assume that the brewers attending it are no longer beginners and that guests have one or two batches of mead done.  The third seminar (2006, advanced level) will assume that the guests have several batches of mead completed and that they will be able to discuss issues and ask educated questions.

The site will open at 11:00 AM, and at 12:00 PM (noon), the seminar will start.  The site will be open at least until 11:00 PM, or later if people want to continue the revelry.

Schedule (this schedule is NOT following the SCA time):
11h00:  Arrival of the guests
12h00:  Beginning of the seminar
13h30:  Beginning of dayboard and CLOSING OF GATE
15h30:  End of dayboard (except bread)
15h30 to 15h40:  break
17h30:  End of the seminar
17h30 to 18h00 setting up the room for the meal
18h00:  beginning of the meal
20h30:  End of the meal
21h00:  Beginning of the bardic circle (stories and songs… some surprises are to be expected)
23h00:  Possible closing of the site.  If people want to continue the party, the site will remain open.  Afterwards, if at any time there are not enough people, of if the Mistress of Revels deems that the party seems to be over, the site will close.

Meal will be alcohol-themed, every meal containing some measure of alcohol.  Sometimes discrete, sometimes not.

Mistress of Revels:  Lady Cathrine de Monserrat
Assistant / Gate / Reservations:  Amaury de Périgny
Head Cook:  Lady Diana Scott

For any inquiries about the meal, concerns, allergies, please contact the Head Cook at dianascott@levraigrimoyre.org.

For general inquiries, questions, comments, please contact the Mistress of Revels at cathrinedemonserrat@levraigrimoyre.org

For reservation inquiries, please contact Amaury de Périgny at amaurydeperigny@levraigrimoyre.org

Site Opens: 11:00 AM
Site Closes: 23h00 (11PM) possibly later
Event Location
Church of Saint Barnabas
95, Lorne Street
St.Lambert, QC  J4R1N5

Directions :
From the USA :
From I-87:  Go North, cross the border, and continue North on the 15 until you hit the 132.  Take the 132 East.
From I-89:  Go North, cross the border, and continue North until you reach Highway 10.  Take the Highway 10 West.

From East of Montreal:
Get to the 132 West

From West of Montreal:
Get to the 132 East

Highway 10:  Go West until you cross the 132.  Take the 132 East.

132 East:  Get off at Notre-Dame Exit, turn right on Notre-Dame.
132 West:  Get off at Notre-Dame Exit, turn left (under the overpass) on Notre-Dame.

Notre-Dame:  Go straight up to Green, then turn right.  Cross Victoria Avenue, then turn right on Lorne.  You're there!  95 Lorne Street.  Church of St.Barnabas.

Event Fees
Site : Fees:
Onboard:  24$ if reserved before the 6th of November
29$ if reserved after the 6th of November and there still is place.

Offboard: 19$

NOTE:  All fees are in Northern Shores Currency (also known as Canadian Dollars).

SCA members are entitled to a 4$ discount.

Students and minors are entitled to an additional 2$ discount (ID required).

Reserve early, please.  The 5$ surcharge for lateness is not intended as a money-maker but rather as an incentive to reserve early.  We encourage you to *call* if you missed the cut-off date.  That way, we’ll be able to tell you if there still is onboard place.

Feast: See above

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc - Dragon Dormant

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Helena Mota(Lady Cathrine de Monserrat)
844, Victoria Avenue
Saint-Lambert, Quebec
Canada, J4R 1N5

Send Reservations to:
Simon Périgny
(Amaury de Périgny)
844, Victoria Avenue
Saint-Lambert, Quebec
Canada, J4R 1N5
Telephone:  450-671-4242

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