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Event Details
Spring Crown Tournament **UPDATED** TRM will be in attendance Event date: May 8th, 2010 - May 9th, 2010
Hosted by Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant - Ste. Hermenegilde, QC
Event Last Modified: April 14th, 2010
Event details
The Barony of L’Ile du Dragon Dormant would like to extend a joyous invitation to all residents of the East Kingdom and beyond to their fair shores on the 8th day of the month of May, AS XLIV, where The Future Royal Majesties of the East, Edward Grey of Lochleven and Marguerite Ingen Lochlain will be holding Their Spring Crown Tournament to witness the choosing, by right of arms, of the next heirs of the East.

The site will open at 10am - The tourney itself will begin at 12h30, to be followed in the evening by Royal Court if Their Majesties so wish, and by a wonderful feast prepared by the culinary team of Signore Cosmano Pierro Michelotto da Roma.  Any concerns about food should be expressed to him as soon as possible via e-mail at:  cosmano@wolfstar.ca

On-board attendance will be limited to 200 persons and there will be some room available for those attending off-board.

Tentative menu:
First remove - Salad, bread, cheese
Second remove - Venison stew, rice dish
Third remove - Duck/chicken, noodles Lyanna
Fourth remove - Beast Wellington, vegetable stew
Fifth remove - Fruit pies, sweet bread, pears and cream

Reservations for the event should be received in full at least two weeks prior to the event (24 April 2010); following that date no guarantee can be made as to the availability of space for feast at the door.  The cut off for cancellations is the same as the cut-off for reservations, 24 April 2010.

The only reservation is a paid reservation.  Reservations must include the full legal name of each person for whom a reservation is being made.  Canadian and American funds have always been and will always be honored in our Barony.  If you wish to be seated for the feast (or have off-board seating) please make a reservation - we cannot guarantee that any seats will be available "at the door".

All times after site opening are at the discretion of the Crown. 

10am … Site Opens for Setup
1030am … MOL/Registration
11am … Procession
1130am … Armour Inspections
12noon … Dayboard Opens
… A&S Display Opens
… Silent Auction Opens (subject to change)
1230pm … Tourney Begins
530pm … Court (tentative)
630pm … Feast Begins (tentative)
… Announcements, Toasts
… Silent Auction closes at end of first remove (subject to change)
… Awarding of auction items done between second and third remove (subject to change)
… Bardic Activities between removes
10pm … Event Closes
… Clean-up Begins

Sunday 12 pm Site Closes

On 1 March and not before, we will start accepting on-site accommodation reservations. 

There are cabins available for a total sleeping capacity, on-site, of about 100 – 110 people.  Accommodations will be available at $1 per person on a first come first serve basis and every effort will be made to accommodate group bookings.  When you contact the Accommodations Coordinator to book, please be prepared to provide the names of the people who will be staying together so we can do our best to accommodate you in the most efficient manner possible. 

Accommodations Reservations and Information:

As it is long past the first of March, the time of booking on-site accommodations for Spring Crown is upon us.

We are asking $1 per person for this service, to be paid as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.

Please send me your name and the names of all in your group and we will accommodate you as best we can.  We will make all effort to keep members of groups housed as closely together as possible.

All cabins have electricity.  No bedding is being provided so you'll need to bring something comfortable to outfit your bed with.

Send reservations to me, Lady Camilla at:

Cheques are to be made payable to SCA Inc.  - Dragon Dormant

Please note:  This has nothing to do with your event reservation and should be a separate payment unless you make arrangements with the Event Reservations Clerk..You will still need to reserve for the event even though you have reserved for accommodations.

My address is:
Christine Chapman
20 Hillcrest Ave, Apt 1
Lachine, QC
H8R 1J1

There are also two shower buildings having 4 or 5 showers each. 

Some general Site and Event Information:
The camp is on a lake.  The event site ends at the waters' edge.  Any swimming/wading/playing in the water is at the risk of the swimmers.  We will have no lifeguards posted.

There will be a Queen's Tea at Her Majesty's leisure.

There will be space for tenting if anyone is so inclined.  Just let me know so that I can set aside space for you.

Request from the Event Steward:
If there is need for vigil space, please let me know so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.  You don't need to tell me for who or what type of vigil, just that you'll be needing space.

The same goes for any meetings you may like to host.  If I know ahead of time, I may be able to make some space available for you.

If you have a pavilion to set up outside, please let me know how big so that we can make arrangements for that.

As you may or may not know, the site, as a Christian Youth Camp, is non-smoking and alcohol free.

However, the site manager has graciously agreed to allow us to set up designated smoking areas and to hold Spring Crown as "Discreetly wet"

Here are the "Vice Rules" :) :

* Absolutely no smoking in any of the buildings and smoking in the designated areas only.
* Anyone caught smoking outside a designated smoking area will first be told to extinguish their smoke and the next time will be told to leave the site.
* Anyone caught dropping a butt anywhere but in a designated butt receptacle will be on butt patrol to police for cigarette butts before the end of the event.  This includes the ground beside a butt receptacle.
* All empty bottles and cans must be cleaned up appropriately.
* Bottle tops, corks and can tabs (and any other such waste) must be disposed of appropriately and not left on the ground.
* If you are caught leaving a bottle cap or other such waste on the ground, you have just volunteered to police for bottle caps before leaving the site.  This includes the ground around the waste receptacles.
* Anyone obviously under the influence of alcohol will be escorted to their cabin or some other place out of the eyes of the rest of the event goers.  If they do not have a cabin they can go to, they will be asked to leave the site under the supervision of a friend.

This is a fantastic site and the site manager is making allowances for our group (the SCA) to use it.  We want to do everything we can to ensure our future welcome. 

Thank you all for your attention and patience.

Camilla di Bruno (dragonlily3@wolfstar.ca)
Site Opens: 10am Saturday
Site Closes: 12pm Sunday
Event Location
Frontier Lodge
1406 rte. 141
Ste. Hermenegilde, QC  J0B 2W0

The Spring Crown site is:

Directions to the site:

Directions for Coming to Frontier Lodge from Montreal. 

Take the Champlain bridge and continue on the Eastern Townships Autoroute #10 East until Exit #121 (aprox.  120 kms).  Exit # 121 automatically puts you on Highway #55 South.  Continue approx 15 kms to exit #21 Ayer's Cliff, Coaticook.  After exiting at exit #21 turn left at the "T" at the end of ramp and this puts you on Rte.  #141 South.  Route #141 south brings you right to camp.  However you will need to watch for the following, right turn in the center of Ayer's Cliff, continue on to Coaticook, approximately 20 kms. 

In Coaticook turn right at the third set of traffic lights (you are now on a shared route #141 & #147) continue to go out of town and approximately ½ km.  from town limit you will turn left on #141 ( #147 continues straight) There is a motel on the right just before the turn , and a big barn with a blue roof also just before the turn.  After turning continue for another 20 kms and you will see the sign Hillside at Frontier Lodge for Hillside and another ½ km you will come to the main camp. 

Count on a good 2 & 1/2 hrs from the South side of Champlain Bridge. 

Additional Directions:

Here is the Google Maps link for the site for Spring Crown Tournament.  If you right-click on the map pointer you can ask for directions to the site from wherever you happen to be.


Below I have also included directions provided by the lovely Lady Jeanne.  I have not driven these directions but I have compared them to the map and they look good.

From Vermont and other points south west:

Make your best way to the I-91 North.
After the Canadian border continue on Route 55 N for 2km
Take exit 20 to the 143 North (towards Drummondville).
Continue on the 143 North for 15 km
Turn right unto 141 South.  (towards Coaticook)
Follow directions from Coaticook (same as montreal)

From New Hampshire and other points south and east

Make you way best way to the VT-102 North.

[From the I93:
Take exit 43 for NH-135 towards Littleton.
Turn left unto the 135 North for 22 km
At the T junction turn left on Mt Orne Bridge towards vermont.
Once across the bridge turn right and join with the US 2 east (stay right on fork).
Continue on US-2 for 6km
Take the left hand fork to continue on VT-102 N for 70 km

Take VT-102 North to Canaan.
Turn left onto the VT-114 South for 2km
At the fork veer right onto VT-141 North.  Continue to the Canadian border.
Continue on Quebec Route 141 North for 6 km.  Frontier Lodge will be on your left.

From Quebec and other points North

Make your best way to the 20 West
Take exit 173 to the 55 South (towards Drummondville/Sherbrooke)
Continue on 55 South for 95 km
Take exit 21 to 141 South

Follow directions from ayer's cliff (same as montreal)

Event Fees
Site : Onboard:  $16.00
Offboard:  $8.00
Children under 5:  free
Family Maximum Onboard:  $55
Family Maximum Offboard:  $25

The NMS will be in effect.

Feast: Reservation deadline:  24 April 2010
Cancellation deadline:  24 April 2010

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc -- L'ile du Dragon Dormant

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Steward:
Lady Camilla Brigida di Bruno
20 Hillcrest Ave, Apt 1
Lachine Quebec
H8R 1J1

Send Reservations to:
Please send Reservations to:
Tracy Irving
2673 rue Chateauguay
Montreal, QC
H3K 1L5

Other Contact Information:
Accommodations Coordinator:
Lady Camilla Brigida di Bruno

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