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Event Details
Quintavia Hafla: A Day in the Middle East **UPDATED** Event date: March 13th, 2010
Hosted by Shire of Quintavia - Bolton, MA
Event Last Modified: February 6th, 2010
Event details
Salaam and Marhaban from the Shire of Quintavia as we once again open our doors for our annual Hafla.  Imagine yourself in a far away, exotic land; potent and exciting, mysterious and haunting; your sense of awe and mystery enhanced by the beat of tribal drums.  We invite you to bring your Persian rugs, pillows, dancing shoes, musical instruments, and a warm smile, and join us for a day and evening in the Middle East. 

Through the veiled mystery of time emerges the exotic world of belly dance.  Come, dance with us, sing, tell stories, rest, recline, eat, talk with old friends, make new ones, and just enjoy yourself.  The exquisiteness of the music of The Dancing Gypsy Band and Diabolis in Musica and dancers will captivate you, and attentive merchants will await you, seeking to fulfill your every desire.

Welcome to the silken wealth of our majestic caravanserai.  Smell the fragrance of ancient spices as our feast master delights you with her ‘Journey through the Middle East’ feast. 

Halfa Feast:  A Journey Through the Middle East

As the Sun travels across the lands, so will our feast journey through and sample the delights of the Middle East.

First Course (India):
Biryani (vegetarian)
Chole Palak (Spinach & Chickpea Curry)
Cucumber and tomato salad

Second Course (Persia):
Fesenjan (Persian Chicken in Pomegranate Walnut Sauce)
Meatless Cabbage Rolls
Torshi Lift (Persian Pickled Turnips)
Jeweled Rice

Third Course (Northern Africa):
Moroccan Pumpkin & Lentil Soup
Lamb Kibbeh
Goat Tangine of Quinces and Honey (can also be done with beef)

A Children’s Buffet will be available as well at a reduced rate for feast and will be served along with the adult feast. 

Many will be the day's activities.  Dance classes will be held by members of The Hippy Chix dance troupe.  Dancer performances by the students of the Dancing Gypsy, the Hippy Chix, and others will captivate you.

So journey to Quintavia for a day of the mystique and allure of the Middle East, and stay to partake of our ancient Middle Eastern feast resplendent with savory delights.

Site Opens: 12 pm
Site Closes: 7 pm
Event Location
First Parish Church of Bolton
673 Main Street
Bolton, MA  01740

Take your best route to 495; coming from the North or the South take Exit 27 to RTE 117.  Take RTE 117 WEST off the exit ramp toward Bolton.  The church is @.9 miles WEST on RTE 117, on the RIGHT.  The church itself is on a little rise, go up the driveway and park beside and behind the church. 

Overflow parking is also available on the left side of the church driveway.  There are a few spaces immediately in front of the main entrance.  There is an elevator located to the left of the main entrance, where handicapped parking also provided.  Overflow parking is at the town hall.

Event Fees
Site : Site :  Adults:  $10
NMS Fee:  $3
Children 5 - 17:  $5
Children 0 - 4:  Free

Feast: Feast:  Adults:  $12
Children 5 - 13:  $6
Children 0 - 4:  Free

Reservations Deadline March 1st.

Make Checks Payable to: Shire of Quintavia, SCA Inc.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Toi Poisson de Mortagne toifiore@verizon.net

Send Reservations to:
Brokk Galea
472 Gleasondale Road, Stow MA 01775

Other Contact Information:
Those with dietary concerns should contact the Feastocrat Lord Alexei at dana_gryphon@verizon.net

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