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Event Details
Autumn Frolic **UPDATED** Event date: October 18th, 2009
Hosted by Shire of Rusted Woodlands - Pomona , NY
Event Last Modified: October 8th, 2009
Event details
Join with us in the northern woods of Rusted Woodlands for a day of frolic, fencing and fighting:

-- Canine challenge hosted by Lady Catheryne Greene and Dudley Katesson that will include elements of tracking, obedience, agility, and fun.  All dogs and their people are welcome to participate. 

-- Thrown weapons - This is a memorial competition for Lord Zachary Wolfhunter mka/ Gerald Scott Eskinazi.  Special prize to be awarded:  set of throwing knives handmade by Lord Colin MacKenzie, Southern Region Thrown Weapons Marshal mka/ Doug Guyton

-- Heavy fighting list and pick-ups.

-- Fencing list and pick-ups.

-- Lawn bowling competition.

-- Golden Quill Scribal Competition:

You will have a maximum of four hours in which to create a note card in a specific style of illumination and calligraphy.

We will supply the note card stock and envelope.

**You may bring no reference into the room with you.** There are no requirements or limitations as to period or style.

Calligraphy will be considered "extra points" and may be done as a return address on the envelope or in any other form.

You may supply documentation on a 3x5 index card, or similar forum.

We strongly recommend that you bring your own equipment with you (it's always easier to work with the tools you're familiar with), however; we will have
equipment available for use, but these may not be up to your rigorous standards.  No penalization will be made for using modern materials.

There will be three levels of competition:

Novice (no Kingdom-level recognition for scribal skill)
Journeyman (Kingdom-level recognition for scribal skill)
Master (Laurel for scribal skill).

If you have received a Kingdom-level award for another art form you may compete either as a Journeyman or a Novice.
If you have received a Laurel in another art form, you may compete at any level you choose.

All entries will be donated to and become the property of the reigning Queen of the East for use.

Reasonable allowances will be made to starting and finishing times.  All entries must be completed no later than 4 PM in order to give the Judges time to consider.

Judges shall look for the following criteria:

1- Workmanship
2- "Trueness" to style
3- Creativity
4- Relevance
5- Documentation

Bonus points will be awarded for calligraphy, "schtick" (in your write up) and "grace under fire".

Judges decisions will be final, no matter how arbitrary or capricious.

First Prize will be a a packet of Patent Gold Leaf.
Second Prize will be brush cleaner.
Third Prize will be nib cleaner.

Each entrant will receive a small token from the proctor.

Volunteers to judge or people with questions should contact Alayne at alaynenordenhal@yahoo.com

-- Scribal arts classes.

-- SUMPTUOUS day board!  Hosted by Mistress Brigitte Flamin mka/ Christine Larsson.


This is a pet friendly site. 

Dogs must remain leashed throughout their activity.  Please secure any "presents" they may leave behind.  Shade and watering stations provided.

Site is wet.  Gentles may bring their own potables but are encouraged to take advantage of very low cost liquid refreshment at the on site Legion Tavern.  As always, when on site please have covered containers.

Plentiful on site parking is available.

Bathrooms and water (indoor plumbing) are available on site.

On site cooking/BBQ is allowed (above ground only).

No restrictions on staked tents or pavilions.

On site merchanting is welcome - merchants must pay applicable site fees.

Site Opens: 9:00 AM
Site Closes: 6:00 PM
Event Location
American Legion Kearsing Edwards Post 1600
20 Station Road
Pomona , NY  10970

From New York City vicinity take George Washington Bridge west to New Jersey to Palisaides Interstate Parkway north.

From Westchester/Putnam and other points north and east of the Hudson River take Tapan Zee bridge west to I-87/New York State Throughway north to Palisaides Interstate Parkway north.

From points north and west of the Hudson River take I-87/New York State Throughway south or other preferred route to Palisaides Interstate Parkway.

From New Jersey - additional option of Garden State Parkway north to I-87/New York State Throughway east to Palisaides Interstate Parkway north.
Exit 12 off Palisaides Interstate Parkway

Coming from south - left on Conklin Road off exit to Route 45 south (turn left).

Coming from north - turn right on Route 45 south off exit.

Right on Pomona Road (look for sign pointing to the Fire Training Center)

Proceed down Pomona Road past road leading to the Fire Training Center to the very next right which is Station Road.  Look for the sign pointing towards the American Legion.  Turn right on Station Road.  The American Legion Post will be on your right.

Event Fees
Site : $10.00 adults

$6.00 children 12 and under

$3.00 non-member surcharge will apply.

Feast: Feast fee not applicable.

Though not required, it is very much appreciated if advance reservations could be sent to assist in food budgeting.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc - Shire of Rusted Woodlands

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lord AEthelstan St.  Maur


Stan Cohen
917-416-4727 (anytime except Friday night and Saturday day)

e-mail:  cohendental@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Stan Cohen
85 Pomona Road
Suffern, NY 10901-1919

Other Contact Information:
Canine activities:

Lady Catheryne Greene mka/ Katie Mattison - kweenkmatt@gmail.com

Dayboard concerns:

Mistress Brigitte Flamin mka/ Christine Larsson -

Golden Quill Scribal Competition:
Mistress Alayne Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher - mka/ Pam Tarisi

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