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Event Details
River War **UPDATED** TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance Event date: September 25th, 2009 - September 27th, 2009
Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Williamstown, NJ
Event Last Modified: August 12th, 2009
Event details
What do you get when you cross other good events of the East like Balfars, GNW, SRWP, and War of the Roses…? You will get the soon to be wonders of the RIVER WAR.  WHY you ask “Because peace is boring!” according to a Baron.

We, the Barony of Iron Bog, invite one and all to attend this event to help the Barons of two lands ease their disagreements (Whatever they may be).  As the words of this disagreement have traveled, the King and Queen have decided to make a guest appearance to make sure that everyone has a good time and a fair battle be had.  So with that said --->

A call to all soldiers {light and heavy – young and old}, artisans and scholars, archers, weapon throwers, cooks, and merchants come choose a side and have as much fun as you are able to in a weekend with all that is planned.

The fun will start Friday night with tourneys into the night.  Followed by a full day of playing in your favored form while earning victory points in the name of the land you fight for.  For info about the tourneys and battle scenarios whether heavy, light, or archery please see http://www.ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river_war/r-war-4.html (Web site still under minor construction)

For those of you that prefer to do your battles in the kitchen, there is a tourney set for you as well.  Bring you best period dish enough for at least 8-10 people.  The dish will not only be judge by a judging panel but the populace will be allowed to put their input in as well.  Visit the web site for more information.  http://www.ironbog.eastkingdom.org/river_war/r-war-4.html
Equestrian did some request an event with equestrian?

Gentles wishing to bring a horse to the event must contact the Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge prior to the event.  Current Coggins test and, if horse is traveling from outside New Jersey, interstate health certificate must be produced before unloading the horse from the trailer.  We can commit to a Challenge Course competition
For more information please contact:  Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge:  Baroness Doucette de Verdun,
equestrian.south@eastkingdom.org or 610-792-9232 (Please no calls after 9PM)or Catheryne Greene (Katie Mattison) kweenkmatt@gmail.com or 848-448-7055 (Please no calls after 9PM)

Youth activities are in the works to be on tap for both those that enjoy the marshal or the non-combatant arts.

We would like to also invite merchants to come and entertain those wonderful folks that truly enjoy shopping.  Please contact Lady Marion for information (ladymarion@comcast.net)

For those of that enjoy trading knowledge there is plenty of room to hold a class or two.  If you would be interested in teaching a class please send an email so that we can plan and schedule enough time and space.

And just because the sun sets does not mean the fun is over.  Get cleaned up grab a partner for a bit of dancing led by Lady Jane. 
For those that still have a bit of fight in them an arm wrestling tourney is also planned along with many other idea of fun well into the night.  All of this is of course followed by tourneys on Sunday morning.

Site Opens: Friday 6:30pm
Site Closes: Sunday 2:00PM
Event Location
Tall Pines Day Camp
1349 Sykesville Road
Williamstown, NJ  08094

Take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Go South on Rt.  536 to Rt.  322.  "Geets Diner" will be on the right.  Turn left onto Rt.  322 East-Blackhorse Pike.  Go to 3rd light and make a right onto Corkery Lane.  "Wawa" will be on the right.  Cross over Blue Bell Road.  Go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road.  Turn left onto Sykesville Road and follow it until it ends.

Take Rt.  676 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take A.C.  Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take Main Road-Rt.  555 to Blue Bell Road.  Follow Blue Bell Road to Corkery Lane.  Turn left onto Corkery Lane, go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road, and turn left onto Sykesville Road.

Follow Rt.  295 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.  Or follow signs for Rt.  73 south through Berlin Circle.  After light at Jackson Road follow signs for Rt.  536 Spur (Williamstown/Glassboro) - Williamstown-New Freedom Road.  Follow Rt.  536 Spur to Rt.  322.  Make left onto Rt.  322 East (Blackhorse Pike) and follow directions from Philadelphia.

Event Fees
Site : CAMPING – Weekend fun – A Friday night traveler’s board – A Saturday and Sunday morning continental breakfast-And Saturday’s Running Dayboard
***Autocrat special – Pre-reg before July 31st $13.00 adults $8.00 (youths 12-17)****

Pre-Reg.  rec’d after July 31st up to Sept.  4th $15.00 adults $10.00 (youth 12-17)

At the door $20.00 adults $15.00 (youth 12-17)
(If you pay at the door and you bring a toy the fee will be minus $1.00 ** Please note more toys are welcome but you will still only get a $1.00 off **)

DAYTRIP— A day of Fun- And Saturday’s Running Dayboard
Pre-reg.  by Sept 1st $13.00 adults $8.00 (youths 12-17)

At the door $15.00 adults $10.00 (youths 12-17)
(**If you pay at the door and you bring a toy the fee will be minus $1.00 ** Please note more toys are welcome but you will still only get a $1.00 off **)

A $3.00 fee will be add for non-member surcharge

Feast: A feast is not scheduled however, there will be a Saturday long day-board.

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Iron Bog, SCA INC

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lord Sterling De La Rosa
856 661 8087

Send Reservations to:
Lady Marion
MKA Eileen Andreotti
6730 Cedar Ave
Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Other Contact Information:
Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge:  Baroness Doucette de Verdun,equestrian.south@eastkingdom.org or 610-792-9232 (no calls after 9PM Please)
Catheryne Greene (Katie Mattison) kweenkmatt@gmail.com or

Merchants:  Lady Marion

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