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Event Details
Icefalcon's Ducal Challenge and Iron Bog Champions **UPDATED** TRM will be in attendance Event date: June 6th, 2009
Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Moorestown, NJ
Event Last Modified: May 28th, 2009
Event details
“…I have sent him this sword to signify that I wish to hold a tourney and bouhort of arms against him, in the presence of ladies and damsels, and many others, on the day and time named, and in a place suitable and convenient for this.” –King René’s Tournament Book

King Andreas, Sovereign of the Eastern throne, once again challenges fighters to arm and increase the glories of kingdom and loved ones in two heavy weapons tournaments this spring in the Barony of Iron Bog:

1.  Single-elimination, best of 3, bring your best weapon form, with best of 5 finals.  The winners will be the person who goes the farthest in the tourney and the unbelted fighter who goes the farthest in the tourney.

2.  Double-elimination, great weapon only tourney.  Winners will be the person who goes the farthest in the tourney and the unbelted fighter who goes the farthest in the tourney.

“…arming himself yet with the sword, noblest instrument of all, he protects and defends himself against any assault whatsoever of inimical force; following nonetheless the strict rule of true valor, and of the art of fencing.” –Ridolfo Capo Ferro

Concurrently, Their Excellencies of Iron Bog search the lands for a new baronial rapier champion, as Lord Melchior Kriebel's service comes to a close.

Fencers will test their skill and cunning in the art of defense against some of the kingdom's best in a Slippery Slope tournament.  This tournament is triple elimination.  Begin with a single rapier; after one defeat, bring a rapier and a defensive secondary, such as a buckler.  After two defeats, bring instead a rapier and offensive secondary.  After three defeats, a fencer is removed from the tournament.  The last remaining fencer is the tournament winner.  If the tournament winner is not eligible to be the Iron Bog Fencing Champion, then the last defeated eligible fencer becomes champion.

“… now flames, the blazing fire, must devour the lord of warriors who often endured the iron-tipped arrow shower, when the dark cloud loosed by bow strings broke above the shield wall, quivering; when the eager shaft, with its feather garb, discharged its duty to the barb.” –Beowulf

Likewise, Their Excellencies Nigel and Drueta seek a worthy successor to their archery champion, Duke Gavin.  This will be a three-part tournament, each part with three ends and a timed round, with all entrants shooting all three stages.  First a Royal Round, then a Hunting Round, and then a Battle Round.

An A&S contest in the display and depiction of heraldry, held in the Court Hall and judged by the Sisterhood of St.  Walburga, will honor Their Majesties’ interest in pageantry.  You are invited to enter any/all forms of heraldry—including what you might be wearing or fighting in that day.

For each entry please submit the following information to Lady Creatura, baronial A&S mistess (www.ironbog.eastkingdom.org/officers.html):
Entrant's name
What the entry is
Where the judges can find the entry at around 2 PM (on display in the Court Hall, on the field on a fighter, etc.)
The blazon for the entry
Any documentation (optional) for the entry

This fine day there will also be thrown weapons, youth combat, heraldic consulting, and children's activities.  Lady Genevra D'Angouleme will provide a nourishing dayboard.

There will be a silent auction to benefit the Royal Travel Fund.

Schedule of the Day
10:30 AM MoL Lists Open for Heavy Weapons and Fencing
10:30—12:00 PM Authorizations and Replacement Cards
10:30—11:30 AM Children’s Activities
11:30 AM Dayboard Served
12:00 PM Icefalcon’s Ducal Challenge Tournaments, Youth Combat
12:30 PM Iron Bog Rapier Champion and Archery Champion Tournaments
12:30—4:00 PM Children’s Activities
2:00 PM A&S Heraldic Display Judging
3:30 PM Royal Travel Fund Auction Bidding Closes
4:30 PM Royal and Baronial Courts

The site will be the First Presbyterian Church in Moorestown, NJ.  This is a strictly dry site.  It is handicapped-accessible.  There is a children's nursery and playground, although parental supervision is required at all times.
Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 7 PM
Event Location
First Presbyterian Church
101 Bridgeboro Road
Moorestown, NJ  08057

The church is located at the junction of Riverton Road (Route 603) and Bridgeboro Road (Route 613) in Moorestown.  (Note:  Riverton Road becomes Chester Avenue at this junction.) For directions, check Google Maps at http://maps.google.com/ or visit the church’s website at www.fpcmoorestown.org (see “Contact and Directions”).

Event Fees
Site : $9 – Adult Member
$5 – Youth (6-17)
Free – Children (5 and under)

Non-members, please add $3.00 to your site fee.  Current proof of membership required at check-in.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc.  - Barony of Iron Bog

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Katryne Blak
484-574-5775 before 9 PM

Deputy Autocrat of Crews:
Baroness Marion del Okes
609-364-1002 before 9 PM

Merchant Liaison:
Lady Elysabeth Underhill

Send Reservations to:
Lady Ailill mac Ferchair ui Dhiarmait
Diana Fiumara
36 Faybrooke Drive
Marlton, NJ 08053
856-985-9421 before 9 PM

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