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Event Details
Field of Acorns and Pearls II **UPDATED** TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance Event date: June 6th, 2008 - June 8th, 2008
Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - Hebron, CT
Event Last Modified: June 4th, 2008
Event details
Listen, listen well.  Hear the pounding of footsteps and hoofs, approaching from every point of the compass.  They come anxious, ready, and fervent to gather together upon The Field of Acorns and Pearls.  Bringing their retinue, wearing the finest tack, flying magnificent displays of pageantry, espousing great deeds of valor, they come.  With the songs of illustrious feats of grandeur echoing within them, they come to join in the tourney of their choice. 

We have the challenge for your pleasure, a heavy list Pas D' Arms, an A& S competition based upon a Venetian Market, a contest at the Archery butts, an exchange of touches� of Fence, a chance to show beverage knowledge and prowess, and also Youth Combat. 

For those who want more mental challenges can visit our Tavern for a good game of 9 Man Morris, Chess, or Draughts and others, while you sip away on period flavored waters.  Or maybe the bardic arts will draw you to the fire to show your talents.  Our merchants will challenge your resolve as they tempt you with their wares.  You will not need to fight off hunger tho, as there with be a satiating day board with your entry fee, and in the Tavern during the evening will be deserts for a reasonable cost. 

A Grand Melee Tournament (in the tradition of the oldest style of tournament)

1.  This is a large team melee tournament.  Team size is between 15 and 20 combatants per team. 
2.  No team is restricted in the number of Tygers Combatant, Knights or Masters at Arms, or Royal Peers which they may field, save that the team can't exceed 20 combatants. 
3.  Combat will occur according to current East Kingdom combat conventions. 
4.  Any combatant who chooses to sit out of a bout will be considered to have retired from the field. 
a.  Retired combatants may not return to the field for later bouts. 
b.  Teams may not replace retired team members with new recruits. 
c.  Loss of team members due to retirement does not disqualify the team from continuing in the tournament even if they are below the starting minimum of 15 combatants. 
5.  If a combatant is forced from the field due to injury; they may not return to the field, but their team may elect recruit a substitute from eliminated teams or fresh combatants, but not from the pool of retired combatants. 
6.  If a combatant needs sit out a bout to effect repairs to their equipment, they may do so without retiring from the field but their team will continue on in the tournament shorthanded until they are able to return to the field. 
7.  The scoring format of the tournament will vary depending on the number of teams that sign up. 
a.  For less than 8 teams, the format should be a round robin. 
b.  For more than 8 teams, a double elimination or single elimination with rounds being best two of three is likely. 
c.  The scoring format will be determined on the day of the tournament after all teams have registered with the mistress of the lists. 
d.  If the scoring format is destructive, like single or double elimination, by-fights will also be destructive. 
8.  Teams may agree to special formats and other types of challenges.  For example: 
a.  Take Hostages:  Capture, but don't kill the opposing captain and escort him off the field. 
b.  Treasure Chest:  Capture an object and remove it from play. 
c.  Spear and Magic Helmet Revisited:  Combatants only carry spears, and only face thrusts count. 
(Is it goofy or brutal, you decide...)

1PM in the tavern

A Venetian Market Place

Venice was founded in the 5th Century and by 548 A.D was powerful enough to take control of trade in the Adriatic Sea.  This control of the trade market continued until well after our period.  Produce your best in any of the categories list, the entrant must explain where their work is from and why would have been found in the Venetian Market.
A special category has been created in honor of the great Venetian navigators without whom the sea trade and markets would not have been.


The sea, (Navigational Instrument, Sails, Boats, Nets, Maps Etc.)
Garb any era, European and non-European, Combat garments (excluding armor)
Embroidery Beadwork
Lace making
Weaving, Narrow work, Knitting
Shoe making,
Metalwork (including armor and weapons)
Sculpture and carving
Stained glass, Drawing and Painting
Illumination & Calligraphy
Glasswork -Beads, Goblets, etc.
Cooking, pickling
Soap making
Cheese making
Infusion and medicines
Storytelling and drama, Singing
Musical composition
Research papers
A Period Beverage competition will be held on Saturday afternoon.  All period beverages are eligible subject to the laws of the state of Connecticut and the rules of the competition.  For the sake of clarity, this competition is for BOTH fermented and non-alcoholic beverages.  It is anticipated that beverages will be of two general categories:  those consumed with a meal and those consumed for their own sake, the latter being identified as �specialty beverages.� Competitors will provide:  a reasonable quantity of their beverage for tasting by multiple judges (the suggested minimum is 1 pint), documentation of the beverage, and the procedure and ingredients for the beverage.  Documentation of the entered beverage to period is required for entry.  Beverages that do not have documentation to period may be assessed separately at the discretion of the judges if time permits, but will not be scored for competition.  Please note that documentation and process are not the same.  Scoring will be based on documentation, workmanship, authenticity, and difficulty/scope of the entry.  The organizers anticipate beverages of grain, fruit, and honey content will be submitted.  Entrants planning to submit specialty beverages should contact the organizers well prior to the competition to ensure that qualified judges will be available.

Fields of Acorns & Pearls II

Workmanship (8 points) - To receive top scores, entries should be well put-together with attention to detail.  Items receiving low scores will appear to have been put together sloppily or rushed.

Creativity (8 points) – Creativity can be approached from several perspectives.  High marks for creativity should be given if the item meets any of the following criteria: 
A. The item is original in design but is made through period techniques and based on period design.
B. The entry is a recreation but it was necessary for the entrant to speculate and draw their own conclusions on some of the details based on their research of historical sources.  This happens when only a portion of a garment has survived and researches need to speculate on some of the details.
C. Creative problem solving was used in determining how to get around problems that came up during construction of an exact replica. 
Please note:  Items that are identical reproductions of extant pieces shouldn’t be considered “not creative.” However, scores for items re-constructed identically from a pattern or template researched by another and using the exact materials specified by the previous researcher would be considered less-creative than an item re-constructed through new research and project exploration.

Complexity (8 points) - Complexity evaluates the scope of a project.  This could take into consideration the level of research, the intricacy of the design work, the amount of time required to complete the project, and the difficulty level of the project.  The experience level of the artisan may way in here.

Authenticity (8 points) – Evaluates the period-relevance of the entry.  Was the entry’s type, function, design, etc.  utilized in the period that is indicated in the documentation? Highest points should be awarded for the use of period materials and techniques.  An entrant’s documentation should justify deviation from period materials and techniques (such as prohibitive cost or danger) in their documentation.  (If it’s possible for a judge to infer the reasons for non-period materials, such as linen in place of silk or cubic zirconias in place of diamonds, that is also acceptable).  However, an entrant who, for example, indicates using cotton because that was all he/she had in the home, points may be lost for authenticity.

Please note:  Entrants do not need to know skills and techniques outside of the realm of their re-creation.  For example, an entrant should not be penalized for not hand-forging (metalwork category) a needle if their entry is embroidery or for not carving their instrument (woodcarving category) if they are entering a performance category.  Authenticity should only have merit within the context of the entered category. 

Documentation (8 points) – Written documentation is required for all entries.  If the entrant has forgotten documentation but is available for face-to-face judging, points may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.  Written documentation receiving perfect scores should identify what the entry is, some description of the item in period, some information about the re-construction – techniques used, divergences from period materials/techniques.  Documentation should either cite source or make reference to the knowledge base for the entry.  It is acceptable to cite individuals, but this should be backed up by other sources. 

Overall Impression (10 points) -- Entrants will be judged on their overall understanding and skill with entry.  Here, the attention to detail in the display/presentation of the entries on the table may also be a factor in impression. 

Remember the real goal of a competition is to share your work/knowledge and give/get feedback as well as exchange resources, techniques, and information with your fellow artisans.


Forms from Northern Lights XVII
Used with permission
Entry form for A&S competition can be filled up and mailed or emailed to me.  Please keep and bring your own copy to avoid missing forms.  To Receive Scores and Comments:  Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the registration table with at least $2 of postage if you enter five or more items to accommodate the cost of mailing all of the score sheets.

My Adress is :
Gabriella Pirisi Intemann
28 John Beach Road
Newtown, CT 06470
Thank you!

The gracefully placed touch with a silent swish, swoosh of epees, schlagers, and sabers will entertain and thrill all.  Weather permitting, fencing will focus on melee activities in preparation for the War ahead.  In addition to the largest scale fights we can put together, we hope to have some formalized training scenarios.  Anyone may
find themselves leading a unit in the upcoming conflict.
10-NOON Saturday-pick ups and authorizations
noon-4 melees (with training scenarios as part of this)

There be archery, here.  Saturday will be filled with novelty shoots, and a tourney (details soon to follow) for those who wish to partake. 
Please contact our archery Marshal in charge, Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte, at secret.scribe@gmail.com, or her deputy, Lord Ryan McWhyte at
archer.  central@eastkingdom.org, subject:  Archery at Acorns and Pearls, for any inquiries about the day's planned shoots, or range staff assistance.

The future fighters of the SCA will wield their swords while deftly blocking with shields throughout the day.  (more details to come)


Equestrian schedule - two challenge courses, one at 10:00 am, and the other at 2:00 pm.  Spectators are welcome!

Anyone wishing to bring a horse to Acorns and Pearls should contact the Equestrian marshal-in-charge, Duchess Katherine Stanhope, ktatro@townisp.com or 508-845-1547.  Horses will need appropriate interstate health certificates and proof of negative coggins before being unloaded.  There are no stalls available for our use, so horse owners should be prepared to bring portable pens.  Equestrians will be allowed to camp with their horses next to the riding ring.  Necessary riding authorizations will be done in the morning, please notify the marshal in advance if you need to authorize.

An English style tavern will be open during the day, serving non alcoholic-flavored beverages, with period board games for your leisure.  Saturday evening, entertainment is to be enjoyed by one and all.

There is no feast, but with your entrance fee, a fabulous dayboard will be provided.

Songs, stories, poetry, music, drums, and tales of valor and of foibles, all shall be heard or told at our Bardic Competition.  Join with us in fun and warfare of a genteel kind.

Come, sell your wares, set up in your pavilion or in doors as space is available.  Bring your tables and shelves for set up.  There is no fee. 

Site Opens: Noon, Friday, June 6, 2008
Site Closes: Noon, Sunday, June 8, 2008.
Event Location
Hebron Lions Fairgrounds
Rt. 85,
Hebron, CT  06246


From East/ Rhode Island/ Cape Cod > Best Route to Rt.  6 West toward Hartford, CT.  ***At the junction of Rt.  6 and RT.  66, go straight through the light onto RT.  66.  Take a right at the 3rd light onto Tr.  85, Site is about 1 1/2 miles on the left.

From North/ Eastern Mass./ Maine/ New Hampshire > Best route to I-395 near Worcester.  Go South and then take exit 91W, RT.  6 toward Hartford.  Follow from *** above.

From South west/ New Haven/ New York > Best Route to I-95 North, Take I-395 North to Rt.  2 West toward Hartford.  Take exit #13 Rt.  66, turning right and heading East.  Left at the light onto Rt.  85, site is 1 1/2 miles down on left.

From North/ Vermont/ Western Mass/ Upstate New York > Take your best routes to Hartford via I-84 East or I-91 South.  At their Junction go I-84 East, and quickly onto Rt.  2 East.  Take exit #13 and turn left to head East on Rt.  66.  Turn left at the light onto Rt.  85, the site is 1 1/2 miles down on the left.

.SPECIAL NOTE*********************
Date:  Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 11:21 PM
Unto the gentles of the East who will be joining us at
Acorns and Pearls II this weekend, I have information on
local construction that may alter you travel.  > > > > CT Route 3 from I-91 to CT Route 2 will be under
construction and closed for this weekend.  If you use any
> > route that brings you up I-91 from the southern area of
> > Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, you
> > will need to continue north on I-91 to the bridge crossing
> > the river towards East Hartford.  Take the Rt 2 exit and go
> > East to exit 13.  Left off the exit going East on Rt 66 to
> > Rt 85, Left onto Rt 85 to the site on your left. 
> > > > Other checks for directions from the mapping sites, sends
> > people down windy, hilly, narrow state roads, routes 146,
> > 32, and 85 to name some.  This is not good for loaded vans
> > and trucks, or towing a trailer with horses.  The directions
> > published in Pikestaff, although not the shortest route,
> > will keep you on more major highways for an easier travel. 
Happy travels, and we will see you at Acorns and Pearls
> > II. 

Event Fees
Site : -Camping>
At Gate - Adult $25.00 Youth(10-17) $23.00 Child (5-9) $5.00

Day Trip>
Saturday> At Gate - Adult $18.00 Youth(10-17) $15.00 Child (5-9) $5.00

Babes in Arms, 4 yrs old and under, are FREE. 

� There is a FAMILY DISCOUNT of $5 off the total cost on Pre-Registrations ONLY.  A family is considered as two adults and any children under 18 years of age that live at the same address.

� The Non-Membership Surcharge Rules are in effect, any adult who cannot provide proof of membership will be assessed the required $3.00.
� Requests for a refund needs to received no later than May 23rd, 2008.

� There is no feast, but with your entrance fee, a fabulous dayboard will be provided.
� All advance registrations must be post marked by May 30th.  This allows time for the mail and processing time for the reservation before the event. 

Pre-registrations must specify the following:
1.  The mundane names of everyone, including children, who are being registered.  Any reservations without the appropriate number of individual mundane names will be returned. 
2 .For each adult, specify whether a non-member or a member and list the member number.
3.  The ages of the children. 
4.  For each person on your list, indicate the site fee category, adult, youth child and whether day or weekend
5.  A check made out to �SCA Inc � Barony Beyond the Mountain� for the total amount of your pre-registration.  The check must have your name, address, and phone number on the face of the check.  Checks must be in $US. 
6.  A SASE if you would like your confirmation mailed to you or your email address if you would like it emailed.  Please Note:  This confirmation will help you get through the gate faster.  It will also indicate if you are missing any information, owe any money, or due a refund. 

No unaccompanied minors will be allowed at this event.  Minors who attend with an adult other than their parent must have a Medical Authorization for Minors Form, http://www.sca.org/docs/treatminor.pdf , with them.

Gates open at 3PM Friday, and close Noon on Sunday.
Service animals only, No pets of any species are allowed. 
Above ground fire pits only.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc.  -BBM

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Stewards are:
Co-Stewart:  Lady Leandra de Leon (MKA Suzanne Kunz) -58 Alice Dr., Manchester, CT 06042 860-646-5173 (No calls after 9pm, please).  leandrasuz@aol.com

Co-stewart and Merchant contact:  Lord Labhruinn MacMhickiel (MKA Larry Laudenslager) 248 Lewiston Ave., Willimantic, CT 06226.  860-456-2140 (No calls after 9PM, Please.) sewmantoo@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Linda Benedict (Lady Gwenhwyfar of Ravenhill), 5 Shelter Rock Rd, Bethel, CT 06801-1315.  Questions? Call 203-798-7139 before 9PM, or email lindalilac@comcast.net

Reservations must include legal name, member number, daytrip or weekend camping and ages of all children.  If you would like a confirmation, please include your email address or a SASE.  The only reservation is a paid reservation! 

Other Contact Information:
Merchants please contact event stewards.  This site has plenty of outdoor space available.  Must bring own cover.  Indoor space extremely limited.

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