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Event Details
Warrior's Naadam **UPDATED** TRM will be in attendance Event date: October 19th, 2007 - October 21st, 2007
Hosted by Crown Province of Ostgardr - Carmel, NY
Event Last Modified: August 28th, 2007
Event details
The Silver Horde is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by throwing a Mongol themed event in the Crown Province of Ostgardr.  All are invited to enjoy the hospitality of the Steppe from all corners of the Mongol Yoke, and visitors from the land of the Francs will be most welcome. 

The Naadam tournament will test the three skills necessary to every Mongol warrior:  combat, archery and horsemanship.  The heavy weapons portion will be in the form of a Warlords Tourney in honor of the gathering of the tribes by Chinggis Khaan, starting promptly at 1pm.  The archery portion will test your accuracy.  The mounted portion will test weapon skill from horseback.  Both the archery and horseback competitions can be entered at any time during the day.  As all these skills are essential to Steppe warfare, a person must enter at least two of these tourneys to qualify to be overall winner of the Iron Man tourney.  The Tourney will also be open to youths - they may compete in the Archery and Equestrin portions with the Adults and there will be a Youth List open for the Heavy Wepons portion.

Aside form the main tournament, there will be an open Bear Pit for heavy weapons, Royal Rounds for archers, and classes for the equestrian minded, all held throughout the day.  Authorizations will be held from 10am till Noon.  For those who intend to ride who do not own a horse, please arrange a mount in advance as horses will be limited. 

As artisans are highly valued on the Steppe, there will be an A&S display featuring the finest Asian wares.  Children's games will be available to learn and play.  In the finest of Mongol traditions, there will be a Beauty Pageant late in the day.

The day's activities will conclude with a hearty Mongolian feast fit for a Khan but served for 100.  Enjoy a true taste of Mongolian culture.  Note from the head cook - Meat meat, meat!!!!

Site info - Site is DRY.  No ground fires.
There are pets allowed
Gentles wishing to bring a horse to the event must contact the Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge beforehand.  Current Coggins test and appropriate travel paperwork for New York State must be produced before unloading the horse from the trailer

Site Opens: Friday 4pm
Site Closes: Sunday 12pm

Event Website: http://silverhorde.viahistoria.com/warriorsnaadam/

Event Location
Putnam County Veteran's Memorial Park
201 Gipsy Trail Rd.
Carmel, NY  10512

On Route 84, about 24 miles east of its Hudson River crossing at the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, about 12 miles east of the Taconic State Parkway, and about 3 miles west of the junction of Route 684, is exit 19.  Take it and go east on route 312, toward Carmel.  A reassuring landmark, Tilly Foster Farm, will appear on your right.  About a mile later, at the end of 312, make a right onto Route 6.  About 2 miles later, route 6 joins with route 52 at Lake Gleneida.  Turn right, then after a few blocks, at the end of the lake, make your first left onto Route 301.  This road is on the north shore of the lake which you now see on your left, then on the south shore of another lake you see on your right.  A sharp bend to your right, still on 301, and you're going across this lake, over a brick bridge-like structure.  At the end, route 301 makes a left, but you make a right, onto Gipsy Trail Road.  A little less than a mile later, the road bends sharply to your left.  Soon on the right is what looks like a 19th-century chapel under construction.  Before it is the entrance to the park.

Public Transportation:  from New York City's Grand Central Terminal, take the Metro North Railroad Harlem Line to Brewster North station.  You will need to arage for pickup from the train.  If there is no one you know who is going contact the Autocrat.  There will be a limited rides available

Event Fees
Site : Adults day trip $10.00 14 and under $5.00
Camping $4.00- there is no camping fee for children 14 and under.
Babes in arms free
there will be a $3.00 surchgarge for non members

Feast: Feast Fee 10.00 14 and under $5.00
Babes in arms free
Reservations should be recived by 10/12

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  Ostgardr

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Autocrat:  Lord Mongo Chinua (Gary Guarino) 23 Prescott Ave Staten Island NY 10306 mongo.chinua@gmail.com (917) 502-9859
Co-autocrat:  Reiner VerPlank (Rick Wolf) rickwolff@mac.com

Send Reservations to:
Gary Guarino (see autocrat)

Other Contact Information:
Head Cook:  Bambar Ghoa (B.  Mendee) 718-984-8736 bambarghoa@yahoo.com

Equestrin Marshal-in-Charge:  Doucette de Verdun (mka Bethany Oesting) chestnutmare@gmail.com or
610-792-9232 (no calls after 9 PM, please)

Merchants although welcome must have a permit from Putnam County.  The fee is $50.00.  We can not change this.

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