Last year after Fall Coronation I was privileged to be entertained be then Count Kelson with several entertaining stories.

There was one such story that held my attention long enough for me to run it by my mistress. Who, after she stopped giggling, said yeah that would be a great idea.

So, the then Count Kelson won the fall crowne tournament and is now King of the East. At this year's Midsummers event, we presented him with ''Monkeys Jousting on Minis''. It was by far one of the funniest moments I have encountered. I have posted all the pictures I have scrounged up to date and as well as the video that was taken.

Many thanks to Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick for her photos and her help with making this happen, Rob Schaeffer of Stonemarche and Caitrin McCullough for their photos, and Lord Hascouf de Moyaux for taking photos and video on my behalf.

Enjoy, Kiena

click to play movie of the monkeys jousting on minis

Hawk and April hanging out in the arena.

The Co Conspirators make ready. Mistress Eleanor, Duchess Katherine and Lady Kiena

Setting the stage, so to speak.

His Majesty has not yet figured out what is going to happen, but is definitely getting there.

Duchess Katherine leads out Ulrich on Hawk
The reaction...Perfect!
Mistress Eleanor leads out Gawain on April.
Hawk prepares for the first joust.
King Kelson assists in marshaling the joust
Apres' Joust
Post Joust appreciation
Queen Geneviere, with Duchess Katherine and Hawk.
A Royal pat for Hawk
Our King with his mini champion
Now Kiss and Make up.
Bringing the monkeys before Their Majesties as they wish to swear their own fealty.