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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Regalia Challenge

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Thanks to Laird Labhruinn MacMhìcheil for suggesting an FAQ.

Q: I am having trouble getting a good print out of the devices and badges, how can I get them so they can be adjusted in size?

A: Try http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/jessa/east.html ; if this doesn't work for you, please contact me.

Q: Is the Blue Tyger allowed to face to the left as well as to the right?

A: Heraldically, when animals face to the left, they are called "coward", and it is, in most instances, a symbol of disgrace. The exception to this rule is when the animal is used as a supporter or as a design element (and also when the animal is a Yale, but I digress). If you wish to use more than one Blue Tyger, absolutely some may face left. If, however, it will be a single Tyger, then the badge should stay as it is, facing right.

Q: Having looked at the regalia lists, is materials content of more importance than looks? For example the thrones mention oak and red maple, is a good grade stained plywood OK? Or how about using an acetate satin material versus silk satin?

A: Materials should be expected to last. A high quality plywood can be reasonably expected to last years with gentle or rare usage, and so can be used. Thrones which are meant to travel the length and breadth of the kingdom with weekly use would be expected to be of higher quality and sturdier materials. Presumably, the items made for the use of the royals locally from this project will be subject to less wear and tear. As for using materials like acetate over silk, acetate fades rapdily, even when kept out of direct sunlight, and it would be a shame to put effort into something only to have it become unusable in a short period.

Q: Is there any items that may need pre-approval of the design or look before it is constructed?

A: Items do not need pre-approval. Please remember that banners are the only items which must look like previous Kingdom banners. If you would like to give me a heads-up, I would be honored to look over suggested designs, but it is not required. If possible, please take pictures of the process and send them to me that they may be posted on the Arts & Sciences website, and any reference, documentation, or inspiration used.

Q: As far as seat cushions, is any color fine or is there a reason they may need to be a specific color? Same with the kneeling cushions?

A: The kingdom colors are purple and gold with a touch of green, while the kingdom badge colors are blue and gold. If the local group has different colors (blue and white, for example, or green and gold) then there is no reason why local colors can't be used instead.

Q: Is there a need for some seating in the background for the entourage or are they all to be standing?

A: Discreet seating for entourage behind the thrones is a lovely idea.

Further FAQ will be posted as queries are asked.

Last Updated September 10 2009 14:03:00.