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Regalia Challenge

See the FAQ page for the answers to frequently asked questions about the Regalia Challenge.

In conjunction with the Office of the Chamberlain, I would like to offer the following challenge to all Baronies and Shires. Participation is NOT mandatory. Creating all items is NOT mandatory.

To assist the Royalty in Their myriad duties and responsibilities, and to give Them a few less things to think about during Their reign, I put forth the request that all local groups consider creating Local Regalia. All items created are the permanent property of the Barony or Shire that created them, but are for the use of the Royalty.

Should any group take up this challenge, I request that each step be documented with photographs and sent to me that it may be put on the Arts & Sciences website. Please include names of all persons in the photographs, and names of all persons who assisted with each project and step. A copy of any research done may also be forwarded to this Office for posterity.

All items MUST have the device of the East, or the Blue tyger badge, as a design element. With the exception of banners, all items may ALSO include Baronial or Shire devices and/or badges as design elements. Banners have ONLY the device of the King, Queen, Prince, or Princess of the East on them.

Items include, but are not limited to:
  • Thrones.
  • Throne cushions.
  • Bags to protect and store the thrones and throne cushions.
  • Footstools.
  • Kneeling cushion.
  • Bag to protect and store the kneeling cushion.
  • Low table between the thrones.
  • Covering cloth for the low table.
  • Banners.
  • Banner poles and stands.
  • Bags to protect and store the banners and banner poles.
  • Heralds table.
  • Cloth cover for the Heralds table.
  • Baldaquin.
  • Feast gear (plates, bowls, goblets, cups, fork/knife/spoon, serving platters, ort bowl, pitcher).
  • Enclosed candle holders.
  • Candles.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Table runner.
  • (Washable!) Napkins.
  • Storage chest for feast gear.
  • And the like.
Please see the Chamberlain webpage ('royal heraldry' page) for images of the arms of the King, the Queen, and the Prince and Princess of the East. I look forward to seeing the magnificent items created by the artisans of the East, and to showing off the skill and process on the Arts & Sciences webpage. If there are any questions regarding this challenge, please feel free to contact me.

Mistress Danabren Madadh-Mara, East Kingdom Mistress of Arts & Sciences

Webminister's note: I have set aside a special place in the EK Arts & Sciences Gallery for entrants in the Regalia Challenge to show off their artistry. Please don't forget to take the photos Mistress Danabren mentioned above while you're working on the project, as well as a full set of photos of your completed Regalia. Thanks!

In Service to the Dream,
Lord Corwyn Ravenwing, EK Arts & Sciences Webminister

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