By Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande, Lêretochter bî Juliana von Altenfeld

From the East Kingdom Cooks Guild, Field Research Division

De gustibus coloribus

If the taste of the food is more important when cooking, the aspect of the dish is decisive for making it appetizing. A way to play with the visual aspect is to use a nice combination of colors. Below are some easy recipes from Le Ménagier De Paris with different tastes and different colors. They also belong to two different categories: boiled (black & cameline) or non boiled (white or green) sauce. Often the original recipe does not give any indication about volumes. Remember there is but one rule: adjust to taste

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Le ménagier de Paris :

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Metressa Jadwiga's Recipes:


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Reprinted from the Fall, 2005, issue of Arts and Sciences, a special issue of the Pikestaff,
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