Black: black pepper sauce

By Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande, Lêretochter bî Juliana von Altenfeld

Black: black pepper sauce

Poivre noir: Le Ménagier De Paris, circa 1393

Translation: Take a clove and a little pepper, ginger, and grind very thinly: then grind burnt bread soaked in meat broth or in cabbage broth which is better, then boil in an iron pan, and when boiling add vinegar; then put in a pot on the fire to keep warm. Item, some add cinnamon.

Notes on the recipe: Again the recipe is very simple but it involves a boiling step. The dark color is mostly due to the burnt bread but could possibly also be influenced by the type of pan. It is probably better to use an iron or a regular non-stick pan. This sauces tastes really great with roasted meat but can be used where you usually use mustard.

This sauce can be stored longer than the white/green sauce. To be on the safe side, store them in the fridge, but in both cases I've never seen any of them have the time to go bad go bad ;)

The two following recipes are more in the tawny tones. Again they are very simple, but they have many variations.

Reprinted from the Fall, 2005, issue of Arts and Sciences, a special issue of the Pikestaff,
the official newsletter of the Kingdom of the East. Used by permission.