By Baronne Cateline la Broderesse, OM

What most excited you about the SCA at your first event?

My first event I attended was in Iron Bog in 1992. The only thing I had to wear was an old witch costume from a previous Halloween and a pair of knee high black boots (I am sitting here cringing about it now thinking back on it). It was a July event I believe and quite hot. When I stepped onto the site, it was as if stepping back in time. All around me were people clad in differing types of garb from Elizabethan to Celtic to Viking. There were people playing instruments in one area of the courtyard and others working on a portable loom in another. People were sitting around chatting, embroidering; was just magical for me. Having always had a love for the medieval time period since being a small girl, I felt like Id finally found a niche for myself.

What keeps you here?

What keeps me in the SCA is a number of things; my love for knowledge and the great shopping fixes I can get. I love to embroider and am learning so much about different stitches, how they were used and when and on what type of clothing and accessories, etc.

But I think what keeps me in the SCA is all the friends I've made and all the opportunities I have to see them and just sit and socialize. Friends are the biggest reason I stay in the SCA.

Colorful treasures of our sweet World Knowne ?

Hmmm..colorful treasures. To me the treasures I hold dear that I've found in our Knowne World (besides friends of course) are all the different things I have learned. Over the years I have learned many different embroidery techniques, drop spinning, garb making, illumination, persona authenticity, metalsmithing, jewelry making and bookbinding to name a few. To me these are jewels I will possess for the rest of my life. Though they hold no monetary value, they are priceless to me because I will be able to pass that knowledge on to my children or anyone else who would want to learn. It's why I love the Arts & Sciences of the SCA so much.

Reprinted from the Fall, 2005, issue of Arts and Sciences, a special issue of the Pikestaff,
the official newsletter of the Kingdom of the East. Used by permission.