By Baronne Cateline la Broderesse, OM

With the setting sun, a jeweled sky appears,
Pull a chair by the fire, there's friends to be near.
With the warmth of the flames, the sound of laughter,
Cup of mead in hand and none could be happier.
I sit and remember the events of the day,
When a gentle with harp, sits near to play.
As the strings are plucked, notes dance through the air
With the wonderful music he is kind to share.
Over the years there is much I have learned,
Different knowledge of things I have always yearned,
From sewing to painting to the binding of books,
Are all things that I've learned, but embroidery's my nook.
But the friends I encountered both new and old,
Are my valuable treasures, in my heart I will hold.
The times that we share in our medieval setting,
I will cherish forever, never forgetting.
For in the Knowne World where anachronisms reign,
One can escape the world of mundane.
They can follow their dream and live in the past,
Creating new memories that forever will last.
So as I sit and stare at the jeweled sky above,
And snuggle up close to the one that I love,
With warmth and gladness I'm happy to say,
That I am an gentle in the SCA.

Reprinted from the Fall, 2005, issue of Arts and Sciences, a special issue of the Pikestaff,
the official newsletter of the Kingdom of the East. Used by permission.