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This page has been set aside for the publication of articles, written by Kingdom members, in the various Arts and Sciences that we study.

Any article about the Arts and Sciences, that has appeared in the Kingdom newsletter, and whose author has granted this website permission to reprint it, will appear here.


Articles first published here on this website:

Research Techniques

  • Word-smithing a Peerage Scroll in a Vernacular Language - Donna (Lady) Ana de Guzman
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    Articles from the Fall, 2005, Pikestaff Arts and Sciences issue:

    From the Cover

  • Cover Art Notes - Lady Carowyn Silveroak
  • Rediscovery - Lady Breice Dyllwan [seeking reprint permission]
  • From the Armory

  • The Medieval Toolbox - Lady Carowyn Silveroak
  • From the Loom

  • Patterned-Darned Tablecloth - Lady Mathilde Eschenbach
  • 13th Century Knitted Cushion - Lady Susanna Lockheart
  • From the Kitchen

  • Sauces: Overview ; Black ; Cameline ; Garlic - Lady Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande
  • Got Almond Milk? - Lady Brunissende Dragonette de BrocÚliande
  • Moretum, or Roman Cheese with Garlic - Baroness Aurelia Rufinia
  • From the Scriptorum

  • Polish Name Book - Katheryne of Krings Keep
  • The Ordo of Reims - Baron Steffan ap Kennydd
  • From the Muse

  • Reflections - Baronne Cateline la Broderesse
  • Green Sauce - Lady Brunissende Dragonette de BrocÚliande
  • The Apothecary to His Daughter - Dorigen of Grey Gate
  • From the Stillroom

  • Mint Mouthwash - Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
  • From the Community

  • Reflections - Baronne Cateline la Broderesse
  • In Service to the Dream - Toi Poisson de Mortagne
  • Entering SCA Arts and Sciences Competitions - Mistress AnneLiese Wolkenhaar [seeking reprint permission]
  • Persona Development Via Astrology - Lady Tiphaine de Montaigne
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