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Northern Lights Arts and Sciences Pentathlon
Held March 23, 2003
in the Shire of Panther Vale

Greetings unto the Kingdom of the East from Margarita Kofinpoia Northern Lights Pentathlon Coordinator. Once again the artisans have gathered and brought their wonders for us to marvel at. Fifty in number were they with over a hundred fifty works between them. The judges labored long and very hard this year to give each item due consideration. In the end the following gentles have been shown to have outdone themselves and deserve recognition.

Overall Pentathlon Winners

1st - Oksana Goncharova
2nd - Marcele de Montesegur
3rd - Lady Muriel de Chimay

  1. Costuming, pre-1000 - Single Entrant - Lady Muriel de Chimay - 10th c. Viking gown & apron dress
  2. Costuming, 1000-1300 - Alianor de Ravenglass - (Re)-Creation Edith's Coronation Gown
  3. Costuming, 1300-1500 - Kamilla van Anderlecht - 15th c. handsewn blue silk gamurra
  4. Costuming, 1500-End of Period - Joane Steward - 16th c. Elizabethan half cape
  5. Costuming for Combat - Single Entrant - Tristan DeWarrell - Green doublet with maroon trim
  6. Accessories - Marcele de Monsegur - Aumoniere (type of purse)
  7. Embroidery - Marcele de Monsegur - Aumoniere
  8. Beadwork - Lady Brianna McBain - 15th c. style bone rosary
  9. Non-woven Fabric Construction - Oksana Goncharova - Hedeby felt Mask
  10. Weaving - Oksana Goncharova - tablet woven seal tag
  11. Spinning - Mickel von Salm - Brown Gauntleted mitton
  12. Dyeing - Caitlin Sorcha O'Dochartaigh - Pouch with 14th c. German Embroidery
  13. Leatherwork - Baroness Madeline Olafsdottir - Viking Leather Footwear
  14. Woodwork - TIE - Max Gunn - 16th c European and German Crossbows & Grey Cloak of Norseland - Stone and Wood Boat Anchor
  15. Functional Metalwork - Lady Muriel de Chimay - assorted bezants & mount
  16. Armor - Single Entrant - Tristan DeWarrell - steel gorget
  17. Weapons - NO ENTRY
  18. Jewelry - Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhr - 16th c. glass/pewter rosary
  19. Drawing and Painting - Single Entrant - Oksana Goncharova - Russian Icon Painting
  20. Sculpture and Carving - Oksana Goncharova - Clay Oil Lamp
  21. Calligraphy - Lady Katherine Montclare - Book of Kells style scroll for Lady Kass ni Dorin
  22. Illumination - Sir Ivan Ulrickson - Maunche scroll for Julien de la Pointe
  23. Heraldry - Marguerite Chartier - White surcoat
  24. Cooking - Baroness Anastasia Gutane - Loseyns
  25. Herbalism - Sonia de el Bosque - Comfits
  26. Humor - Laird Stuidhart Martainn MacDhomnaill/The Great Scot - Bardic Magician Show
  27. Lighting Devices - Oksana Goncharova - Clay Oil Lamp
  28. Period Science - Jadwiga Zajaczkowa - Dentrifices & Mouthwashes
  29. Miscellaneous - Oksana Goncharova - Sgraffito Tile
  30. Brewing - Single Entrant - John Marshall of Hartshorn - Mrs. Harrison's Beer & Beer from 1577
  31. Vinting - Joane Steward - Orange & Ginger Digby not so quick mead
  32. Cordials - Jadwiga Jajaczkowa - Anti-gas cordial
  33. Musical Performance (Period Style) - Muirin ni Clerigh - "Salve Regina"
  34. Musical Performance (Filk) - Muirin ni Clerigh - "Holes in the Wall"
  35. Storytelling and Drama - Lady Brianna McBain - "A Tale from the Decameron"
  36. Dance - NO ENTRY
  37. Poetry - Performance - Single Entrant - Toki Redbeard of Norseland - "King Harald's Saga by Snorri Sturlason"
  38. Other Performing Arts - Laird Stuidhart Martainn MacDhomnaill/The Great Scot - Bardic Magician Show
  39. Musical Composition - TIE Ze'ev ben 'Arye - Madrigal Anthem for Queen Isabella & Muirin ni Clerigh "Salve Regina"
  40. Research Papers (8 or more pages) - Marcele de Monsegur - "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Layer: An Analysis of Fitted Dress Styles of the Late 14th/early 15th Centuries"
  41. Research Reports (less than 8 pages) - Jadwiga Zajaczkowa - "Queen of Hungary Water: Some Experiments in Perfumery"
  42. Prose - NO ENTRY
  43. Poetry - written -Sonia de el Bosque - Elizabethan Sonnet "Love 1"

Entrants may receive their judging sheets by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to Maggie Allen, 393 Church Rd, Albany, NY 12203. Please keep in mind that if you entered more than 3-4 categories (you will have 2-4 judging sheets per category) an envelope that will hold half sheets of paper unfolded is preferred (I can probably get them into a regular envelope but it is sometimes tricky). Be sure your sca name is included so I know which sheets to send. If you entered as a group, you need only send one envelope.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped out throughout the day, we could not have done this without out. I would especially like to thank Thorkatla Ulfsdottir & Angharad y Rhosyn ferch Rhain for their work throughout the entire day to help keep things organized along with Matatias, Anastasia and Geoffrey who also helped keep the numbers crunching on track. Also Rowan for her continued help at registration.

I cannot begin to thank the judges enough for their hard work especially judges for Accessories, Embroidery, Jewelry and 1300-1500 costuming as those categories were VERY large this year. Thanks again to Brid nic Shearlais for being our Judge Emeritus. I would also like to thank Katherine Stanhope and Edward MacGyver for the beautiful scrolls they produced for the winners this year (Katherine also judged several categories and then filled in winner's names and items on the scrolls as we tabulated the scores - a long day all in all) and Yvan Wolvesbane for the beautiful pewter award medallions.

Thanks also to all of Glenn Linn for their hard work hosting the event this year (and the Shire of Nordenhall for all the amazing food). Any Northern Region Shires or Baronies that are interested in hosting Northern Lights in the future please contact me.

Maggie/Margarita Kofinopoia
If we don't share knowledge, we will share ignorance.
(Medb Duinfeichin / Raeven Ward)

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