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East Kingdom Arts and Sciences Challenge
held Jan 14, 2006
at East Kingdom Twelfth Night
in the Barony of Settmour Swamp

Congratulations to the King's and Queen's Champions of Arts and Sciences for Anno Societatis XL!

Queen's Champion: Nest verch Tangwistel

  • Multiple skeins of wool spun on a drop spindle.
  • Multiple skeins of wool dyed with natural dyes.
  • A 1530 style partlet with blackwork embroidery around the neck and down the front opening.
  • A scroll done in the Persian style with handmade pigments.

  • King's Champion: Alaric Jager von Bremen

  • A Green Man bas relief in soapstone, appx 10x15x3 inches
  • The Arms (with floral embellishment) of Casa Bardicci carved in limestone appx 18x24x4 inches
  • A whorl, and spindle. The whorl is carved out of soapstone, and the spindle of oak.
  • Tooled Leather design destined for eventually becoming the cover for a medieval folio (book)
  • A heraldic Unicorn carved in slate appx 8x12x.5 inches

  • Populace Choice: Michael Drachewut

  • 16th Century Stained Glass and Grisaille Window
  • A brief history of stained glass

  • Other Queen's Champion Finalists

    Eleanor le Brun:
  • A middle class wool and linen woman's ensemble typical of what was worn around 1410 in Paris, France.
  • A linen headress typical of the style by the middle class in Paris France around 1410.
  • A written paper describing Christine de Pizan and a her writings from the early 15th century in France.
  • A linen towel with silk pattern darned embroidery typical of the style of 15th century Northern European towels.

  • Ysemay Sterlyng:
  • A transitional German gown popular in the early 16th century, found in paintings by various artists including Holbein and Strigel.
  • A German woman's headress popular in the first half of the 16th century A rendition of a page from the 16th century German costume book, featuring the gown being displayed.
  • Fingerloop Braiding for the bodice closure.
  • Calligraphy in the style of the 16th century German costume book.

    Cellach ingen Chernaig:
  • Pair of white linen gloves with embroidered cuffs done in blackwork and silver plaited braid.
  • Coif embroidered with colored flowers and insects with gold plaited braid vines.
  • Study of The Oxburgh Hangings and the works of Mary Queen of Scots: research paper

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