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Golden Seamstress / Golden Quill 2005
held Feb 4-5, 2005
at Fields of Gold
in the Shire of Silver Rylle

Greetings unto the Kingdom of the East from Danabren Madadh-Mara, Competition Coordinator for Fields of Gold:

Here are the full results and information about the Golden Seamstress and Golden Quill competitions held at Fields of Gold, February 2005.

Golden Quill Winners

  • (Category: Winner's Name)

  • Novice: Baroness Ysabella du Draguignan
  • Journeyman: Lady Sarra the Limner
  • Royals Choice: Emma the Limner
  • Populace Choice: Palotzi Marti

  • Other competitors for the Quill were:

  • Lady Eilis of Eisental
  • Lady Gisela Szabo
  • Leofric aet Cofentree
  • Baroness Cateline la Broideresse
  • Baroness Temair ingen Muiredaich

Golden Seamstress Winners

  • Category: "Team Name"
  • Laurel Sponsor, if any
  • Team Member Names

  • Novice Category: "Manasse Maidens"
  • Baroness Brynn nic Neachdainn
  • Lady Mariette de Firenze
  • Lady Sabatina da Valle
  • Lady Ravenild Frogenhall
  • Lady Hedwigis
  • Lady Kateline Hicch

  • Journeyman Category: "Le Regazze di Cucitura"
  • Sponsored by Mistress Kamilla van Anderlecht
  • Baroness Catheryn Shadwell
  • Baroness Rainillt de Bello Marisco
  • Lady Ceinwen ferch Llewelyn ab Owain
  • Lady Eleanor atte Knolle
  • Lady Briony of Chatham
  • Lady Kirsten Mansfeld

  • Populace Choice: "Golden Squirrelstresses"
  • Sponsored by Mistress Elizabeth Talbot
  • Lady Caterina Giocchini
  • Lady Vika Gregina zi Praha
  • Lady Elizabet Marshall
  • Richenda de Honneflo
  • Lady Brenwen the Faire

  • Royal Choice: "Needle Ninnies"
  • Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar
  • Dame Margarete of Stirlingshire
  • Allison Erickson
  • Doucette de Verdun
  • Brittney Belz
  • Margarete Fitzalain

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