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Event Annoucement Form

1. As of 1/1/2014 - Your Seneschal MUST have their seneschal@localbranch.eastkingdom.org set up and able to access.
    a) If they do not, this system will not process this request properly.
b) Contact your Local branch Webminister to get this corrected.
2. As of 2/1/2015 - The Calendar Approval Process was updated.
    a) Once submitted, the system sends an approval email to seneschal@group.eastkingdom.org to review the submission and approve it for inclusion into the East Kingdom Event Calendar.
    b) The system also sends the normal update email to the submitter with the supplied contact email.
    c) When the Seneschal clicks on the 'approve' button, the Event is visible on the Calendar.
3. DO NOT Resubmit your Event to the Calendar. This will create a duplicate entry and not get it to show any faster on the Calendar.
* For a downloadable document explaining this process fully, please click here.
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