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Mistress of the Lists
The Kingdom Mistress of the Lists, maintains accurate records on the fighting activities and the fighters of the Kingdom, coordinates the Crown Lists, and works with the Earl Marshal and the Kingdom Marshal of Fence to maintain a list of authorized fighters.
Mistress of the Lists
Website: http://mol.eastkingdom.org/
Policies: MOL Policies
Minister of the lists: Lady Sabina Luttrell Click to send email
Deputy Minister of the Lists: Lady Heather von Halstern Click to send email
Tir Mara Crown Principality Deputy: Lady Matilda Fossoway Click to send email
Northern Region Deputy: Mistress Mylisant Grey Click to send email
Central Region Deputy: Pomestnik (Lord) Andreiko Eferiev Click to send email
Southern Region Deputy: Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey Click to send email
Youth Combat Deputy: Lady Aldis Thorbjarnardottir Click to send email
MoL Webminister: Mylisant Grey Click to send email

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