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Event Details
Feast of the End of the Gaunt DaysEvent date: February 11th, 2018
Hosted by Barony of the Bridge - Hope Valley, RI
Event Last Modified: November 24th, 2017
Event details
Our fair kingdom enjoyed the fruits of another bountiful harvest, then celebrated and hunkered down for a long winter.  Then came the Gaunt Days, as larders became emptier and emptier.  From Mid-February we can almost see the End of the Gaunt Days!  Let us come together at the table, bringing whatever we can to celebrate our survival!  The Feast is a chance for the clever victualler to show off their cunning in making tasty fare from the remains of the pantry.  What food do you have, when no other can be found fresh in your region? Did you pickle? Smoke? Dry? Collect up the eggs? Ferment?
This pot-luck gathering is part foodie-schola, wherein anyone can come and either just enjoy the day, or show off your finest concoctions for judging and sharing (or just sharing), and part schmoozefest.  The day starts with judging so that by lunch and throughout the day the rest of us can sample, learn techniques and swap tips. 

Those who bring a dish that feeds 4 or more can have it judge for a chance at stunning prizes and our deepest gratitude!  Before the event, it might be a good time to hold workshops and teach some classes on preservation? Several guilds have sent representatives in the past and we look forward to their attendance again.

Prize categories are:  Peoples Choice, February Fruits, A Mighty Impressive Pickle!, Seasons Meatings, Lenten Lunchtime, The Best Root Home, What Vegetation Survived, Behold the Power of Cheese!, Drinks that Are not Just Melted Snow, Toothsome Stews and Soups, Sweets for the Sweet, and the nebulous None of the Above.  This year, I would like to add an additional category:  Nipponese (Japanese) Nibbles, as I would love some reminders of home.  ;-)

The site is not dry, but do try not to stagger out into the street.

Also, I would like to invite any crafters who might attend to observe a Shinto holiday with me.  It is celebrated at this time in the Kanto region of Japan., and it is called Hari-Kuyo, or the Festival of Broken Needles.  [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hari-Kuyo ] There will be a small shrine (in a separate space from the event) where you can honor the spirits of broken tools of your trade, and pray for the improvement of your skills.  (Reasonable representation of large tools is advised, as part of the tradition is to leave the broken needles in a cake of bean curd...)
Site Opens: 11:00 AM
Site Closes: 6:00 PM
Event Location
Wishford Hall
1034 Main St
Hope Valley, RI  02832
Google Map

From I-95 north or southbound, take exit 3 to route 138 west.  Go straight through one traffic light.  After a half mile, you’ll see the Hope Valley Post office on your right.  Park in there (It’s a Sunday – it’ll be fine!).  Cross the street to enter Wishford Hall.

Registration Fees
Registration: $0.  Students and the elderly and are half price. 
Donations are gratefully accepted.
We remember those who are going through their own Gaunt Days, as well.  Donations to The Jonnycake Center – our local food bank – are gratefully accepted at the door.

Feast: N/A

Make Checks Payable to: SCARI, Inc.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Charles L.L.  Hanks.  The Event Steward, Lord Koreyoshi Yamoto, can be reached at eldritchdragon@hotmail.com or 413-813-9103 [text ok] after 3pm, but before 11:59pm. 

Send Reservations to:
Not necessary, but if you have any sort of cooking facility needs, please contact the autocrat.

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