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Event Details
1193: Sherwood Forest Event date: June 24th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Concordia of the Snows - Altamont, NY
Event Last Modified: June 15th, 2017
Event details
England is in peril.  King Richard the Lionheart is away at the Crusades and Prince John usurps the throne in his absence.  Taxes are too high, those who cannot pay are jailed, and poverty is on the rise.  The people need a hero, and that hero needs help from you!  Join us in Sherwood Forest, as Robin Hood and his band of merry men rob the rich to help the poor.  Together, we will fight back against "the phony king of England!"

This will be a day of archery fun and games that explores many of the different tellings of the Robin Hood story.  Take aim and try to discover "the greatest treasure in all the land" - or will you have to call a locksmith instead? Help Robin to sneak bags of gold away from a thumb-sucking sleeping prince!  Stop the sherrif of Nottingham from taking money from the villagers!  Will you have the courage to enter the grand archery tournament? The winner might get gold coins pilfered out of the royal treasury, or a golden arrow, or perhaps even a Patriot Arrow!

Also on this day, the Baron and Baroness Concordia shall choose Their next champion of archery, in a tournament designed and run by the outgoing champion Baroness Elizabeth Hawkwood.  Who among us shall prove that their skills reign supreme In Defense of Concordia?

There will also be a thrown weapons range and a heavy weapons list set up for those who desire to hone their skills in other ways.

Shooting begins promptly at 10am.  All archers wishing to partcipate in the day's activities MUST be inspected and ready to start at that time.
A selection of loaner equipment will be available on request.

To best utilize our space, we are asking that everyone park ONLY in designated areas and walk to the main part of the event.  Unloading "on location" is permitted as long as the vehicle is then moved.

The site is DRY.
*The site is also developing a reputation for TICKS!* Please dress appropriately and take what precautions you may to avoid becoming host to any unwanted "guests."

Site Opens: 9am
Site Closes: 5:30pm
Event Location
Rakowana Archers
353 Picard Road
Altamont, NY  12186
Google Map

Make your best way to Exit 24 of the New York State Thruway (I-90).  From the toll booths, stay on I-90 for four exits.  Get off at exit 4, Slingerlands NY Route 85.  Follow Route 85 for about 11 1/2 miles to Route 85A in New Salem.  This is the second intersection of Route 85 with Route 85A.  Turn right on Route 85A and follow it for about 1/2 mile.  Turn left onto Picard Road (Albany County Route 307) and go about 1 1/2 miles.  The site is on the left.

Registration Fees
Registration: Adult Site Fee:  $17
**$5 Member Discount with proof of current membership**

Youth Site Fee (6-17):  $5

Babes in Arms and "Kids in Tow":  Free

Feast: There is no feast at the event.  A picnic-style dayboard including cold meats, cheese, and pickled vegetables will be available to all.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY, Inc - Barony of Concordia

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lorita deSiena
(Melissa Schuman)

(518) 577-0688 (no calls after 10pm)

Send Reservations to:
Reservations not required.  If desired:
Richard de Troyes
(Richard Nicholson)
478 Morris St.
Albany NY 12208

Other Contact Information:
Archery Marshal in Charge:
John Fitz Thomas
(John Harton)

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:
William the Mysterious
(Bill Studdiford)

Heavy Weapons Marshal in Charge:
(Ben Petticord)

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