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Event Details
Huginn and Muninn Event date: June 10th, 2017
Hosted by Riding of Ravensbridge - Monmouth, ME
Event Last Modified: June 4th, 2017
Event details
The Riding of Ravensbridge, within the Province of Malagentia, honors Odin and his faithful Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, with our third annual SCA event. 

As the final winter winds blow, and last of the winter snow melts away, Odin rises to search for his ravens Huginn & Muninn.  All across the lands of Midgard, Huginn & Muninn fly to and fro, bringing with them the knowledge of the world to inform the mighty Odin.  Riding north on the current of the warm spring air, Huginn & Muninn return to Odin bearing knowledge of the lands to the south.  Odin listens intently as Huginn & Muninn relay a tale of a land to the south known as France with their fortified city of Paris.

Inspired by the stories of his ravens, Odin grabs his spear Gungnir and mounts his eight legged stead, Sleipnir to ride off to present a quest for glory to the legendary King Ragnar.  Inspired by the visit from Odin, King Ragnar readies his armies to lead a siege of Paris along the River Seine.  At the head of his fleet guided by the wings and eyes of the wise Huginn & Muninn, King Ragnar charged his long boat with only the finest fighters, fencers, archers, axe throwers and artisans.  Will you be among the Vikings leading the siege against Paris? Or will you be on the side of the French defending the city walls?

Huginn and Munnin features Fencing, Heavy List fighting, Thrown Weapons, Archery, and Arts and Sciences.  Come enjoy a lovely day at the Monmouth Fish and Game Association's grounds in Monmouth, Maine. 

Site is at least partially accessible, it does have outdoors areas with gravel paths, but most of it is on the same level.  Bathrooms are wide and accessible.
Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 7pm

Event Website: http://ravensbridge.eastkingdom.org/wordpress/2017/04/17/huginn-and-muninn-a-s-52-monmouth-fish-and-game/

Event Location
Monmouth Fish and Game
347 US Route 202
Monmouth, ME  04259
Google Map

From the South & West, head to Lewiston, then east on 202 towards Winthrop/Augusta.  It's approximately 14 miles past Marden's Discount on the left. 

From the North & East, head to Augusta, then west on Western Ave/Rt.  202.  Proceed through Winthrop, approximately 2.5.  miles past Charlie's Chevrolet on the right.

Registration Fees
Registration: $10 Gate fee on the day of the event ($5 DISCOUNT for SCA members), no pre-registration.

Feast: No feast, but there is a payboard for your refreshment.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Maine, Inc - Province of Malagentia

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Heather Stansel (Lasair An Dunaidh)
Christopher Roy (Magnus Surtsson)

Send Reservations to:
Non needed or accepted.

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