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Event Details
Potted Arms Event date: June 17th, 2017
Hosted by Canton of Hawke's Reache - Huntington, NY
Event Last Modified: June 5th, 2017
Event details
On the 17th of June the next Baronial Fencing Champion for the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn will be chosen.  All fencers near and far are asked to come to the Canton of Hawke's Reache and show their worth.  While only a Duck can win the Baronial Fencing Champion title, there will be prizes for the tournaments.  Our current Champion Laird Eanraig has devised unique tournaments to test all fencers and delight the assembled crowd.  The fencing will have crowd participation!  While there is no feast, this event will have a hearty dayboard as is the norm in the Canton and Barony. 

There is space for heavy weapons, and a marshal will be on site.

From Laird Eanraig, the current Baronial Champion of Fencing: 
In wishing to encourage more participation and breadth of spectacle into this year's contest, I have come up with a challenge that will hopefully make for some epic moments and great memories.
This years championship fight will be open to all fencers, with the top seeded baronial member being crowned the new Fencing Champion of An Dubhaigeainn.  The hat tourney format will be a round robin, best 2 passes out of 3, standard rules will apply, and don't forget your Herald who will announce your presence to all.  Of course, there is a special twist:  each fencer CAN choose a coach from the populace assembled (even other fencers), and the coach is allowed to shout encouragement and tips to help during the fight.  Coaches will decide the weapons chosen for each round (both fencers will use the same exact combo of weapons, including blade length).  If a fencer chooses to not have a coach or cannot find one, the opponent's coach decides for both.  If there is a tie for the top spot, the Coronet will choose the weapon combo used, best 2 out of 3 passes, and they will be the coaches should they choose to do so.
The Hat Tourney is a fundraiser for the Canton of Hawke's Reache.  People "bid" on a fencer and if that fencer wins, the fencer and the bidder each get a prize.
Requiem Tournament:  The baronial champions tourney will be a unique challenge for all who enter.  You will be requested to play a measure of music (preferably a melodic minor) on my violin to decide your fate in the tourney (time limit 30 seconds).  You will be judged by the Coronet and myself.  Play any funeral dirge well, and you get your choice of positions and weapons forms.  Play poorly, you get what the Baron and Baroness allow – choices will be 2 forms in which the fencer has qualifications, and where in the line you will march.  Play nothing, you get El Repugnato or his ugly cousin and you are first in line.  Comportment and proper behavior is of utmost importance, as this is a funeral march.  Format will be a bear pit, wounds retained, winner can stay in the Pit for 3 passes maximum.  If you die in the Pit, you MUST use another weapons form for you next pass, if able.  Each fencer is allowed 9 lives to start, more or less depending upon turnout.  Points are awarded as follows:  wounds are 1 point, kill is 2 points, max points awarded is 3.  Double kills are double kills, no repeats (both fencers get 2 pts).  And lets hope there are a goodly number of Bards and Troubadours willing to sing your demise upon your exit, should you die. 
Prizes will be awarded for the top spot in both tourneys, and the best Herald will share in the spoils for the Hat Tourney.  Should there be a tie for the Requiem tourney, it will be decided by a single pass, single sword duel to the last person surviving. 

We have space for classes!  If you would like to teach a class please contact the Autocrats. 

The site opens at 10am.  The list opens at 11am, with the tournaments starting High Noon.  The site closes at 5pm, as we have to be off site by 6pm.  (All times are REAL WORLD.)

Site Rules:  The site is dry, and there is no smoking allowed on the grounds.  Though, vaping is allowed.

More details will be posted on the Canton, Baronial and Kingdom websites, and on Facebook.

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 6m
Event Location
Kissam House
434 Park Ave
Huntington, NY  11743
Google Map

GOING WEST on 495 (from Eastern LI)
- take exit 53
- merge onto Sagtikos Pkwy N towards the Kings Park/Bay Shore Exit
- exit towards Kings Park
- continue onto Sunken Meadow Parkway N
- take exit SM1W
- continue for three miles and then take exit 42
- continue on County Highway 35 N
- turn right onto N Woodhull Rd at the corner of Park Ave

GOING EAST on 495 (from NYC & beyond)
- take exit 40E onto NY-25 E toward Syosset
- make a slight right turn onto Cedar Swamp Road
- keep right on route 106
- turn right onto Northern Blvd
- turn right onto Lawrence Hill Rd
- turn right onto Park Ave
- continue to North Woodhull Rd

Registration Fees
Registration: Adult:  $20
Adult Member:  $15 **Proof of membership will be requested at Troll**

Child (11-17):  $10
Child (4-10):  $5
Child (under 4) $0

No mundane family of four or more will pay more than the equivalent of three adults.

Feast: While there is no feast, a dayboard will be available

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY, Inc.  - The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Co-Autocrat Alexander Maclachan mka Brett Kessler

Co-Autocrat Jessica of Hawkes Reache

Send Reservations to:
The exchequer of An Dubhaigeainn
Helena Lundonie (Debra Pfundstein)
24 Skylark Dr
Holtsville, NY, 11742
646-391-8888(before 9pm)

Other Contact Information:
There are no merchant fees.  If you would like to teach or sell at the event, please contact the Autocrats. 
Please address any dietary concerns to the Feastocrat.

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