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Event Details
Schola of Love Event date: May 6th, 2017
Hosted by Shire of Quintavia - Berlin, MA
Event Last Modified: May 2nd, 2017
Event details
Buona sera to all you lovers (of history) out there, we invite you to the Shire of Quintavia to attend the Schola of Love:  a day of learning focused on the art of romance. 

This is a donation-only event with a provided dayboard.  We welcome all attendees of legal age regardless of gender. 

What is the path to your heart?

Through the stomach? We’ll have classes on what to serve to entice the object of your affection. 

Through the mind? We’ll have classes on poetry and discourse on courtship through the ages.

Through the eyes? Is love to you not blind? Then learn about period cosmetics, hair, and flirty period dances. 

Or is your heart reserved for research? We’ll have classes discussing love and lust in period and discussions on how modern romance fits in the modern middle ages. 

Site opens at 9am and classes begin at 9:30 and run until 5pm

9:30-11:30 Period Aphrodisiac and Dayboard Prep with Lady Elvira Ballesteros
9:30-10:30 Crown Braid with Lady Cecily Wyndham
10:30-11:30 Renaissance Cosmetics and Perfumes with Lady Bianca Angussola
10:30-11:30 Ancient Indian Soap Operas with Countess Chatricam Meghanta or "Megha"
11:30-1pm Lunch Break
1-2pm The Impotence of Being Herbal:  Medicinal Recipes for your Medieval Love Life with Lady Syele von Heidelberg
1-2pm Keep Thee From A Nunnery with Lady Fortune St Keyne
2-3pm So You Want to Be A Courtesan Roundtable
2-3pm Easy Flirty Dances with Lord Hermankyn
3-4pm How to Navigate Poly Relationships in the SCA with Lady Syszcyna X Pieszczatky or "Zenya"
3-4pm Mistresses in Period with Lady Simona bat Leon
4-5pm Drawers:  Scandalously Practical with Lady Fortune St Keyne
4-5pm Bhakti Poetry with Countess Chatricam Meghanta or "Megha"
5-7pm Open Socializing

Dayboard by Lady Elvira Ballesteros - any allergy concerns please contact the event steward. 
Site Opens: 9:30am
Site Closes: 7:30pm
Event Location
Mosaic Commons
22 Village Lane
Berlin, MA  01503
Google Map

From points South and/or from the Mass Pike:  take 495N to exit 25 for MA-62W (Berlin/Clinton)
Turn left onto Sawyer Hill Road.  Turn right onto Village Lane/Village Court.  Village Lane turns into Village Court.

From points North, take 495S to exit 26, and follow the above directions.

The Mosaic Common House is the main building in the Mosaic Commons housing community. 

The Mosaic Common House is at 22 Village Lane, Berlin, MA 01503.  If your GPS can't find that, you can use 46 Sawyer Hill Rd.  Follow the green and white balloons to the main building. 

There is ample parking along Village Lane and handicap spots in front of the building.  We will have parking coordinators available.

Registration Fees
Registration: No registration needed.  This is a donation-only event. 

Make Checks Payable to: Not Applicable

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Beth Bourgault
Lady Fortune St Keyne

Send Reservations to:
Not Applicable

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