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Event Details
The Mongol Siege of Kiev: Silver Horde 20th Anniversary Event date: May 12th, 2017 - May 14th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of An Dubhaigeainn - Middle Island, NY
Event Last Modified: April 4th, 2017
Event details
The score is significant.  Two decades after the Horde’s first incursion into the Eastern Realm and we have not been idle.  We have seen the potential of this quaint subcontinent and our interests have not waned.  Unlike the initial expeditionary force, this time we are here en masse.

Choose your side, join the fray!

A.S.  52 marks the 20th Anniversary of The Silver Horde.  We have decided to celebrate the occasion with our favorite pastime:  a Mongol themed event!  And not just any event, a theme of equivalent proportion.

In the early 1220’s, Subedei Ba’atur led a reconnaissance in force through Kievan Rus, learning of the Western world, making alliances, and laying plans for a return.  A return which came on the 20th anniversary of the initial foray.

The Siege of Kiev marks the beginning of this triumphant return and is thus the theme of this event.

The battles were mighty and so we shall host marshal events in kind.  Heavy and light fighting, thrown and archery competitions are all planned for the siege.

This battle heralded a new era of trade and sparked a renaissance.  As such, merchants will be welcome and there will be an A&S display.  We would be most interested in a showing of cross-cultural influence between Eastern and Western Eurasia.

Heavy Battle Schedule:
Inspections and authorizations will begin at 11 AM.  Tourney begins at 1:00
An Atlantian speed tournament will be held to select commanders and teams will be divided.  Once sides have been chosen three field battles will be held as the forces of Batu Khan attack the relieving army of the Chorni Klobuky.  Next a resurrection gate battle will be held as the forces of Batu Khan and Möngke attack the Rus city of Kiev itself.  After a break a resurrection town battle will be held as the Mongol forces breach the walls of Kiev.

Archery and Thrown Weapons:
Archery Tourney begins at 12:00
The walls of Kiev have been breached!  The archery tourney will be run by Mungu Chinua of the Silver Horde.

Thrown weapons Tourney begins at 2:00
The town is in chaos and the people are fighting for their lives with their only defenses being, axes and knives.  Amidst all the chaos, the livestock have escaped their pens.There are ducks, and more ducks and geese everywhere!  Hrothgar will be running the thrown weapons tournament.  Let's hope is doesn't run a "fowl"! 

Court to follow tourneys at 4:00.

Arts and Sciences:
The mighty Khan requests artists to bring examples of there work to be displayed on Saturday.  Staying with the theme is a plus but he is a worldly Khan who is impressed with talents from foreign lands.

AoA Day - Saturday
Do you have a scroll that has a blank shield and needs your arms filled in? Have your arms been passed by the college of heralds?
If yes, bring your scroll to the event, along with a copy/print out of a picture of your arms, plus blazon.  There will be scribes on hand in the main hall to fill them in on your scroll and you can take your scroll back home at the end of the day.  We will do this up until the main hall is broken down for feast.  Please contact THL Vettorio Antonello vettorioantonello at yahoo dot com and Her Excellency Lada Monguligin ladie_lada at yahoo dot com with any questions or if you'd to help with the AoA day.

Stained Glass display - Saturday
Lord Conor O Ceallaigh will be displaying several stained glass pieces designed and fabricated by him.  He also handcrafted the medallions to be awarded the winners of the tournaments.  These medallions will also be on display.  Come and be awed and bedazzled by Lord Conor's artistry.

Want to be a vendor, teach a class or display your talent? Contact
Vendors, teachers and displays - Monkey Makgee - Marcydawns@gmail.com 631-672-1995 before 10pm


Arrow Making "Tips" of the Trade
Learn how arrows are made and get tips on how to repair them with bowman Lord Eanraig the Bonesette

Wood Carving-
An Dubs talented wood worker Lou will teach the basics of woodworking

Silk Painting
Learn the art of silk painting with Laxmi Cat.  She will be teaching a Serti technique that will be sure to impress the Khan.  There is a $3 materials fee for this class.

For the Young Ones-
Parents, have you ever wondered how you could help your child become the next Great Khan? Bring them to Genghis Khan's Great Khan Boot Camp!  At boot camp your children will skillfully create hats worthy of adorning a Great Khan's head; they will learn to use strategy to dominate their enemies on the battlefield by playing Ming Mang, a game believed to be a favorite of Kublia Khan, founder of the mighty Yuan Dynasty, and much, much more.  Once they have mastered their skills, they will meet their peers upon a great grassy field for a dramatic game of Ulak Tartysh, the "Goat Grabbing" game to find out who among them has the makings of a Great Khan!

Feast and Day Board
Not to be missed, a feast fit for a Khan is planned by the exquisitely talented and known-world-renowned Annetje van Woerden. 

During feast there will be a challenge of the minds so be sure to brush up on your Mongolian history.  You may be the lucky guest to go home with one of the Khan's most valuable part of his herd. 

Assorted Vegetables and fruit
Flat breads
Urum-White butter
Tsuivan-A stew with vegetables, meat, and noodles.
Kut'ya- Kasha with sweet fruit and popyseeds
Suutei tsai -Milk Tea
Fruit waters

Dinner (6:00)
Tarag-Yogurt with berries
Bansh-Small filled meat filled pockets

Deboned Chicken Morsels
Steamed greens of the land (May include Swiss chard, and/or leeks, peas, shallots, onions )
Kasha with mushrooms

Roasted Lamb
Vegetable Golubtsy (Cabbage rolls)

Fruit waters
Suutei tsai

Free standing grill are available first come first serve if you plan on bringing breakfast food.

Bring your ger as a single day is not enough for a grand assault, or rent a cabin to enjoy Kiev’s last days of a walled in life.  Camping and cabin space is limited.  Our site is close to a neighboring village so quiet time begins at 10:30 PM

Site Opens: 6:00 PM Friday - please ensure you check in by 10pm if you are camping.  All non campers must be off site by 10pm.  Saturday:  Troll Opens 9am
Site Closes: 11:00 AM Sunday
Event Location
Estonian Homestead Site
20 Middle Island Blvd
Middle Island, NY  11953
Google Map

Address:  Estonian House, 20 Middle Island Blvd., Middle Island, NY 11953
Via Long Island Expressway (LIE):  Take exit 63 take ramp right for CR-83 toward Mt Sinai / Patchogue
Turn north onto N Ocean Ave / CR-83 (Hess Express on the corner)
Travel 6.8 miles and turn right onto Canal Rd
Travel 1.9 miles and turn left onto Whiskey Rd
Travel .4 miles and turn right onto Middle Island Blvd
Estonian House Property is .25 miles ahead on the right side of the road.

Registration Fees
Registration: Registration:  Site fee ("Day Trip") includes dayboard.

Adult Pre-registration:  $17 (Day fee only)
Adult On-Site:  $20 (Day fee only)
Adult Member Pre-registration:  $12 (Day fee only) **Proof of membership will be requested at Troll.**
Adult Member On-Site:  $15 (Day fee only) **Proof of membership will be requested at Troll.**
Minors (5-17):  $8 (Day fee only)
Baby in Arm (<4):  $0

Feast:  (Add to Day fee)
Adult:  $15.00 per person
Child:  $5

Camping (per tent):  $10.00 (Add to Day fee)
Please Note:  In order to best accommodate your camping needs, please pre-reg with your tent info (no.  of tents, size of tent/s, and location of your tent door).  If you have a household wishing to camp together, please submit your info as a packet, if at all possible.  Please contact the Autocrat after you have sent in your fees (including the camping fee) to finalize your reservation.

Pre-registration must be recieved by May 5, 2017. 

Feast: See Below for a full explanation of fees

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Stefanie Gangone
Barigdashgui Uneg

Send Reservations to:
Helena Lundonie (Debra Pfundstein)
24 Skylark Dr
Holtsville, NY, 11742

§ SCA Members

· Adult planning to day trip the event who will be staying for feast will cost $27 when pre-registering before May 5th and $30 at troll.

· Adult planning to day trip the event, not joining the feast, will cost $12 when pre-registering before May 5th and $15 at troll.

· Please add $10 per tent if you are planning to stay overnight

§ Non SCA Members

· Adult planning to day trip the event and will be staying for feast will cost $32 when pre-registering before May 5th and $35 at troll.

· Adult planning to day trip the event, not joining the feast, will cost $17 when pre-registering before May 5th and $20 at troll.

· Please add $10 per tent if you are planning to stay overnight

§ Minors

· Minors fees are $8 for day trip and an additional $5 for feast for pre-register or onsite at troll.
Pre-registration must be recieved by May 5, 2017.

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