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Event Details
May-Be (I'll Try Something New) and Baronial Rapier, Rattan and Thrown Weapons Championships Event date: May 13th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Moorestown, NJ
Event Last Modified: April 19th, 2017
Event details
Come one, come all!  Her Excellency, Creature of Iron Bog, has extended an invitation to all to the Barony's annual May day for trying something new and for selecting the new Baronial Rapier, Rattan and Thrown Weapons Champions.  So that none may be barred by financial restrictions, Her Excellency has further proclaimed that not only will there will be no site fee for this special day, but lunch will also be free for all.

A variety of Arts & Science and Martial activities will be available for gentles who want to try something new.  There will be Glass Bead Making, Metalsmithing, Scribal Arts, Tablet weaving and a class on "Shopping in the SCA".  More detailed descriptions to come.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to try fencing, heavy fighting, archery and thrown weapons.

Children will be welcome to participate in many of the activities with parental supervision and approval of those sharing their skills.  There will also be an area set-up for families to gather and play.  We will have a small room set aside for napping children and their parents.  There are bathrooms with changing tables.  The site offers a wonderful playground for use with parental supervision.  For questions regarding youth participation please contact the Autocrat and Chancellor of Youth, Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin.

Rapier, Rattan and Thrown Weapons Tournaments will be held to decide the next Baronial Champions.  The champions must live in Iron Bog or a landed group that touches its borders (i.e., Bhakail, Carillion, Barren Sands, Caer Adamant and Buckland Cross).  If you do not reside in one of these groups you can still enter the tournament and make sure the new champion deserves the honor.

The Baronial Rapier Championship Tournament, led by the current Barional Rapier Champion, Kamejima Saburou Takauji-dono will be as follows:

Pine Box Tournament:

Random Pairings
Single Elimination
Wounds Retained
Dead is Dead.  No Re-Fights of Double Kills
Bring the form of your choosing (within the constrains of any Wounds Retained)

Once the Final 2 have been determined:

Clean Slate.  Best of Five Passes.  Bring the form of your choosing.  Double Kills are re-fought until Clean.  No Wounds Retained.

A sumptuous lunch will be provided for free.  For allergies, dietary restrictions, or questions about the dayboard, please contact Lady Triona Maccasky (pennik11@gmail.com). 

Lunch menu:
Romania (chicken in pomegranate sauce 14th century Italy)
Fylettes en Galentyne (pork stew 15th century England)
Mushroom pasty (mushroom pie 13th century France)
Spinach pie (13th century France)
Andalusian Eggs (medieval deviled eggs 13 century Spain)
Salat (mixed greens and herbs 13th century England)
Pancakes of Eggplant (14th century Islamic)
Hwit Moos (bread pudding 13th century Germany.  Will also be making one with gluten free bread)
Hard boiled eggs (whatever is leftover)
Orange slices
Cut up sharp cheddar
Bread with honey and herb butters
Lemonade and mint water

We currently have 3 merchants.  More merchants are welcome!  Please contact the Autocrat, Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin (erislp@gmail.com)

Please stay turned for more details!!

Please note:  This is a very dry site.  No alcohol is allowed on the premises.  No pets allowed with the exception of service animals.

Site Opens: 10:00
Site Closes: 6:00
Event Location
First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown
101 Bridgeboro Road
Moorestown, NJ  08057
Google Map

Please see Google Maps for the best directions for you.

Registration Fees
Registration: There is no site fee and lunch is free...it's on us!

Feast: No Feast

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ Inc.  Barony of Iron Bog

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin
mka Erica Janowitz
(201) 615-5598

Deputy Autocrat:
Lady Genevra d'Angouleme
mka Samantha Fina
(856) 535-8150 (please no calls after 10:00pm)

Send Reservations to:
As we want to sure we have plenty of food for everyone, please email the Baronial Exchequer if you planning to come.

Lady Molly inghean ui Raighallaigh
mka Jean Bachen

Other Contact Information:
This site is very dry!  Please no alcohol on site!

No pets allowed on site with the exception of service animals.

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