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Event Details
East Kingdom Brewers' Collegium Event date: April 21st, 2017 - April 23rd, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Stonemarche - Plymouth, NH
Event Last Modified: April 6th, 2017
Event details
Once again, the Brewers of the East Kingdom and those from around are invited to join for a weekend in the continuing studies of Medieval and Ancient Beverages both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic.
Gentles may arrive Friday evening and classes and meetings will be held all day Saturday along with Panels and discussions of where the Guilde is headed.
Get your entry submissions started! 

** Please note, this is an over 21 event.  No Childrens events are planned.

***New!!!  Class List: 
10 AM - 11 AM:  Chinese Brewing
11 AM - 12 PM:  Cordials:  of Aqua Vitae and Alchemy
12 PM - 1 PM:  Lunch break
1 PM - 2 PM:  A History of Hops
2 PM - 3 PM:  Beginner’s Brewing
3 PM - 4 PM:  Non-Royal Hospitality:  Still Generous for Its Time!
4 PM - 5 PM:  Judge the Mistress

5 PM - 6 PM:  Address from the Guildmaster

Class descriptions:

Chinese Brewing - Lord Thorfinn
A survey of Chinese alcohol production, with a focus on the brewing processes described in the 6th century farm manual Qimin Yaoshu.  Tastings will include a 6th century rice wine and a 12th century mead.


Cordials:  of Aqua Vitae and Alchemy - Lady Zillah and Vladimir
What were cordials in period? How can a SCAdian enter a period cordial in an A&S competition if we're not allowed to distill? What's the difference between Aqua Vitae, Aqua Composita, and a Cordiall Water? Are cordials a product of brewing or alchemy?
Join Lady Zillah al Sighira al Hurra and her husband Vladimir on a voyage of discovery.

A History of Hops - Baron William
An examination of 3 of the 4 German noble hops, their origins, medieval processing, and implications for us today.

Beginner’s Brewing - Lord Max the Executioner
An overview of general brewing history and techniques and the applications there of.

Non-Royal Hospitality:  Still Generous for Its Time!  - Else von Oberfranken
We'll learn about the travel, accommodations and rather lavish tables set for known guests and traveling strangers in Western Europe, including libations and popular food of the period surrounding the 13th Century.  Long, hard journeys were rewarded with welcoming homes in a society that had to depend on one another to keep safe and fed; and often with music, stories and the finest dining and drinking ware the hosts had to offer. 


Judge the Mistress, or, Learn about the EKBG Panel Tool on Someone Else's Dime - Mistress Sylvia
Participants will learn how the EKBG panel tool works by judging two different beverages.  This will be a guided study where we talk about the criteria and reach a consensus to score a modern beverage and a period beverage.  You will leave the class understanding more about how documentation can support your entry and what effective documentation can look like.  You will also see how modern beverages fair using the guild tools for evaluation.  Bring a clear glass, a pen, and a willingness to compromise with your peers!

Site Opens: Friday April 21, 5:00PM
Site Closes: Sunday April 23, 1200PM

Event Website: 14 Nottingham Rd

Event Location
Frontenac Ski Lodge
27 Greer Rd
Plymouth, NH  03264
Google Map

From the North/Canada:
Find your best route to 93 South in NH.
Get off at Exit 25 and Turn right.
Go about half a mile and at the roundabout go 3/4 the way around which will put you on RTE 3 South.  Continue for about 1 1/2 mile and Greer will be on the right side.

From The South:
Find your best route to 93 North in NH.
Get off at Exit 24 and at the bottom of the ramp turn left
onto RTE 3 North/25.  Continue 4.7 Miles and Greer St will be on the right. 

If you come to a town, you've gone too far, turn around and come back 1.5 miles.

Registration Fees
Registration: Adult Day $35.00
Adult Weekend $55.00
Member Discount -$5.00

Reservation Deadline April 14,2017
Overnight spots fill quickly so get your reservation in early.

Feast: Feast is included for all who attend Saturday

All meals included for those staying the entire weekend
Friday evening-snack
Saturday- all 3 Meals
Sunday- Breakfast

Any dietary restrictions can be inquired to:
Lady Lilly of Eastham
MKA Carolyn Henderson

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NH Inc Barony of Stonemarche

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Pan Kythe Szubielka
MKA Mark Shubelka
14 Nottingham Rd
Deerfield NH 03037
603-785-9630 (Calls from 5pm-11pm please/ texts welcome anytime.  Answers as available.)

Send Reservations to:
Pan Kythe Szubielka
MKA Mark Shubelka
14 Nottingham Rd
Deerfield NH 03037

Other Contact Information:
No additional charge for merchanting,please know there is not a lot of room inside.  Merchants should plan for being outside and have your own table for your wares.

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