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Event Details
Lions In Spring Event date: April 22nd, 2017
Hosted by Canton of Lions End - Locust Valley, NY
Event Last Modified: April 15th, 2017
Event details
Greeting unto the populace of the Kingdom of the East!

This year, the Il-Khan and the Il-Khatun have chosen The Canton of Lions End to host Ostgardr's Bardic and A&S Championships!

Come one and all to share your gifts of song and prose. 
Display your finest crafts and treats to the delight of all.

**Regarding the A&S Competition:

We challenge our artisans to create and display an art or science that celebrates the spirit of rebirth and renewal.  There are many talented individuals and I know our tables will be overflowing with incredible creations.

The rules are simple:
*Work submitted should somehow incorporate the subject of
rebirth/renewal (come on, we can get creative with this)
*You must be a resident of Ostgardr with paid membership.
*Work should have historical relevance and be documented.
*Submitted work should be completed within the last year.
*Documentation should be at least one page and site sources.
*You can submit different work but all should be documented
individually.  You can choose to submit work as a group or separate.
*MOST IMPORTANTLY:  All Skill Levels Welcome!**

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER THE COMPETITION PLEASE CONTACT Lady Sofya moas@ostgardr.eastkingdom.org NOTE there will also be a display table for those not wanting to compete

Provincial Bardic Championship 2017

The Competition will be open to “as many as will”, and any performer who plays in Ostgardr, regardless of residence, is eligible.

Serving as Provincial Bard is, to a degree, a job with some expectations:

--Attend Provincial events and expect to stand with other Champions on the dais for Provincial Courts.  Attending Pennsic is not required but is helpful.  (There may be Things To Do for Opening Ceremonies or Pennsic Provincial Court)

--Be willing/able to perform (OR to arrange performances with / by others) at courts, feasts, and other functions.  This may include something on the spur of the moment (especially in the event of a delay breaking out).  Encourage the arts of performing in the Province.

--Commemorate the history of the Viceregals and deeds done in Ostgardr in song, story or verse (This is word-fame).

--Along with Their Excellencies, organize and run the competition to choose your successor.

The Competition will consist of two rounds, which provides a chance for competitors to demonstrate a range of skills (“I’m a musician, this is my first story!”), or forms (Period story plus original poem), or moods (Tragical-Comical-Historical-Pastoral).  Competitors will be scored on Prowess, Audience Response, Historical Elements, and Aesthetics.  Simple documentation (something that fits on a 5”x7” index card) is encouraged for extra consideration but not required.
Anyone attending the event and not otherwise occupied, is invited to watch the competition and submit recommendations for a Populace Choice performer.  You are also invited to bring and bestow tokens where you wish.


Our class format will be slightly different this year to allow flexibility for those who wish to observe or participate in the Bardic and A&S competitions: 

Table space will be provided for those who wish to teach, and prospective students can drop in to learn as schedules allow.  Instructors will have signs to indicate when they should return if they step away (please be respectful and do not touch materials without an instructor present).
If there is a particular "formal class" or "demonstration item" it will be announced to the Hall (The Sanctuary, where Bardic takes place, will not receive announcements, due to the nature of that competition)

We currently have tables for:
***Basic Heraldry/Research***
***General information*** (SCA101, Pennsic 101, Basic Garb Construction, etc)***
***Illumination/Calligraphy*** -
ADDITIONAL:  learn Arabic For Scribes: 
***Chainmail*** basics of construction
***Ma Jiang*** the Chinese table top game
***The Fiber Pit*** (activities range from processing cleaned fiber to spinning and several sorts of weaving, knitting, tatting, etc)
***kitchen*** the kitchen is a "teaching kitchen" - feel free to stop in and learn about food prep
All of these will welcome additional instructors

A Silent Auction will be held to raise funds to allow the Canton to purchase loaner equipment and continue with our programs.

If you have anything you would like to donate for the silent auction, please contact Abigaill at groovyfirechick@gmail.com

A scrumptious dayboard of both hot and cold will be offered.  For those with dietary considerations, please contact Lady Arnbjorg Nialsdottir at shersgto@gmail.com

The site is handicapped accessible.
The site is discreetly damp.

GPS are not always reliable.
Cell phones are not always reliable either.

Site Opens:  10 am
Site Closes:  5 pm

Site Opens: 10:00 am
Site Closes: 5:00 pm

Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/278760132546220/

Event Location
Reformed Church of Locust Valley
115 Ryefield Rd
Locust Valley, NY  11560
Google Map

Long Island Expressway or the Northern State Parkway to 107 north to Glen Cove. 

107 dead ends at the Glen Cove Fire Department

Right turn onto Brewster Street, at 13th traffic light turn left onto Birch Hill Road. 

Bear right at 1st fork in road

Bear right at 2nd fork which is Ryefield Road

Church will be 1/2 mile down on left

Parking on both sides of road and in the school field parking lot

The Church is a 2 minute drive from the LIRR Locust Valley station on the Oyster Bay branch.  We can meet the train and bring you to the site if arrangements have been made with the event steward.

Registration Fees
Registration: Site and day board fee $20
Child 6-17 $6
5 & Under (Babe-In-Arms) Free
Member Discount $5

Feast: There will be no feast.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA- New York, Inc.  - Canton of Lions End

Contact Information
Event Steward:

Douglas B Kassner
Lord Duggmore Dougles
516 306 7587

Meredith Kassner-Gomez
Abigaill Bakere
516 965 0416

Send Reservations to:
Lady Arnbjorg Nialsdottir
C/O Sheree Fuller
55 Elm Street
Locust Valley, NY 11560

Other Contact Information:
To enter the A&S Competition please e-mail Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste prior to April 15th at moas@ostgardr.eastkingdom.org:
*Your name
*Scadian name
*Membership #
*What you are submitting
*How much table space you need

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