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Event Details
Winter Nights - Baronial Bardic Championship Event date: October 18th, 2014
Hosted by Barony of Concordia of the Snows - Scotia, NY
Event Last Modified: October 5th, 2014
Event details
Spring has gone.  Summer has ended.  Fall is fading fast.  Join us in preparation for the long nights of Winter with a day of camaraderie, food, and the bardic arts.  Come and compete or come to listen to new stories to tide through the darkening days.

We will have a running day board, then a dinner break before competitions for Bardic Champion and Court.  For those who wish it, there will be space available to bring your own feast.  Directions for local establishments will be available as well.

***Site is very discretely damp

Competition details from Lady Lorita deSiena - Bardic Champion, Barony of Concordia

Daytime Competition
The annual Winter Nights bardic competition will be a Day of Challenges.  How well can you think on your toes and perform within a given set of requirements? When you arrive for the day, a stack of index cards will be waiting for you at the gate.  Take up to three of them, and on each write down a performance challenge.  This can be as generic ("tell a sad story," "good vs.  evil," "the East Kingdom") or as specific ("sing a song about something that is lost and never found," "recite a Viking poem that has nothing to do with death," "tell us about something scary that happened at Pennsic") as you like, but each card must have only one challenge on it.  Place the challenge cards in the specified "Container of Holding" before the competition starts.

If you wish to participate in the competition, you must sign up when you arrive.  When it is your turn, go up to the "Container of Holding" and choose up to three challenge cards.  You will have the duration of the performance before you (or about 5 minutes if you are the first of the day) to come up with a performance that fits ALL of the challenges you have chosen.  If your cards add up to a challenge that is impossible to meet (as determined by the judges), you may put one card back, with the option of choosing a new one.

Performers are strongly encouraged to keep their pieces to 8 minutes or less in length.  Scoring will be based on the following criteria:
-Strength of the performance.  Were you confident in your delivery, did you keep the audience engaged, were mistakes and falters kept to a minimum?
-Meeting the challenge(s).  How many challenges did you choose, did you successfully incorporate every challenge into your piece, how much did you have to "stretch" to make everything fit?
Bonus points will be awarded for the following elements:
-A performance about the SCA
-A performance fully in persona
-Documentation for your piece ("index card" documentation acceptable)
-"Stretching yourself." Prove that the performance you are about to give is outside your comfort zone.  How is it helping you to grow and challenge yourself as a bard? Is it in a language you don't normally perform in? Is it of a style or form that you have never tried before? Singing a song you've never performed before is one thing ? if you always sing and today for the first time you're going to tell a story, that's a whole different matter.

After the first full round of challenges, we will go back to the beginning of the sign up list and begin again, with as many rounds of competition as time will allow.  However, only your highest-scoring performance will be used to determine the outcome of the contest.
To the winner of the competition will go the bardic ring, passed down through the years from one victor to the next.  If bestowed upon you, you are asked to return to next year's Winter Nights to pass the ring on again.

Evening Competition
After the dinner break will be the baronial bardic competition, to choose the next baronial champion.  All competitors wishing to participate must declare their intent to do so and agree to the requirements of the position before the competition begins.  You will have one chance to perform a piece of your own choosing.  At the conclusion of the competition, a champion will be selected and announced at court.

The requirements of a baronial champion are as follows:
-Identify yourself as Concordian in some manner, up to and including taking an oath of fealty if you are not geographically a member of the barony.
-Attend a majority of Concordian events and participate in any baronial court at those events.
-Attend the Baron and Baroness at some out-of-barony events, including Pennsic, if possible.
-Wear the regalia of your position.
-Organize next year's competition to choose your successor.

Site Opens: 9:00 am
Site Closes: 9:00 pm
Event Location
Scotia United Methodist Church
201 North Ten Broeck Street
Scotia, NY  12302

From the West
I-90 E to exit 26 (I-890) Schenectady - Scotia follow * below

From Binghamton/Oneonta Southwest
I-88 to I-90
Take I-90 West to exit 26 follow * below

*I-890 West to NY 5 (cross Mohawk River)
At light turn right onto Route 5
Follow Route 5 into downtown Scotia
At intersection of Route 5 and North Ten Broeck Street turn left (Stewarts Shop on left)
Go to second intersection and the church is on your left
Parking lot is just beyond church off of N.  Ten Broeck

From the East and South

I-87 North or I-90 West to I-90 W exit 25 I-890 West
follow ** below

From the North
Take I-87 South to exit 6-7 interchange
Take exit 6 for Route 7 West
Follow Route 7 until you reach I-890 West follow **

**I-890 West to exit 4C (Washington Ave Extension) toward NY-5
Turn left at the light at the bottom of the ramp
Cross the Mohawk River
Go straight to the third traffic light
Turn Right onto North Ten Broeck Street (Stewarts on the right side)
Go to second intersection and the church is on your left
Parking lot is just beyond church off of N.  Ten Broeck

Event Fees
Site : This event is donation only for the site

Feast: Fee for dayboard is $5 advanced or at the door

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Barony of Concordia of the Snows

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lord Rhys Aiden Bifjord
Stephen Long
214 Catherine Street
Scotia, NY 12302
518-831-9279 (please leave message if no answer, I will get back to you) No calls after 9 pm weeknights
e-mail:  rhysab@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Lord Richard de Troye:  Richard Nicholson, 478 Morris St., Albany, NY 12208

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