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Event Details
Hunters Moon and Metalsmiths Symposium Event date: August 29th, 2014 - September 1st, 2014
Hosted by Shire of Anglespur - East Greenbush, NY
Event Last Modified: August 27th, 2014
Event details
The Great War is behind us.  Weary warriors have returned home to rest themselves.  Pennsic mud has been washed out of clothing .  .  .  repeatedly.  Summer is coming to a close and Autumn draws near.  But wait!  Don't sheathe your sword, pack away your bow and arrows, hang up your ball gown and slippers, or fold up your tent just yet.  The Shire of Anglespur proudly invites you to attend our annual Hunter's Moon event.  It will be a weekend filled with many different activities and many new experiences to try.  This year's array of activities include:

-Heavy Fighting:  Once again this year, we are having a fighter's symposium.  Come and hone your skills!  Each day, inspections begin at 11am.  Fighting will take place from 12-5pm on the large list field(s).  Saturday will be training day.  Sunday will feature a melee and "something fun."

Brawl in the Biergarten, Saturday at 10:30am

The tournament is a Roman melee where the combatants start seated at a table, and secondary weapons start on the table.  Secondary weapons will be of a variety that would have been available at a biergarten, i.e.  dagger, goblet, tankard, cloak.  Case and buckler will not be
permitted.  Two melees will be run with the last ones standing facing off in the final.  If there is a double kill in the final, it will be refought once.  There will be a prize.

Survivors Tournament After Lunch around 1:30 on Saturday.

"Gouffee" Rapier tourney Saturday After the Survivors Tournament
The long and noble tradition for Anglespur's "Goufee" continues!  Tournament format to be determined by turnout, default Round Robin.  All fighters shall fight with a rigid or non-rigid parry constructed as per the East Kingdom Rapier Rules (rigid parries may not have any rough or sharp edges and may not entrap opponents or their equipment, non-rigid parries may not be weighted with rigid materials.) During the tournament, a vote shall be held among all the participants and specators to determine who has the best parry item.  There shall be two winners of the tournament - whomever wins the tournament by martial prowess, and whomever is voted to have the best parry item.  Although no parry item shall be disalowed because it is deemed to be too serious, all participants are encouraged to be as creative as the rules allow (which is, admittedly, pretty creative.) Period appearance is not a factor in this tournament - let your imagination run wild.  Tokens may be awarded to other goofy parry items at the judge's and/or spectators discretion.

-Youth Combat.  Saturday and Sunday 1-3

-Metalsmiths Symposium:  Activities are planned for the entire weekend.
If you would like to teach a class please email Irene at ipurificato@yahoo.com or ipur@nycap.rr.com

-Arts and Sciences:  Come and play with us!  Specific classes, locations, and teachers to be announced.  If you wish to teach a class please contact Katrusha the Skomorokh (Laura Munn) / katrusha.the.skomorokh@gmail.com

List of Classes (updated as often as possible)
1.  Your batch is done.  Now what?
2.  Iron Commedia (Write, practicce, and perform in one weekend)
3.  It's All About the Numbers
4.  Kitchen Technologies of the Middle Ages
5.  Youth activity – Beaded pearl netting
6.  Part 1 - Preparing a raw fleece for spinning.
7.  Part 2 - Preparing a raw fleece for spinning.
8.  Youth Activity – Improv Games
9.  Icelandic, Soay, Shetland, Karakla, ….  it’s all Sheep to Me!
10.  Fleece:  101

- Bardic Circle:  Saturday and Sunday nights after Dance.  Location will be at Ekaterine's camp. 

-Dancing:  Join us for our traditional evenings of terpsichorean delight!  Dancing will occur on Saturday and Sunday evenings at the main pavilion, beginning at "o'dark thirty" (8pm) and ending when we all fall down.  Musicians are gladly welcomed to play with us!

-Thrown Weapons:  Will be present Saturday.  The Marshal is Lord William the Mysterious

-Archery:  Will be present from 10 am mto 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Nicholas of Colechurch is the Archery Marshal.

Site Details

While we gladly welcome all to our very busy event, we must also ask that you abide by the rules of the site and the Society:

- No pets of any kind, outside of service animals, are allowed anywhere on site.
- Everyone MUST sign in at the gate.  The gatehouse is the large building (the lodge) on the left when you first enter the site.  If you arrive during a time when the gate is closed, please come back when it is open to sign in.
-Once you have unpacked your vehicle, it MUST be moved to a designated parking area.
-The site is DRY.
- Firearms and fireworks are forbidden.
- Fires, torches, candles, etc.  may not go unattended at any time.
- Merchants are welcome.  Please notify the Event Steward prior to your arrival so space can be reserved.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Site Opens: 3pm Friday
Site Closes: Noon sharp Monday
Event Location
Camp Is-Sho-Da
Mannix Road
East Greenbush, NY  12061

There is now a Traffic Circle at Mannix Road.

From the South, North, and West:

Take your best Route to I-90, Eastbound.  Cross the Hudson River, into Rensselaer

County.  Take Exit 9.  At the end of the ramp, turn Left, and get in the Right hand lane.

Turn right onto Mannix Road (first exit on the circle) immediately after the on/off ramp for Westbound I-90.  If you come to a stoplight (in either direction) you've gone too far.  The camp is about a mile up the road on the left.

From the East:

Take your best Route to I-90, Westbound.  Do not cross the Hudson River, into Rensselaer County.  Take Exit 9.  At the end of the ramp, turn Right.  Turn right onto Mannix Road (first exit on the circle) immediately after the on/off ramp.  If you come to a stoplight (in either direction) you've gone too far.  The camp is about a mile up the road on the left.

Event Fees
Site : The event is donation-optional.

A dayboard will be available to all on Saturday.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Shire of Anglespur

Contact Information
Event Steward:
There are a lot of gentles working together to make this event a success.  Please direct all queries to the appropriate party, depending on the activity in question.

Event Steward:  Svanhildr Karlsdottir (Diane Hauer) / dkhauer@gmail.com 518-229-6181

Send Reservations to:
If you wish to reserve a Girl Scout tent please contact the Event Steward.  Tents are assigned on a first come first served basis

Other Contact Information:
Heavy Fighting Coordinator:  Hawk (James Rosse II) / jrosse@msn.com 518-331-2477

Fencing Marshal:  TBD

Arts and Sciences Minister:  Katrusha the Skomorokh (Laura Munn) / katrusha.the.skomorokh@gmail.com

Metalsmiths Coordinator:  Irene von Lassen (Irene Purificato) / ipurificato@yahoo.com

Dance Mistress:  Lorita deSiena (Melissa Schuman) / melissa.schuman@yahoo.com 518-577-0688

Thrown Weapons Marshal:  William the Mysterious (Bill Studdiford) / whildbill@gmail.com

Archery Marshal:  Nicholas of Colechurch (Duane Carpenter) / dchess@aol.com

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