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Event Details
A Day of German Celebration Event date: August 23rd, 2014
Hosted by Shire of Silver Rylle - Hershey, PA
Event Last Modified: August 20th, 2014
Event details
This event is themed around the life and works of Hildegard Von Bingen.  She was known during her time as a poet, musician, and healer.  One of her famous works is "Physica" a collection of books on healing.  Each of the 9 books focus on a different subject including plants, metals, animals, fish, and elements.
We will honor this extraordinary figure through classes, music and feast.  We will also have a day board availible.
Please check back as more details become available.

Feast Menu-
Roasted tongue
German cheese
400 year old fryed shrympe

First course
Vngerische kabsuppen(Hungarian cheese soup)
Görünen feldtsalat(Green field salad)
Aım güt Brates zu machen(Roast beef)
Gönen frıeusıerren mıt spek(Fried beans with bacon)

Second course
Roast pork with onions and apples
Pomerantzen salât (Sour orange salad)
Gebraten mılch(Roasted milk)

Third course
Rabbit papdele
Cucummern(Cucumber salad)
Spenat(Fried spinach with bacon)

Fourth course
Kırschen(Cherries stewed in wine)
Loaded apples
Hwıt moos (bread puddıng)

*Please remember the cook holds to right to make any changes that she deems necessary.*

Order of events for the Day
10:00 Site Opens
11:00-4:30 Silent Auction Bidding
11:00-5:45 Gaming:  A Gaming Table will be hosted by Margherita of Silver Rylle
Arts and Science Display
11:00– 12:00
Classroom 1– Hildegard von Bingen by Master Victor of Shrewsbury
Classroom 2– Medieval Gardening by Lord Jayme Hume of Berwyk
Classroom 3– German Long sword by THL Angus MacClerie
11:30–1:30 Dayboard prepared by Lord Guy Lourance
1:00-? Fighting coordinated by Baron Tiggers
Classroom 1–Weaving a 3/1 Twill by Herveus d’Ormonde Classroom 2– Tempering the Passions:  A Practical Application of the Humoral Theory to Medieval Cuisine by Baroness Euriol of Lothian
Classroom 3– Mead by Lady Sibylla from the Abby of St.  Aegir
Classroom 1– German Pleat work Shirt by Baroness Rainillt de Bello Marisco; OL
Classroom 3– Ciders by Lord Matheus from the Abby of St.  Aegir
4:30 Silent Auction Winning Bid Pick Up
6:00 Feast Set up
6:30 Feast by Baroness Oddkatla Jonsdottir
9:00 Site Closes, Safe Journeys and Godspeed

FIGHTING- There will be heavy fighting.  A prize will be awarded to the best death.

A&S DEMO- This demo is aimed at anyone that has recently learned a new craft or new skill.  Please bring your first project displaying your new found craft or skill.  This is not a judging demo just come and have fun.

SILENT AUCTION- We will have silent auction to help cover shire expenses.  Donations for the auction will greatly be appreciated.

PERFORMANCES- Anyone interested in performing during the event please contact the autocrat.
Site Opens: 10:00am
Site Closes: 9:00pm
Event Location
Hershey Masonic Lodge #666
215 W Governor Rd
Hershey, PA  17033
Event Fees
Site : Site Fee is $6.00 in advance.  Advanced reservations must be post marked by August 11.
If you do not make the reservation date site fee will be $8.00.
Midday repast is included in your site fee.
There is a $5 non member surcharge.

Feast: Feast reservation deadline August 11,2014.
Feast is $10.00
Anyone with food allergies or food concerns, please contact the head cook.
Baroness Oddkatla Jonsdottir
cell 717-608-8251

Make Checks Payable to: SCA PA inc.- Shire of Silver Rylle

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Daniel Silfies a.k.a.  Gerhard Stormeclocke
phone:  484-347-8943
email:  gerhardstormeclocke@gmail.com

Send Reservations to:
Sarra Atte Brouk
733 Pointview Ave
Ephrata, Pa 17522

Other Contact Information:
Anyone interested in being a merchant please contact:

Fighting Contact:  Baron Tiggers
email:  dburton2@ptd.net

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