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Event Details
Spring Tyger and Bucket Event date: May 3rd, 2014
Hosted by Province of Malagentia - East Waterboro, ME
Event Last Modified: February 6th, 2014
Event details
Good Lords, gentle Ladies, shake off the dust of winter!  Let it be known far and wide that hospitable and saucy proprietess Honig is throwing open the doors of Malagentia's most beloved tavern, The Tyger and Bucket.  Come for the most delicious food, stay for the delightful company and leave your damn pants at home.  That's right!  This spring our motto is No Pants, No Problem!
Kilts!  Robes!  Cassocks!  Tunics and Togas!  If your garb eschews pants, come on in.  Cover up but forget your pants.  Music and merriment await you at the Tyger and Bucket! 

Special note:  Tyger and Bucket is an equal opportunity bottom half coverage establishment.  No patron will be turned away for wearing pants.  Although the serving staff are partial to a bit of thigh. 

Site Opens: 5:00 PM
Site Closes: 10:00 PM
Event Location
Ossipee Mountaineers Snowmobile
POB 273
East Waterboro, ME  04030
Event Fees
Site : $5 for members and there is an additional $5 Nonmember surcharge

Make Checks Payable to: No prereg

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Abbey Davenport
phone:  207-329-8752

Send Reservations to:
No prereg

Other Contact Information:
This is a pay per plate tavern so bring cash because those pickles do not dance on their own. 

Please bring feast gear. 

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