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Event Details
Tourney on a Summer's Day: A Celebration of Chivalry Event date: June 7th, 2014
Hosted by Shire of Hadchester (incipient) - Waldoboro, ME
Event Last Modified: April 10th, 2014
Event details
Being inspired by tales of the great benefactors and patrons of the combat arts, the Shire of Hadchester will be sponsoring a tournament on the seventh day of June, with the hope that it one day might be mentioned with the Courts of Castile and Burgundy when the great tourney fields are recounted. 

To that end, the knights of Maine, with their desire to practice the chivalric arts and witness and encourage them in others, will be taking the list field and inviting all others to take up the challenge of Chivalry and Honor.  With such fair entertainments to witness, we would encourage all ladies to join our gallery and to be prepared to reward fine actions with appropriate tokens and favors.

The intention of the day will be to inspire Chivalry and Honor, and to give the knights the opportunity to witness the prowess of their challengers and to encourage and instruct them, and to entertain the gallery.

(While the event takes place on Saturday only, there is space for camping for anyone who does not wish to day trip.)
Site Opens: 8 am
Site Closes: 12 midnight

Event Website: http://hadrianskeep.webs.com/tourneyday.htm

Event Location
Verthandi's farm
815 Depot Street, Waldoboro
Waldoboro, ME  04572
Event Fees
Site : Adult member:  $5
Adult nonmember:  $10
Youth:  free

Make Checks Payable to: SCA- Maine

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Sara of Stonley
mka Marjorie Bartlett

Send Reservations to:
We are not currently taking reservations

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