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Event Details
Potted Arms & Fancy Faire VIII Event date: July 12th, 2014
Hosted by Canton of Hawke's Reache - Huntington, NY
Event Last Modified: January 30th, 2014
Event details
Spring flowers into summer.  Their Excellencies, Baron David Vázquez de Valençia and Baroness Mistress Suzanne Neüber de Londres, set out across the lands of An Dubhaigeainn to collect tithes on their way to the Pennsic War. 
The Canton of Hawkes Reache welcomes them with a Summer Faire, replete with two fencing Tournaments, including a Pas D'Arms Tournament to select the new Baronial fencing champion; the Baronial Thrown Weapons championship; an Archery practice with Royal Rounds, Heavy Weapons if a marshal is available and many other games and activities for all.  Merchants are most welcome to help the populace get into fine shopping form for Pennsic.  The Canton invites you to bring your chairs, blankets and shade to take respite upon the lawns, participate in the wide variety of activities, and visit with old and new friends. 
There will be a hearty day-board served throughout the event.  No feast will be served, yet fear not!  None shall leave hungry, as the table has groaned under the bounty of our day-board these past seven years!
The Tournaments:
Our current Baronial fencing Champion, Lord Ronan FitzRobert (Scott Petritsch), is hard at work designing the formats of the fencing tournaments.  There shall be two Tournaments:  the Hat Tournament and the Pas D’Arms Tournament. 

Inspections and authorizations for the Tournaments will begin at 11 AM.  At noon, just prior to the start of the Hat Tournament, the Canton will once again hold the ever-popular Hat Auction, where members of the populace can bid for the favor of a fencer as symbolized by the fencer’s “hat”.  A prize is awarded to the bidder whose fencer wins the Hat Tournament, which shall immediately follow the auction.

At the conclusion of the Hat Tournament, there shall be a short respite, followed by the Pas D'Arms Tournament, which is based on a demonstration of period skill.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  The Pas D’Arms Tournament places a strong emphasis on pageantry.  Each fencer in the Tournament must be introduced by a herald.  It is expected that each fencer’s herald will be vividly "over the top" (as in “A Knight's Tale”).  A prize and recognition will be awarded for the best heraldry. 

The demonstrations of both skill and pageantry will help Their Excellencies to choose the next Baronial Champion from amongst the An Dubhaigeainn participants, and the overall Tournament Champion from amongst all participants.

Please contact Lord Ronan by e-mail at spp516@hotmail.com or by phone at 631-456-2028 before 10 PM with any questions. 

Thrown Weapons

Our current Baronial Thrown Weapons champion Lord Ronan FitzRobert (Scott Petritsch) will have a very busy day as he will be running the Baronial Thrown Weapons championship as well.  He promises tests of skill and accuracy!  For more information, please contact him by e-mail at spp516@hotmail.com with any questions.

Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 6 PM
Event Location
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington
109 Browns Road
Huntington, NY  11743

From the Long Island Expressway, take Exit 49N (Route 110), or
From the Northern State Parkway, take Exit 40N (Route 110), or
From the Southern State Parkway, take Exit 32N (Route 110) then: 
• Take Route 110 North past Jericho Turnpike (Route 25) to Main Street (Route 25A) in Huntington Village (approximately 4 miles north of Route 25).
• Turn left onto Main Street and then make the first right turn onto Wall Street.  Continue north on Wall Street for approximately 3/4 mile to Southdown Road. 
• Turn left onto Southdown Road and continue west for approximately.  1 mile to Browns Road. 
• Turn right onto Browns Road (stop sign and blinking light at intersection.) Continue north to the site (109 Browns Road), which is on the left just past Southdown School.

Event Fees
Site : Adult Members $15
Adult Non-Members $20
Children (10-17) $6
Children (2-9) $3
Babes in Arms (under 2) free
Family Member maximum rate of $45 (non-member surcharge not included)
Merchant fees:  WAIVED.  Please contact the Autocrat if more than two tables are needed.  And please bring a shade structure for your comfort

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-NY Inc--Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave
(Pamela J.  Jacques)
16 Leonard Drive
East Northport, NY 11731
631-754-8977 before 9 PM or e-mail:  pjjny@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave
(Pamela J.  Jacques)
16 Leonard Drive
East Northport, NY 11731

Other Contact Information:
Feastocrat:  Mistress Suzanne de Neuber de Londres (Susan Maebert-Frank) at e-mail:  sdelondres@gmail.com.  Please contact her with any dietary concerns.

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