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Event Details
Herne the Hunter RP TRM will be in attendance Event date: November 30th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Ruantallan - Lake Echo, NS
Event Last Modified: November 25th, 2013
Event details
Hark!  Is that yon horn I hear, heralding in the hunters to come and celebrate the season? (Why yes… yes it is!)

Whom are they escorting on the road to Ruantallan? I see wagons and horses, men, women and children… a veritable parade of...….  Wait? Could it be? Their Majesties are possibly enroute to visit our fair lands?

Oyez!  Oyez!

Come spend a day of rejoicing in the plenty that the fall harvest has given us, welcome back the warriors from their long journey to lands foreign and near in defense of our homes and happiness.  Witness the majesty of… Their Majesties!

To honour those who reign our great principality, and in respect due to the Crowns of the East Kingdom, the humble Lady Juliana and her illustrious staff will endeavor to provide you all with a hearty day board in the Viking and Anglo Saxon styles.  Feast in the later day is to honour Herne the Hunter, as only Ruantallan can do, and show Their Majesties how Ruantallanites celebrate.

Schedule for the day:

10am - doors open
10:45 - heavy inspection
11 - A&S Display
11:30 - Herald's competition/ Presentation of Fighters
12 - 2? - Herne the Hunter Championship
12:30 - sideboard (separate sideboard for fighters)
3 - Kid's Queen's tea
4 - Court
6 - Bar open
6 - Feast
10 pm - close

There will be a heavy combat tournament,the annual Herne the Hunter Herald's championship, children's activities and more!

Heavy Tournament

Please contact Baron William Lancton longtinp1@gmail.com with your intention to fight and your Herald's name.
There are showers in the men's and ladies room at the site.

As usual all fighters must have a Herald to Declare, Sing, or Shout you in the combat list.  if you do not have such a person I am sure that one could make him or herself available for a fee.

Play With Your Food!!!

Each bouts will be to the death, as per normal, but a point system will be in place to augment the skill level of the fighters.
Each kill = 1 point
Each limbs taken = 1 point
For example fighter 1 takes his opponents leg and an arm, but fighter 2 manages to kills fighter 1 with a blow to the head.  The score at the end of the bout will be.
Fighter 1 = 2 points
Fighter 2 = 1 point.
All weapon forms are allowed.

Fighters and prospective Heralds! 

For a long time Herne the Hunter has had a Heralding competition to announce the fighters into the ring.  This year will continue the tradition!  Fighters, please find a person willing to Herald you in to the tournament.  People willing to Herald fighters in to the tournament, please contact the fighters. 

This year's competition will require the Herald's to need a story, a song or a poem to announce their great fighter onto the battlefield.  This is to draw in the crowd and get them involved with the tourney.  The Herald's purpose is entice the crowd into wanting their fighter to win.  Think of the movie "A Knight's Tale" for inspiration.  The bigger the better! 

Remember that the King and Queen will be present and your display should reflect this. 

A&S Display for their majesties amusement.

Artisans across our great Barony, and beyond our borders!  We invite you to display your most excellent works for the enjoyment of their Majesties at the Herne the Hunter the !  Your contribution need not be new, just done by you!  No documentation is necessary, but a short description would help all enjoy! 
Please contact Lady Katherine so we know how much room will be required!  (seneschal@seashire.eastkingdom.org)

Childrens' Activities

There will be a children's Queen's Tea to give the kids a chance to sit and chat with the Queen.

Pre Rev - Friday night

Location:  3 Birches Drive, Halifax (first left of St.  Margaret's Bay Rd.  after the rotary/roundabout.
Time:  7:30 pm onwards (if you arrive early you are welcome, but may be required to sing!)
Phone:  (902) 423-8793
Guthfrith and Isobel are inviting anyone interested to a Pre-Rev of sorts at their place, on the night before Herne.  The pre-rev will follow regular Friday night singing practice which will end at 7:30pm.  Many of our guests from down south will not be here until late Friday, but anyone who arrives early and everyone local are welcome to attend. 
We have REALLY limited parking in our road, but there is ample parking about 100 metres away.  outside St.  James Church by the rotary).  Bus routes 20, 14, 6, 15, 19, 22 and 23
Please bring your own beverages of choice (including non-alcaholic), and snacks are welcome but not necessary.  For those needing to eat dinner first the Armview (http://www.thearmview.com/ ) is two minutes walk down the hill, and there is Euro Pizza and Armdale Take-Out just up the hill. 
Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 9pm

Event Website: http://ruantallan.eastkingdom.org/events/Herne2013.php

Event Location
Lake Echo Community Centre
3168A Hwy # 7
Lake Echo, NS  B3E 1B2


Make your best way to Main Street in Dartmouth, NS, Canada.
Continue north on Main Street (it turns into the 107 highway).
Take exit 18 toward NS-7/​Mineville/​Lake Echo. 
Turn left at end of ramp onto Mineville Road.
Continue down Mineville Road and take a right at the stop sign onto the #7 Hwy.
Travel about 2.2 km and the Community Centre is on your right.

Event Fees
Site : Offboard

Adult ------$13
Child (under the age of 5)- Free
Family (2 adults and 2 children)--$45

Non Member Surcharge of $5 is in effect for this event

Feast: Reservation Deadline:  Nov 23, 2013

Onboard (including site)

Family (2 adults and 2 children)--$78

NMS $5

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc - Barony of Ruantallan

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Briana Douglase (Wendy Regular)


Send Reservations to:
Lady Mary Elizabeth Ryan


Nancy Irwin
3696 Lynch Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 3L2

Other Contact Information:
Co-Autocrat:  Mistress Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys
Feastocrat:  Lady Juliana D'Aragon

Crash space coordinator - Lord Guthfrith Yrlingson - asimpso2@dal.ca

Heavy Marshall- Baron William Lancton longtinp1@gmail.com

A&S Display - Lady Katherine seneschal@seashire.eastkingdom.org

Children's Activities - m'Lady Juliote Castlenou D'Arry.  cindyclifford5@hotmail.com

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