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Event Details
Saint Eligius Celebration of Arts and Sciences TRM will be in attendance Event date: November 16th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Dragonship Haven - Meriden, CT
Event Last Modified: October 25th, 2013
Event details
The Barony of Dragonship Haven invites you to a Celebration of Arts and Sciences with a Contest and Display in honor of our patron, Saint Eligius.  He was a 7th century saint born near Limoges (France) noted for his marvelous skill with fine metalwork and enamels as well as for his kindness, courage and devotion.  In honor of these attributes, we hope you will bring forth the treasures that you have wrought with your skills so all can enjoy and learn from each other. 

This year, the centerpiece of the event is an A&S competition with an unusual format.  Complete rules, documentation sheet with examples & score sheets are available at: 

Competition scoring begins at noon, although late entries will be accepted until 1:30 PM.

In brief, here are the rules of engagement:  The competition is designed to be something like a martial tourney, so this contest demands face-to-face scoring.  Each contestant declares his entry(s) as belonging to one of the following groups:  (Yes, it is possible to have entries in 2 groups.)
Novices-- have entered a few small competitions (or none) & feel rather inexperienced in A&S contests.  (Analogy:  competes in Rookie’s Tourney)
Artisans-- have entered competitions and have experienced getting feedback & refining their entry so it shows to best advantage.  (Analogy:  Cadet’s/Squire’s Tourney)
Experienced competitors-- have entered several local or Kingdom-wide contests.  This group also includes any Laurel whose entry is anything-BUT-what-they-were-laureled-for.  (Analogy:  competes in King & Queen’s Champion Tourney)
Laurels & masters-- are either members of the Order of the Laurel entering examples of the work(s) for which they received their recognition, or are non-Laurels who choose to enter in this group and are be scored on their mastery of an art or science.  (Analogy:  competes in Crown Tourney or Best of the Knowne World Tourney)

-- Face-to-face scoring will be the order of the day so come prepared to talk about your work.  Our philosophy is that A&S contests are a as much an in-person sport as a rapier tourney.  You must be present to score and be scored. 
-- Since it is the combatants who declare the winner of a martial bout, entrants will be scoring entries in their contest group.
-- Orientation to scoring will be available for each entrant and an ombudsman-consultant will be available to each group. 
-- There is no age limit on entries.  Bring your best.
-- Please limit yourself to no more than 3 entries in one group and not more than 5 total--although an entry could contain several items. 
-- Performance entries are asked to be not more than about 5 minutes for solos, or up to 10 minutes for groups. 
-- Research papers are limited to 8 pages & must be received in electronic format by aligori@pobox.com by Nov 3rd.  They will be read by non-contestants, but face-to-face discussion & scoring will occur. 
-- To avoid foreseeable allergies, all food, beverage and cosmetic entries must include a complete list of ingredients.
-- Works too bulky to transport may be entered via photos and write-ups.  Works-in-progress are welcome! 
-- A St.  Eligius 12 Questions Sheet should accompany entries.  (It's in the next paragraph or you can fill it out the day of the event).  Try not to be too lengthy as many questions can be answered in person.  Any pictures of related items or extant examples should be included to help those scoring your work.  It is OK to say “see documentation” and provide a more formal write-up.  Your documentation from prior competitions/displays can be included.  Sources should be generally considered reputable & applicable to the entry.

St.  Eligius 12 Questions: 
1).  What did you make or do? (Include name of the piece, time period, location, any info on its background.)
2.) What is the connection between your entry and a medieval item or practice?
3.) How would your entry be made/done in period?
4.) How was yours made/done?
5.) What are some similarities & differences between yours and a period artisan’s efforts? (Think about materials, process, tools, cultural factors, approach.)
6.) What inspired you? (Try to include a picture of a period example or related items with the source of the image.)
7.) What was your favorite part of preparing your entry?
8.) What would you do differently next time (imagine yourself advising someone beginning to do what you’ve done)?
9.) What references and resources would you recommend to someone interested in your work?
10.) How did you find your resources?
11.) Did you find a connection to a medieval artisan while working on your entry?
12.) Any last thoughts or amusing stories about your work?

Samples of filled out 12 Question sheets are at:  http://dragonshiphaven.eastkingdom.org/Eligius/StEligiusCelebrationoftheArtsandSciencesContest.pdf

Special competitions are being held concurrently: 

Medieval Moment--:  In honor of our patron, St.  Eligius, we are asking that entries include a brief description if you experienced a Medieval Moment during the preparation of your entry.  Please describe something that brought you closer to the artisan who originated, performed or used the work that you have adapted or drawn inspiration from.  Descriptions may be written or verbal.  A good story always scores well. 

Master Alexander Challenge--:  In the spirit of Master Alexander the Younger, you are invited to enter an example of your work in an art form that is new to you within the last year.  New techniques within the art that you already practice do not count(i.e.  glassblowing to enameling of blown glass beakers is an expansion of a skill, not a new art form.) Scoring will be only based on the entry's meeting the criteria of the art being new to you, and not on full documentation or mastery of the art.  Minimal documentation of methods and how this is new to you is required.  The intent is to give a supportive venue for trying new arts without the rigors of open competition.  The prize is a piece of Master Alexander’s glass work presented by Lady Cassandra de Matisse.

Artisan's Progress--:  Display 3-5 examples of your work showing how your skill has progressed over the years.  Works should include something from very early in your career (even if that was last week).  Works may (but need not) be entered for individual scores.  This competition is a chance to show your development as an artisan.  Documentation should be very brief with rough dates of completion. 

SCA Kluge--:  non-period items with a medieval flair (e.g.  camp furniture, phone costume, license plate frame).

Populace Choice--:  Vote with beans for your favorite entry.  Most beans wins. 

Baron’s Choice--:  If you entry catches Baron Adhemar's eye you can gain his praise and a win a prize.  Event staff may stand-in. 

Prizes will be awarded during court to the gentles achieving the highest score in each of the 4 groups:  Novice, Artisan, Experienced Competitor, Laurels-&-Masters.  Prizes will also be awarded for highest score in Medieval Moment, Master Alexander's Challenge, Artisan's Progress, SCA Kluge, Populace Choice, and Baron’s/Staff's Choice entries. 

Not everybody wants their work to be scored, so non-contestants are warmly encouraged to DISPLAY their works for the delight and amazement of the populace.  Please consider showing your works and let us see what you’re up to! 

Save the date and plan to have fun.  We’ll eat like Kings!  A hearty dayboard is included in the admission.  It is being prepared by Lady Cassandra de Matisse, justly famed for her delicious breads and cured meats so pack your appetite along with your feast gear. 

Due to the illness of our beloved Baron Adhemar, the planned Baronial Heavy List Tourney has been cancelled at this event. 

A dessert revel during and after court will fill up any last corners with things warm and sweet.  Contributions of confections are always welcome.  If you can bring a few servings of some small sweet or pastry to add to the day's pleasure they would be most welcome. 

Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 9 PM

Event Website: None

Event Location
Immanuel Lutheran Church
164 Hanover St.
Check address before you leave home.
Meriden, CT  06450

Take your best route to Interstate 91.  Take exit 5 for CT-71/Chamberlain Hwy toward Kensington.  Turn right onto CT-71 S/Chamberlain Hwy.  Turn left onto W Main St.  Turn right onto Linsley Ave.  Turn left onto Hanover St.  Destination will be on the right, large brick church at the corner of Cook Ave.  & Hanover St.  Drop off zone in Church parking lot and more parking just across Cook Ave.  There will be blue & white SCA signs and a drop-off area in front of the main entrance. 

Event Fees
Site : Site fee included a hearty dayboard and a dessert revel. 
$12 for members
$17 non-members (includes $5 non-member surcharge)
$7 for youths ages 10 to 17 years old
Free for children under 10
Make Checks Payable to:  SCA Inc.--Barony of Dragonship Haven

Feast: No feast is planned.

Research papers are limited to 8 pages & must be received in electronic format by aligori@pobox.com
two weeks before the competition (by Nov 3rd).  They will be read by non-contestants, but face-
to-face scoring will occur. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA inc.  - Barony of Dragonship Haven

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Alice R.  Leber
Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called Brose
(203)881-0501 (home) Please don't call me after 9PM unless I'd agree that it's an emergency. 

E-mail:  aligori@pobox.com

Send Reservations to:
Jo-Anne Giblin (Lady Joan of Coggeshall)
28313 Town Walk Drive
Hamden, CT 06518

Other Contact Information:
Very limited space for merchants may be available.  Contact Alice R.  Leber
Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called Brose
(203)8810501 (home, chancier)
Please don't call me after 9PM unless I'd agree that it's an emergency. 

E-mail:  aligori@pobox.com

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