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Event Details
The Sack of Carolingia Event date: August 31st, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Carolingia - Groveland, MA
Event Last Modified: August 25th, 2013
Event details
Now that the great war of Pennsic has been fought, it is time to hold not just one, but numerous prize tourneys for the enjoyment of all.  So, come test your skill in archery, fencing, heavy list and thrown weapons.

In addition, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Baron Fergus and Baroness Imigla, Baronial Championships for the Barony of Carolingia will be held for archery, arts & sciences, fencing, heavy list, performing arts and thrown weapons.

Given all of these activities, please car pool so we don't overflow the parking lot.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The Schedule of Events (see below for details)

Sign-in for ALL competitions starts around 11am.  Based on time, all marshals may use their discretion regarding authorizations.

Arts & Sciences Display and Baronial Champions -- 12:00 -- 3:00
Performing Arts Baronial Champions -- 3:00 -- 4:30 pm

Archery -- Baronial Champions Shoot -- 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Archery -- Prize Shoot -- 3:00 --- 5:00 pm

Thrown Weapons -- Open Practice and Prize Shoot -- 11:30 --- 1:30 pm
Thrown Weapons -- Baronial Champions Competition -- 2:00 --- 4:00 pm

Fencing -- Baronial Champions Tourney -- 12:00 - 2:00 pm
Fencing -- Countess Marguerite's Long-Weapon Tourney -- 2:30 - 3:30pm
Fencing -- Woods Battle -- 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Heavy List -- Countess Marguerite's Great Sword and Pole Arm Tourney -- 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Heavy List -- Woods Battle -- 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Heavy List -- Baronial Champions Tourney -- 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Baronial Court of Fergus and Imigla -- 6:00 - 7:00 pm

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Troll is located in the Main Building in the "Green Room".  Use the porch entrance to enter the "Veasey Living Room" (with the fireplace) and then turn right.  Scroll down for site fees.

**> Indoors -- Baronial A&S Competition -- "Board Room"

**> Outdoors -- Baronial Performance Competition -- "the pine grove" behind the main building

**> Outdoors -- All other Baronial Championships and non-Baronial Tournaments.  Inspections to begin ~11:00am with all tourneys and competitions starting at ~noon.

- Thrown Weapons -- behind the main building, rear field
- Archery -- behind and right of the main building, left and right of the chain link fence
- Fencing -- in the triangular field to the left of the large parking lot and in woods
- Heavy List -- in the square field to the right of the large parking lot and in woods

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

**> Indoors in the lower "Pingree Hall" (there are stairs):  A *continuous* day board of tasty delectables will be served.  Contact Orlando [ mka Matthew Ender (mattender-at-gmail-dot-com) ] or Lady Zsuzsy [ mka Zsuzsy Sanford (ladyzsu-at-comcast-dot-net) ] for dietary restrictions or to join their staff.

-- See Note 3 for the day board menu !

**> Indoors in the upper "Great Hall":  Dancing.  Dance Master/Mistress TBD.  Feel free to bring a boom box.

**> Indoors in the "Mill Room" -- Merchants (Lady Guendalina's Closet).

**> Outdoors:  Entertainment, diversions and baronial court are TBD.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

NOTE 1:  This site is BONE DRY.  There will be a meeting of the Brewer's Guild, but it will be talk only.  Contact Donal Artur of the Silver Band [ Don Levey (DSL-dot-Carolingia-@-the-leveys-dot-us) ] for location and time.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

NOTE 2:  Much of this site (the lower and right side of the hill) is dedicated to unmowed conservation land.  Do NOT use the small, lower parking lot by the stone wall entrance.  If mundanes wander up hill to see what we're up to, please be courteous and instructive.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

NOTE 3:  Day Board Menu
FYI:  The day board menu provided by Orlando and Zsuzsy fully supports people with gluten intolerance or allergies to nuts.

Chicken in Pomegranate
Beef Barida
Pork Loin Stuffed with Dried Fruit
Hard-Boiled Eggs

Herb Soup
Spinach Tart

Fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, radish, broccoli, cucumber)
Pickled vegetables (olives, pickles, cucumber, carrot, asparagus)
Fresh fruits of many kinds
Assorted dried fruits
Roasted almonds

Bread (loaves and flatbreads, with butter, preserves and hummus)

Almond Milk
Grape Juice
Apple Juice

Custard Pie
Creme Bastard

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 8 pm
Event Location
Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street
Groveland, MA  01834

Directions to Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street
Groveland, MA 01834

...From greater Boston --

Take your best route to Route 95 North, north of Boston. At the 95/128 split, bear RIGHT onto 95 NORTH.

Go 14.2 miles and take exit 54B for Rt. 133 West to Georgetown.  Drive 2.3 miles.

At Georgetown Center, go straight onto MA-97 North/West Main Street and continue 1.9 miles.

Turn left onto Salem Street and drive 1.3 miles.

Turn a sharp left onto Washington Street and Veasey Park is 0.4 miles down on the right. Drive up the driveway approximately 0.3 miles to the large parking lot below the buildings.

...From Interstate 93, north of Boston --

Take Exit 44 onto Interstate 495 heading NORTH and continue with directions below.

...From Interstate 495, north of Boston --

Take exit 51 on Rt.  125 toward Haverhill.

After 2.5 miles on Rt. 125 (and crossing the Merrimack River) take a left at the light at the Bradford Common (no sign) onto Salem Street and continue for 2 miles, crossing into Groveland.

Then turn right onto Washington Street and drive 0.5 miles.

Veasey Park will be on the left.  Drive up the driveway approximately 0.3 miles to the large parking lot below the buildings.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Event Fees
Site : Note:  Continuous day board is included.  Contact the Registrar for non-food event pricing for those will allergies.

These are the prices -before- applying the non-member surcharge (NMS):

* $15 for adults (+NMS see below)
* $8 for students 18+ (+NMS see below)
* $5 for children 4-17
* Children under 4 free

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The SCA rules for the NMS are:

* When an adult or student age 18+, who is paying any part of a site fee, checks in at the gate, they need to show proof of current membership, or pay the $5 NMS.

* If they are a minor (<18 years of age) AND they are paying a discounted site fee, they do NOT pay the NMS.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Family Cap: To make this event more affordable for families, there is a maximum site fee of $40 per family ($30 per family if all adults receive the member discount). For these purposes, a family is up to two adults and all of their minor children. Please include pre-registration information for everyone in the family age 4 or older.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  - Barony of Carolingia

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Hrut Skumsonnur
(William Scammell, 781-956-3548, bill-at-wscd-dot-biz)


--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Send Reservations to:
Eleanor Catlyng
c/o Lisa Goldthwaite
579 Winter Street
Framingham, MA 01702


--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Other Contact Information:
Merchanting and other activities are TBD.

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