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Event Details
Bergentall/BBM yule Event date: December 7th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - New Britain, CT
Event Last Modified: December 2nd, 2013
Event details
Good greetings, one and all!  As the days grow cold and the North wind begins its relentless pursuit, it's time to seek the warm welcoming halls of good neighbors and friends.  The Barony Beyond the Mountain and our Northern neighbor Bergental, have, once again, combined our efforts to provide such a haven to all who would seek it!  We welcome you to our hall for a day of feasting, marshal activities, classes, competitions, entertainment, ceremony, and respite.  Merchants are also most welcome! 

Our doors will open to the general populace at 9:00AM, but staff and merchants may enter at 7:30AM.

Schedule for the Day:
9:00 Gate Opens
10:00-12:00 Archery part 1
11:00 Bergental Heavy Weapons Championship
11:30-1:30 Dayboard
11:00-3:30 Silent Auction
12:30 Spear Tourney
12:30 Fencing Tourney
1:00-3:30 Archery part 2
1:00-3:30 Bergental A&S Championship
1:00-3:30 Breads and Spreads Competition
1:30-2:30 Cross Stitch Embroidery Class
2:00 Gate Closes
2:00 BBM Fencing Champions Tourney
2:00-4:00 Heraldic Consultation
2:30-4:30 Crewel Embroidery Class
3:00 Boar Hunt
3:30 Feast Hall Setup starts
4:00 Performance by Concentus in the Main Hall
4:00 Merchants start to break down
4:30 Court
6:00 Yule Ceremony followed immediately by Feast
9:00 Site Closes.  If you are still on site, thank you for helping to clean up.

In addition to several classes, there will be two Arts and Sciences Competitions:  the first to determine the A&S Champion for Bergental, the other is "Breads and Spreads".  You may enter either or both competitions--one for medieval style breads the other for medieval style spreads.  Brief documentation is a plus.  Please bring a serving platter and knife to cut your bread.  If you intend to enter your A&S Entry in both Breads and Spreads and the Bergental A&S Championship, please contact the Bergental MOAS to ensure she knows part of your Championship entry is in the Cafeteria. 

Weather permitting, there will be plenty of martial activities at Yule:
HEAVY FIGHTING:  Rattan combat will start at 11:00 am with the Bergental Baronial Champions Tournament.  At approximately 12:30 pm, the Three-Man Spear Team Tournament will begin.  Extra spears and gauntlets to loan would be welcome, as some of our newer fighters may not be fully equipped.  The Boar Hunt will follow the spear tourney and is expected to start around 3:00 pm.  (Sunset is at 4:20 pm.) Boars are two-swords, representing the tusks.  Hunter teams are a single spearman and up to two hounds, the hounds being saber (that is, single one-handed swords).  "Spears" may be the standard nine-footers, or shorter boar spears, i.e.  polearms used only as thrusting weapons.  Hounds may only bark or bay, no speaking.  If you bring equipment to loan, please remember to mark your gear to minimize lost and found.  Note that we will most likely be changing the fighting area for the Hunt because of terrain and footing concerns in last year's forest.

ARCHERY TOURNAMENT:  Bring your bow and arrows.  The tournament will consist of a 10 target novelty shoot, ranging from 10 yards out to 75 yards, and a challenge shoot using the standard 20/30/40 yard (Royal Round) roundels and a 60 yard, 48" roundel.  For members of the Barony Beyond The Mountain, this event will also be for our Baronial Archery Championship.  Anyone may compete for the prizes.  Those not wanting to compete, are still welcome to use the targets for fun and practice (just don't turn in a score sheet).  Royal Rounds will be available for those who want them.  The range will open at 9:00 (or as soon after as possible) with competition beginning at 10:00 (though the novelty portion is open shooting, and the challenge will not be until after lunch, so don't worry if you are a little late arriving), and will run until noon, with an hour off for lunch, then resume at 1:00, and close at 3:30.

FENCING:  Following the open fencing tourney, the Barony Beyond the Mountain will be holding their Baronial Fencing Champion's Tourney

A bountiful and tasty dayboard, by BBM's Johanna de Glastingburi, will be provided at no extra charge to all who join us for the day
and for those who wisely decide to join us for the feast, Bergental's talented cooks have a wonderful menu planned to include the following:
Chicken with pomegranate sauce
Turnips with cheese
Broccoli with fennel
Spinach dish
Pork with a sweet and sour sauce
Jeweled rice
Dried fruit and pitzelli

Site is damp.  Beer, wine, mead or champagne ONLY.  No spirits or spirit-based cordials are allowed on site.

No smoking on site.  Not even in the parking lot.  You must go outside the fence to smoke.

No animals are allowed on site except Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).

Site Opens: 9:00 am
Site Closes: 9:00 pm
Event Location
HSC Community Center
370 Osgood Avenue
New Britain, CT  06053

North, East or West, take your best route to I-84, Exit 36 (Slater Road).

From the exit, continue straight onto Sterling Road.  Sterling ends in a T with a wood straight ahead of you. 

At the woods, turn LEFT onto Corbin Avenue.  The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

From the South, take I-91 to Exit 22N (Route 9 North).
Merge LEFT to Route 72 WEST towards Bristol.
Take the Corbin Avenue exit.  This is a right-hand exit off of Route 72.
Turn RIGHT onto Corbin Avenue for ~1.3 miles.
The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

(If you miss the Corbin Avenue exit, then get onto I-84 East-bound and follow the directions above.)

Event Fees
Site : Site fee before December 1st is $10 for adults (18 and above), after is $12.  A $5 nonmember surcharge will be added to either amount.

Youth reservation (12 - 17) is $6 before December 1st and $8 after.

Children under 12 are free.

Site fee includes a dayboard.

Feast: All seats at feast are reserved at $10 and need to be received by December 1st.  Families please contact us for consideration of young children.

***NOTE:  All flames for dinner MUST be enclosed, as per Connecticut State Law.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Barony Beyond the Mountain

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Ciara McRobbie (Anne Akin)

Emma Makilmone (Nancy Nummy)

Send Reservations to:
Ciara McRobbie
(Anne Akin)
29 Fowler Rd.
N.  Stonington, CT 06359

Reservations can also be made online through the SCA ACEPPS system:  http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

Other Contact Information:
Merchants please contact Emma Makilmone.

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