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Event Details
River Wars IV TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance Event date: September 6th, 2013 - September 8th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Williamstown, NJ
Event Last Modified: August 29th, 2013
Event details
It has been 30 years since the founding of Iron Bog.  To celebrate this occasion, the Barony of Iron will be hosting River Wars IV.  In keeping with the theme of our history, this year's war will have battles from past events held in Iron Bog.  There will be a feast for 80 people.  As part of the celebrations, their Royal Majesties of the East will be holding Court. 

Merchants are welcome with no additional charge for attending and selling at the event. 

In order to keep costs down, THERE WILL BE NO DAY BOARD.  This year's event costs are actually less than last year's costs.  A list of local restaurants will be supplied.  Merchant's who sell food are welcome.


On Saturday Starting at 11:00am, there will be an Altantian Speed tourney for both the Heavy and Rapier fighters to create two teams for each type of combatants.  List will be open at 9:00am and closing at 10:45am. 

Once the two teams have been created, we will have a series melee battles.  We will be doing our best to keep the sides as close to even as possible.

The battles will be the same for both heavy and rapier.  Below is the list of battles for the event:

1. The Best 3 out of 5 Traditional Field Battles (Non-Resurrection) Only 2 of these battles will include combat archery.

2. Bridge Battles - (3) Three (15) Minutes Non-Resurrection bridge battles.  A long side the standard bridge(s), there will be a Hero's Bridge.  The Hero's Bridge will be one man wide.  No Chivalry are allowed on the Hero's Bridge.  Chivalry may cross the river on their knees.  2 of these battles with have combat archery.

3. The Five Banner Resurrection Field Battle.  The battle will be 45 minutes in total time.  Universal Holds will stop the clock.  There will be five (5) banners with different colors.  There will be five (5) colored board used by the non-fighting Royalty and Landed Nobility on the side lines.  At random times during the battle, a colored board will be held up.  At that time all fighting stops.  All fighters within a spear's length of the selected colored banner will then fight to the death until one side controls the banner.  This means each banner must be fought over at all times during the battle.  There will be Unlimited Resurrections.

4. The 45 Minute Boat Battle with Limited Resurrections.  Each fighter will be given three (3) resurrections.  The field will be broken up into 3 sections.  Two shore lines with a defender's banner.  An island with a neutral banner.  The goal is at the end of the battle to control (2) out of (3) banners.  If a banner is contested at the end, those fighters within a spear's length of the banner will fight to the death for control of the banner.
The island banner may not be moved.  Shore line banners may only be moved on to the island, or back to the original defender's shore line.
Each side will start with the same number of boats.  You may only cross water inside a boat.  Each boat can hold up to 10 fighters, but one fighter may drag an empty boat back to his side for reinforcements.  If there are two or more fighters in a boat, then the boat may not be dragged, and must be off the ground to move.  Teams may take the other side's boats. 

On Friday night at starting 9:00pm, there will be a Fire Light Heavy Tournament.  The format will be determined based on the number of fighters who attend and enter.


On Saturday morning Starting at 10:30am, Iron Bog will be holding the Archery Champion's Shoot.  Details of the shoot are being kept secret, but are promised to be challenging to everyone one.  Anyone may enter the tournament, but only citizens of Iron Bog and the surrounding territories that share boarders with Iron Bog may be Champion. 


On Saturday, Starting at 11:00am, there will be a thrown weapons competition.  Details to follow.


On Saturday, Starting at 10:00am the equestrian activities and competition will be held.  Details to follow.

As we gather to celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Barony of Iron Bog, the youth from toddlers to teens will also have a special birthday celebration for the Barony.  Activities will include creating subtleties, party games, a pinata and party favors.  Additional activities may be added. 

The site has wonderful and very popular playgrounds.  But please note the following rules which we will be enforcing this year:
Minors under the age of 10 must be within voice range and in sight of a responsible adult or teenager at all times when on site.  Walkie-talkies and cell phones do not qualify as voice range.
Please contact Lady Aibhilin ighean Ui Phaidin, Chancellor of Youth for the Barony of Iron Bog if you have any questions or concerns.  youth@ironbog.eastkingdom.org


Iron Bog will be holding the A&S Champions Competition.  Anyone may enter the tournament, but only citizens of Iron Bog and the surrounding territories that share boarders with Iron Bog may be Champion.  Entries for the A&S Competition should be themed related to the History of Iron Bog.

The entries will be displayed in the Great Hall during the day.  Their Excellencies of Iron Bog, The Royalty and unknown selected individuals will be deciding the winner and champion of Iron Bog.

There will be a gathering of artists at River Wars demonstrating the making of glass beads.  In honor of the birthday of Iron Bog, 30 black and white glass beads will be given out at this gathering to visitors who stop by to ask questions and learn more about the art of Lampworking. 

If you want to make beads with us, please contact Lady Naomi bat Avraham at naomi@blastedoak.com

For more information, visit the original Bead Rescue Project website http://beadrescue.com/project.php or contact Lady Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa) at laralu@gmail.com.

If you want to make beads with us at the Artisans Row, please contact Lady Naomi bat Avraham at naomi@blastedoak.com or Mistress Brunissende de Brocéliande at mathilde.poussin@gmail.com


The site is open for weekend campers.  Breakfast for campers on Saturday and Sunday will be provided as part of the camping fee.

Site Opens: 7:00pm 09/06/13
Site Closes: 12:00pm 09/08/13

Event Website: http://www.ironbog.eastkingdom.org/riverwar-iv.html

Event Location
Tall Pines Day Camp
1349 Sykesville Road
Williamstown, NJ  08094

Take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Go South on Rt.  536 to Rt.  322.  "Geets Diner" will be on the right.  Turn left onto Rt.  322 East-Blackhorse Pike.  Go to 3rd light and make a right onto Corkery Lane.  "Wawa" will be on the right.  Cross over Blue Bell Road.  Go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road.  Turn left onto Sykesville Road and follow it until it ends.

Take Rt.  676 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take A.C.  Expressway to Exit 38-Williamstown.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.

Take Main Road-Rt.  555 to Blue Bell Road.  Follow Blue Bell Road to Corkery Lane.  Turn left onto Corkery Lane, go 1/8 mile to Sykesville Road, and turn left onto Sykesville Road.

Follow Rt.  295 south to Rt.  42.  Follow directions from Philadelphia.  Or follow signs for Rt.  73 south through Berlin Circle.  After light at Jackson Road follow signs for Rt.  536 Spur (Williamstown/Glassboro) - Williamstown-New Freedom Road.  Follow Rt.  536 Spur to Rt.  322.  Make left onto Rt.  322 East (Blackhorse Pike) and follow directions from Philadelphia.

Event Fees
Site : We are please to announce that this year's fees are less than last year's.

Weekend camping fees are $15 per person

Day Trippers:
$9.00 for adults
$6.00 for children between 5 and 17.
$0.00 for children under 5

Non-Members will be required to pay the $5.00 surcharge in addition to the above fees.

ACCEPS is now Closed. 

Feast: There will be a hardy country feast for 80 people on Saturday night.  The feast is $8.00 per head in addition to the site fee.  Feats reservation will only be accepted by mail.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, NJ, Inc.  - Barony of Iron Bog

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Steward:
Master Lawrence Thornguard
MKA Joel M Doner

Send Reservations to:
Lady Molly inghean ui Raighallaigh
'MKA Jean Bachen
209 Simpson Ave.
National Park, NJ 08063

Please make sure that your reservation includes an e-mail address, so a confirmation can be sent when your reservation is received.

Other Contact Information:
Other Contact Information:
Deputy Event Steward
Lord Sterling Dela Rosa
MKA David McGuire

Send Reservations to:
Lady Molly inghean ui Raighallaigh
'MKA Jean Bachen
209 Simpson Ave.
National Park, NJ 08063

Youth Activities:
Lady Aibhilin ighean Ui Phaidin, youth@ironbog.eastkingdom.org

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