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Event Details
Victuality: The event! (Period cooking for the SCA: Kitcheners, Vintners and Brewers) Event date: August 23rd, 2013 - August 25th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Dragonship Haven - Oxford, CT
Event Last Modified: August 13th, 2013
Event details

Announcing "Peer and Populace" Challenges!

The Barony of Dragonship Haven would like to call for those attending Victuality to issue forth a cooking or brewing challenge.  These may be judged either by the issuer of the challenge, or by the populace, as specified by the issuer.  The first 10 challenges received will be posted here.  ~ Please contact Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan at zohrahelenia@gmail.com

Other Updates:  There is a firewood ban in Connecticut.  Please do not bring any firewood, we will have plenty on site for use.

Fires are only allowed in the class/cooking areas.  Tiki torches and other contained lighting can be used in the camping area.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own tables, chairs, and potable water.  THERE IS WATER ON SITE; HOWEVER IT IS A DISTANCE FROM THE MAIN SITE AND WILL NEED TO BE TRANSPORTED.

Please note there are no shower facilities.  There is a river and small swimming hole, use at your own risk.  There are no lifeguards on site.

No pets are allowed.

Volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Help is needed for set up, haul water, clean up, etc.  Please contact Vienna at viennademer@gmail.com if interested.

Merchants catering to a culinary/brewing/vintning theme are welcome to contact Vienna at viennademer@gmail.com


Cooks, kitcheners, vintners and brewers!  Dragonship Haven wants you!

On August 23-25th, the Barony of Dragonship Haven invites you to join us at Schreiber's Farm in Oxford, CT for a weekend of cooking, learning, tasting and experimenting in a beautiful rustic setting.  This will be a perfect opportunity to share your favorite period recipes, swap cooking stories, and sample the food of cooks from across the kingdom, and maybe even the Known World.

As foodies well know, where there is good food there is often good drink!  Vintners and brewers are invited to prepare their libations for display and sampling (by those over 21, per CT state law) under the "tavern tent" throughout the day.  Period recipes for libations are not required, but in keeping with the theme of the event they are encouraged and this will be a wonderful opportunity to show your skills, whether your libations are ready to sample or works in progress.

Please note that all culinary entries must include full ingredient lists; modern sanitary considerations must be taken in their preparation.

A shared cooking fire will be lit for those who wish to cook, teach or learn to do so in that manner.  For those not so inclined, a small propane field kitchen will be set up with a teaching area.  Those wishing to cook or to teach a class are asked to please contact the Kitchener, Master Jaji, or the co-Steward, Baroness Ysabella, before August 15th so that space and time might be made for your class or your culinary endeavor and we can avoid too much overlap.  Teaching and learning will be the focus, but we must never lose sight of the main purpose of food:  eating it! 

As there is no formal dayboard or feast, event attendees are encouraged to bring or make potluck contributions throughout the weekend and for Saturday dinner.  Breakfast and coffee will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a voluntary donation, and water and non-alcoholic drinks will be available in the common areas.

As a grand finale to a day of food, fun, and fellowship, we would like to invite all who wish to donate and partake to offer something for Saturday evening's potluck dinner either by the fire or under the community tent.  Several restaurants are also located nearby.
Given the multiple opportunities at this event for becoming stuffed to critical mass, tent camping for the weekend is encouraged (No cabins).  It is asked that those wishing to camp the weekend pre-register by August 15th.

The camping area is accessible by vehicle, but the access to the main event area from the camping area is over a large footbridge; all food and equipment will have to be brought into the main area by hand truck or wagon.  Schreiber's Farm is a primitive site, and while there is drinking water available the water point is a distance away from the main event area and will have to be brought over in containers.  Also, as no electricity will be available, those cooking will be responsible for maintaining their own coolers.  There are several stores and supermarkets nearby to replenish supplies as needed.

Site opens on Friday August 23rd at 4PM and closes on Sunday August 25th at 4PM.  Anyone onsite after that time will be asked to assist in breakdown and cleanup. 


The Baron's Challenge
Must be from a period source, and documentation is strongly encouraged.  Please no tripe, liver, or spinach as it upsets his humors. 

Challenge 1
Prepare a recipe from scratch
Redact and prepare any medieval recipe without consulting existing translations or redactions.  State the source of the original recipe.  If you substitute any ingredients, please explain why.  Extra points if you translate the recipe from the original language; more if you prepare it using period cooking equipment.

Dom.  Galefridus Peregrinus

Challenge 2
Mistress Vienna's Mystery Box Challenge
Create a medieval meal using the ingredients that Mistress Vienna will supply.  Participants can supplement with their own stores, but the mystery ingredients must take center stage of the dish(es).  Participants may not use egg whites or mushrooms in any dish.  There will be a limit on the number of entrants to this challenge (between 3 - 5).  The prize will be a 6' long silk banner (custom to the winner) to be delivered after the event.

Mistress Vienna de la Mer

Challenge 3
Meal from dried & preserved foods.  Create a complete period and nutritional meal using only dried and preserved foods. 

Mistress Annetje Von Woerden

Challenge 4
Food for Travelling
The challenge I would like to issue is show us what period foods a lone traveler, pilgrim, foot soldier, merchant etc.  would carry with them and sustain themselves with little or no help from a village or town for at least 5 days.  15th century, Western Europe.  Participants must state why they are traveling.  Documentation is optional, show and tell required.  Winner decided by populace, and I will provide the prize.  A 16th century silver coin.

Lord Omelan

Challenge 5
Display a dish or meal in a period manner.  Prepare a dish or part of a meal (you decide what meal - a simple supper at home, meal during a hunting trip, repast at an Inn) and display or arrange it as you believe it would have been presented.  Because of the rustic nature of the site, this can be presented by photographs of your presentation, presented on the cloth or plates/platters that you used, showing that you did prepare the food.  The primary interest for this challenge is the presentation, not the food. 

Documentation is requested to, minimally, describe the time and place (both in history and in the day, i.e.  "14th century wedding feast") of your chosen meal, the food presented (ingredients list required if food is offered for sampling), and generally describing your display.  Documentation of sources is encouraged.

There will be two prizes, one by populace choice (I will provide voting beads) and challenger's choice.

Elizabet Marshall

Challenge 6
"The Tacuinum Sanitatis is about the six things that are necessary for every man in the daily preservation of his health, about their correct uses and their efforts.  [...] The second is the right use of foods and drinks." {Rouen, f.1}

Create a period meal that is balanced for health (as known in the medieval period).  Use of humors in deciding what dishes to use is important.  Documentation is a plus. 

This challenge should be decided by populace, with the help of any who understand the medieval humors. 

Prize for this challenge will be provided by the issue, Lady Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha

Challenge 7
I am a simple meat and potatoes and beer kind of knight.  I challenge any who would answer to make me a dish consisting of simple ingredients but hearty enough to fill my belly.  The only requirement is that you have to use one of the beers that I will provide.  The beer will be an English brown ale.  The prize will be a brand new 8-quart cast iron Dutch oven. 
Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbr├╝cke

Challenge 8
Make on site or bring your most elaborate AND edible sweet subtlety.  Please be aware that these will be eaten.  Populace vote, prize will be award by Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan

Challenge 9
Master Jaji's Challenge, in two parts.  Entrants need not commit to both parts of the challenge.

Part the first:  To start a fire using a non-match (or lighter) method.  To successfully complete this task a small batch of tinder must be ignited.  Entrants will be judged not only on shortest time, but also by using the most amusing or inventive method as decided by the populace.

Part the second:  To teach Master Jaji how to properly use a "tinder tube" as a method of lighting his pipe.

Prizes shall be awarded by Master Jaji for both parts of this challenge.

CURRENT CLASS LIST as of 8/13/13!
Roman Cooking
Cheese Making
Period Palate
Wood Splitting and Fire Preparation
Care and feeding of a Baronial Knife kit

Site Opens: Friday, August 23rd at 4 p.m.
Site Closes: Sunday, August 25th at 4 p.m.

Event Website: http://dragonshiphaven.eastkingdom.org/victualitysite.html

Event Location
Schreiber's Farm
571 Quaker Farms Rd
Oxford, CT  06478

Note:  The address given is for the farm office; the site entrance for the event is not at the farm office (please follow the SCA signs).

DO NOT USE GPS -- It will NOT get you to the site.

From Route 8 South (in CT)
Take Exit 22, At the bottom of the ramp, go right onto Route 67 West.  Follow to Route 188 (will be a left turn at a light).  Approximately 1 mile, make a right at Schreiber's Farm.  There will be SCA signs.

From Route 8 North (in CT)
Take Exit 22.  Make a left at the bottom of the ramp, make a left at the light onto Route 67 West (there is a stop sign just before the light).  Follow Route 67 to Route 188 (will be a left turn at a light).  Approximately 1 mile, make a right at Schreiber's Farm.  There will be SCA signs.

From 84 East (in CT)
Take Exit 15, turn right a the bottom of the ramp and follow Route 67 South.  Turn right onto Route 188 South at the light.  Approximately 1 mile, make a right at Schreiber's Farm.  There will be SCA signs.

From 84 West (in CT)
Take Exit 16, turn left at the bottom of the ramp and follow Route 188 South.  Continue on Route 188 in Southford by going left at the first light and right at the second.  Approximately 1 mile, make a right at Schreiber's Farm.  There will be SCA signs.

Event Fees
Site : Daytrip (Sat.  only) pre-registered:  $10
Weekend camping, pre-registered:  $15
Weekend camping, at the gate:  $20
Daytrip (Sat.  only), at the gate:  $12
Children:  $10
Family camp:  $50

$5 non-member surcharge will be collected at the gate from those who cannot show proof of membership.

Pre-registrations are due by August 15th. 

Feast: As there is no formal dayboard or feast, event attendees are encouraged to bring or make potluck contributions throughout the weekend and for Saturday dinner. 

Breakfast and coffee will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a voluntary donation.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  -- Barony of Dragonship Haven

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Mistress Vienna de la Mer, co-steward

Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan, co-steward

Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai (aka Jaji), Kitchener

Send Reservations to:
Joan of Coggeshall
(Jo-Anne Giblin)
28313 Town Walk Drive
Hamden, CT 06518

Other Contact Information:
Class scheduling -- please contact Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan at zohrahelenia@gmail.com *and* Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai (aka Jaji) at chefjaji@yahoo.com

Merchants catering to a culinary/brewing/vintning theme are welcome to contact Vienna at viennademer@gmail.com.

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