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Event Details
The Caristia Event date: March 2nd, 2013
Hosted by Shire of Hadchester - Rockport , ME
Event Last Modified: February 3rd, 2013
Event details
The Shire of Hadchester (Incip) invites you to join us in celebrating The Caristia -- a Roman based holiday celebrating Love and Family and the welcoming of Friends.  Is there any better way to break up the mid-winter doldrums then to celebrate with friends?

There will be Dancing led by our very own Lord Thomas de Winterwade and his lovely Lady Sara Stoneleigh, a Medieval Games Tourney run by Lord Antony and an Arts & Sciences competition organized by Lady Freygerthr of Visby.  We are hoping to have a small prize to offer to winners of the A&S and Gaming Competitions. 

There will be a coordinated POT-LUCK dinner as part of the event so please remember to bring your feast gear.  While the event is Roman based, the food will have a Norman 14th Century Theme.  The cook in your family should contact the Meal Steward for pertinent details.
Site Opens: 12:00 Noon
Site Closes: 8:00 PM
Event Location
Riley School
73 Warrenton Street
Rockport , ME  04846 (Glen Cove)

Directions:  Find your way to Route 1 in Rockland, ME.

North:  Proceed through Rockland toward Rockport.  Look for the Claddagh Motel on the right.  The next street on the right is Warrenton Street.  Turn RIGHT and follow the SCA signs.

South:  Proceed through Camden and Rockport toward Rockland.  Look for the PenBay Hospital and the Ledges Motel on the left.  Proceed down the long hill.  The next street on the LEFT is Warrenton Street.  Turn left and follow the SCA signs.

Event Fees
Site : Adults:  (ages 18 and up) $12.00
Children:  (ages 7-17) $5.00
Adult Members receive a $5 discount!  (with Membership card)
Children (ages 6 and under) FREE
Family Cap 2 Adults + 2 Children $30.00

Please, the site is limited as to occupancy so it will be required to make reservations before hand.  Therefore be it known that to ensure your attendance we need to have PAID IN FULL RESERVATIONS by mail no later than February 16th.

Note also that the evening POT-LUCK meal is included. 

Feast: NO FORMAL FEAST -- there will be instead a COORDINATED POT-LUCK meal at 5:00 PM.  If you've made reservations for the event you're included in the meal.  Please contact the Meal Steward, below, on what is needed, at the email address listed.  Frequent communications for this aspect of the event will also be found at hadchester@yahoogroups.com

As we are trying to have as much period food as possible, coordinating with the Meal Steward is vital.  Suggestions and recipes are available.

Please note that the site is "discreetly wet."

Meal Steward:  Foner of Maplecroft (Foner Curtis)
Tel:  207.594.4982
email:  yethmathter54@yahoo.com

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-Maine, Inc.  Shire of Hadchester (Incp.)

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Steward:  Symonne aus Chevaux d'or (Sheree Davis)
1196 Butler Rd, Union, ME 04862
Tel:  207.592.2887

Send Reservations to:
Reservations:  Sheree Davis
1196 Butler Road
Union, ME 04862

Other Contact Information:
Meal Steward:  Foner of Maplecroft (Foner Curtis)
Tel:  207.594.4982
email:  Yethmathter54@yahoo.com

A&S Minister:  Freygerthr of Visby
Tel:  207.549.4886

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