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Event Details
Bear's Tavern Event date: March 1st, 2013 - March 3rd, 2013
Hosted by Canton of Northpass - Peekskill, NY
Event Last Modified: December 17th, 2012
Event details
There's a storm brewing at sea.  Trouble has been sighted on the horizon.  Quick, hide the women, hide the food, hide the sheep, and hide the Rum!  Welcome to Bear's Tavern:  Return of the pirates.  The site will be in the usual location at the Blue Mountain Trail Lodge in Peekskill, N.  Y. 
The days activities will include the Viscount Sir Cai de Leon Memorial bodice lacing/unlacing contest, arm wrestling, a "Walk the Plank" boffer tournament, and a treasure hunt.  We're going to try to do the bodice contest early this year as folks aren't too motivated to unlace/re-lace after eating.  The kitchen will open at noon and continue on through 10:00 with the menu changing every three hours or so.  As always, this is an ADULT THEMED EVENT.  Due to VERY limited space, thre will be NO children's activities and NO children's rates.  Any children brought to the event must be supervised by their parents at all times.  The site/event does not open until 10:00 am on March second.  Long distance travelers have special dispensation to come in on Friday, March first.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the contests as well as for best pirate garb.
Merchants are welcome, just keep in mind the limits of space at the sight.  There is no merchant fee

Site Opens: 10:00 am Saturday
Site Closes: 11:00 am Sunday
Event Location
Blue Mountain Trail Lodge
435 Welcher Avenue
Peekskill, NY  10566

From the south, make your way to Route 9 along the Hudson River, at
Welcher Ave.  turn right, and go up the hill.  Keep going straight into
the park.  At the booth, make a left and follow the road to the driveway
entrance on the right. 

From the north, make your way down route 9 and take the Welcher Ave. 
exit.  at the bottom of the ramp, take a left, and go up the hill.  Keep
going straight into the park.  At the booth, make a left and follow the
road to the driveway entrance on the right

Event Fees
Site :
The fees for this fun-filled weekend are as follows:  Members weekend $30.00
Non members weekend:$35
Members-daytrip only $25:00
Non members daytrip only $30:00

Please have reservations postmarked by 2/15/13

Feast: There is no fee for feast.  Food is included in your reservation fee.  The captains of the kitchen and calories will be Baron Norman the Norman (Norman Eriksen) and Roland Aoulde MacDonald (Lemuel Bowen).  Any dietary concerns should be addressed to them at 631-261-8105.  No calls after 9:00 pm please.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Ine.  Canton of Northpass

Contact Information
Event Steward:

The autocrats Lord Thomas of Northpass MKA Thomas Martin @ 914-528-8468 (constable1@optonline.net)
and THL John the Bear MKA John Brooks @ 718-756-1561 (Samuraibear1@optonline.net)

Send Reservations to:
Richard the Poor (Richard Solensky)
2221 Palmer Avenue #4-C
New Rochelle, N.  Y.  10801


Please include a valid email address with reservation

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