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Event Details
A Day in the Caliph’s Court -- An SCA Schola in Carolingia Event date: November 10th, 2012
Hosted by Barony of Carolingia - Milton, MA
Event Last Modified: November 7th, 2012
Event details
The early part of our SCA period was a Dark Age for most of Christian Europe.┬áThe Islamic world, however, was in the midst of a Golden Age.  In the fair city of Baghdad, Harun al-Rashid has opened the gates to faithful, infidel and heathen alike for a day of trading, instruction and non-lethal combat.

On Nov.  10, 2012, please join the Barony of Carolingia in celebrating the arts, sciences and cultural achievements of the medieval Islamic world.

This is a schola event and there will be classes all day long.  Class topics include:  dance, history, music, tactics, cooking and everything in between.  Interested in teaching a class?
* For dance classes please contact Lady Erzulie (erzulie@erzuliedancer.com).
* For other classes, please contact Lady Safiya Shirazi (jsvoloudakis@yahoo.com).

A hafla will take place from will take place from 5-9pm and a continuous day board will be available from 2-5pm.  Please contact Baron Valerian of Somerset (john.voloudakis@gmail.com) for food related questions.

We will hold both fencing and heavy list tournaments, weather permitting.  Countess Marguerite will host a tournament (format TBD) for the heavy list fighters.  Fencing tourney format info TBD.

A continuous day board will be served from 2-5pm.  There is no feast.  The site is discreetly damp.

Handicap Accessibility Information:  The dance classes (11am-4pm) held in the "upstairs dance studio" are NOT handicap accessible.  The Hafla (5:30-9pm) held in the Great Hall are accessible.

Up-to-date classes and other event info will be posted on (carolingia.net/harun2012).

Reservations may be submitted to: 
Lord Aidan of Carolingia (MKA David Ludwig)
186 Lexington Street Apt 6
Watertown MA 02472

The only reservation is a paid reservation.  Reservations MUST be received no later than Nov.  01, 2012.
Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 10 pm

Event Website: (carolingia.net/harun2012)

Event Location
First Congregational Church of Milton
495 Canton Avenue
Milton, MA  02186


Event Fees
Site : Reservations MUST be received no later than Nov.  01, 2012.

$20 includes continuous day board served in the Town Square ($5 discount with valid SCA membership); family max.  fee $50 (with $5 discount drops to $45 assuming two adults with memberships.)

Feast: This is NO feast, instead there will be a continuous day board served in the Town Square from 2-5pm.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  -- Barony of Carolingia

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lord Hrut Skumsonnur (bill@wscd.biz) -- 781-956-3548

Send Reservations to:
Reservations may be submitted to: 
Lord Aidan of Carolingia (MKA David Ludwig)
186 Lexington Street Apt 6
Watertown MA 02472

Other Contact Information:
Lady Erzulie (erzulie@erzuliedancer.com) for dance class info.

Lady Safiya Shirazi (jsvoloudakis@yahoo.com) for all other class info.

Class Schedule:

11 - 11:55 -- Hafez -- taught by Safiya

Hafez of Shiraz was the most famous and possibly the most beloved of the Persian poets.  In this class we'll explore his (translated) work in the context of his life and times.

12 - 12:55 -- Design Elements in Arabic Calligraphy -- taught by Hugh

Design elements in Arabic calligraphy for non-Arabic calligraphers - i.e., how to make it look Arabic even if it isn't.

1 - 1:55 -- Cotton Spinning -- taught by Ermengar

How to spin cotton.

2 - 2:55 -- Storytelling -- taught by Sir Michael

Learn about storytelling and embellishment in Islamic epic.

3 - 3:55 -- Nalbinding -- taught by Ermengar

Nalbinding was practiced in Egypt as well as in Scandinavia.  Come learn how this useful art was practiced in this part of the world.

Huntington Hall
12 - 12:55 -- Tablet Weaving -- taught by Sir Michael

Tablet weaving in the Islamic world.

1 - 1:55 -- Abbasid Cuisine -- taught by Safiya

The "Iron Chef" concept did not originate in Japan.  Cooking competitions were such a delight in Abbasid Baghdad that even caliphs entered them.  Come explore what makes the cuisine of this era so special.

2 - 2:55 -- Mongolian Costuming -- taught by Raziya

Find out how to dress as a Mongolian, circa 13-14th centuries.  I will be discussing both women's and men's garb, textiles, hats, boots, accessories, and jewelry.  Examples will be taken from art as well as extant garments.  Physical handouts will be limited to 20, but more people are welcome to sit in.

3 - 3:55 -- Mongolian Arms and Armor -- taught by Raziya

Stop in and brainstorm ideas for improvements to your armor kit.  I will be explaining different types of Mongolian armor as found in extant artifacts and art.  Included will be:  lamellar (both leather and metal), chain, coat of plates, bazubons, helmets, boots, quivers, and a bit of weaponry as well.  In addition, I can answer questions about constructing waxed leather lamellar and will bring an example.  Physical handouts will be limited to 20, but more people are welcome to sit in.

Great Hall - Rear
3 - 3:55 -- Games of the Tables -- taught by Justin

The game we know today as Backgammon is the last surviving descendant of an entire family of games from period called "Games within the Tables".  This class will teach several variations from the Islamic world (all described in the court of al-Andalus in Spain), and then we will break into pairs and play.  Bring a backgammon set if you have one handy, but we can provide them as needed.

Baronial Court
Carolingian Baronial Court will take place in Great Hall - Rear starting at 4-5:30pm.

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