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Event Details
BBM/Bergental Yule TRM will be in attendance Event date: December 8th, 2012
Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - New Britain, CT
Event Last Modified: November 8th, 2012
Event details
The drums of war,
Now fall silent,
As the last leaf falls,
Upon our world.
Twixt a warm breath,
And the cold of air,
One can see the spoken word. 
The seasonal change of days be anear,
Thus, Winter is nigh,
So Yule be anon.

And so, the time of celebration of the Yuletide, is upon us.  The Barony Beyond the Mountain, along with our neighbor barony to our north, Barony of Bergental, invite one and all to share in this festive event.  We have the honor bestowed upon us, to have King and Queen, Edward Grey,II of Lochleven and Þóra Eiríksdóttir, known to all and sundry as Thyra, to grace our doors and sit at our high table. 

This promises to be a day filled with holiday fair.  The pantry has been opened for our cooks, to prepare a scrumptious feast.  There will also have a bountiful day board for all who wish, to partake, and enjoy.

The day will be filled with activities both leisurely and for the more active soul.  Enjoy the wares of our merchants, consult on your heraldry, display your best A & S work, and help raise money for the Kingdom travel fund.  There is always the impromptu gathering of discussions, and possibly spontaneous classes, as you take time to do busy work. 

For those of the martial arts kind, it has been put upon me to let it be known, THERE WILL BE FIGHTING.  There has also rumored of a hunt(sshh, quite, it is but a rumor).  The fields will also been made available for Fencing.  We will even have archery, that being depended upon the weather. 

The Brewers Guild, under the auspices guidance of Fergus Redmead, we will have a brewers competition.  Bring you best meads, ciders, wines, ales, largers and beers.  The site has ruled there can be NO cordials or "jacked" products allowed. 

Courts of our Royalty, and Baronies, will be succeeded by Celebration of Yule in traditional manner.

During this season of giving, we will hold a few fund raising activities. 
We have the popular Yule cookie sale to benefit the Kingdom Travel Fund, Bring a dozen or two, or three or four of your favorite baked Yule cookies, list the ingredients.  Donate them to the cause, handing them over to the cookie co-ordinator.  Then, peruse the table for cookies you would like to take, for a monitary donation.

The Annual Baronial Auction will be held.  Donate your unwanted SCA-usable items (books, feast gear, garb, materials, etc) to benefit BBM or Bergental.  Skills or promissory coupons for custom work may also be donated.  Bring your items to Yule or contact Mistress Jovonne (jovanpelt@comcast.net).

And then there is an A & S fundraiser.  Display any of your A & S projects.  Show finished and in process work, to be judged by all.  There will be 2 different tokens used, one for populace and one for those that have Kingdom level award and above (OSC, Maunche, Laurel, Pelican, and Knight).  The most popular, of each of the two tokens will be presented with a gift.  Tokens can be purchased and thus dropped into a corrosponding tally cup, you get 3 tokens for a mear dollar.

Merchants will need to bring tables.  Maximum of two(2) Banquet sized tables, or the equivalent there of.

Now that there is a spark, a twinge of titillation, in your being, the who, when, and where.

***NOTE:  All flames for dinner MUST be enclosed, as per Ct.  Law.

Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 9 PM
Event Location
The Hospital for Special Care Community Center
370 Osgood Avenue
New Britain, CT  06053

North, East or West, take your best route to I-84, Exit 36 (Slater Road).

From the exit, continue straight onto Sterling Road.  Sterling ends in a T with a wood straight ahead of you. 

At the woods, turn LEFT onto Corbin Avenue.  The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

From the South, take I-91 to Exit 22N (Route 9 North).
Merge LEFT to Route 72 WEST towards Bristol.
Take the Corbin Avenue exit.  This is a right-hand exit off of Route 72.
Turn RIGHT onto Corbin Avenue for ~1.3 miles.
The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

(If you miss the Corbin Avenue exit, then get onto I-84 East-bound and follow the directions above.)

Event Fees
Site : FEES->
Site : 
Advance reservations due by November 23rd:

Adults 18+ yrs.  $8.00; Youth 6 – 12 yrs.  $5; 5 and under.Free

Adults 18+ yrs.  $12.00; Youth 6-17 yrs.  $7.00; 5 and under Free

$5.00 Non-member surcharge required where applicable.

Feast: Advance reservations due by November 25th:

Dayboard:  All Ages…$2.00 per person;
Feast:  13 yrs + $9.00; Youth 6-12 yrs.  $5; Under 5 yrs.  Free

Dayboard; All Ages $3.00
Feast (if available) All Ages $12.00

** Note:  If all best laid plans go awry, Refunds for Preregistrations need to be requested by Dec.  15th.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Barony Beyond the Mountain

Contact Information
Event Steward:
BBM Co-Steward: 
Lord Severin Festchdermacher
(mka)Larry W.  Laudenslager

860-779-0102; between 10A & 9P; leave message
larry.laudenslager@att.net {use BBM/Berg YULE in the subject line}

Bergental Co-Steward:
Lady Emma nanon58@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Lady Katerina de la Bere
(Sarah L.  Curry)
55 Leafwood Lane Apt 285
Groton, CT 06340


Other Contact Information:
Merchant Steward; Anthonye Saker
Email contact; anthonyesaker@gmail.com

Kathryn Ramsey (aka Doreen Crescimano)
contact by email:  kathryn.e.ramsey@gmail.com

Make any questions for the feast dishes to the Feast Cook or either co-steward to pass them on.

Dayboard Cook is Henna Sinclair.  Questions on the food being served can be sent to her at countessinn@verizon.net

Annual Aution; Mistress Jovonne (jovanpelt@comcast.net).

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