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Event Details
A Twelfth Night Revel at Fairhaven Hall Event date: January 14th, 2012
Hosted by Barony of Smoking Rocks - Fairhaven, MA
Event Last Modified: January 9th, 2012
Event details
It is the winter of 1276 in the small keep of Fairhaven, near Caer Cymaron in the March of Wales.  Following the death of King Henry III, the precarious peace in the Marchia Walliae has shattered with Edward Longshanks’ declaration of war. 

The lord of the manor, Dafydd ap Owen, has answered the call of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and rides with his leader against the Marcher Lords, leaving his lady, Nest verch Tangwistel, to run the household in his absence and to watch over his lands and people.

To keep life normal as possible and to raise everyone’s spirits even in times of war, Lady Nest has declared that the traditional Twelfth Night revels will go on as usual and all are invited to the festivities!  She has promised to put together such diverse entertainments as are custom to the season, and has directed the kitchen staff to supply a feast that will satisfy even the hungriest beggar for days! 

Pilgrims and visitors must surrender their weapons at the gate, lest they be mistaken for brigands or spies, as Lady Nest welcomes the guests with a “Lambswool Wassail” and invites them to enjoy a sideboard laden with platters of tasty morsels.  During the late morning and early afternoon guests may pass the time with games, conversation and handiwork. 

Once the Green Man calls in the spirit of the holiday – the revelry begins!  A Lord and Lady of Misrule will be selected from the assembled guests, and ensconced in state to preside over the merriments to come.  And what merriments there will be!  There will be games of strength and cunning and just plain silliness, and as always, the Lord and Lady of Misrule will hold the “Bean Court” to complete the Manor's yearly business.  Of course, kissing boughs will be handy throughout the hall to honor the important Twelfth Night custom of kissing 12 people under the mistletoe before midnight. 

In keeping with another great Twelfth Night tradition, Lord Richard Leviathan and his Lady wife Alys Attewater will prepare twelve delectable dishes served in three removes with suitable entertainment in between. 

So set your steed or feet on the road to Fairhaven and come gather about the huge fireplace where the Yule log burns almost as brightly as the hospitality of the fine folk of the cantref! 

A few important event considerations:
As it is our custom at this event to recreate a Medieval Twelfth Night as closely as possible, we ask that guests make an effort to conceal or disguise glaringly modern clothing, objects or accessories (with exceptions for eyeglasses and such necessary items).  Using what is often called the “Re-Enactor's Ten-foot Rule”, a participant should seem, from the viewpoint of someone ten feet away, to have the Manner AND Appearance of someone who might have lived in the era, so please, NO sneakers or obviously modern material should be visible.  Smoking Rocks has plenty of Gold Key loaner clothes for those who would like to borrow appropriate garb.

Please do not enter the main hall in street clothes – there will be changing rooms available immediately upon entering the church where you may don garb before entering the main hall.  If you have any questions about this event, or if you would like to borrow garb from our Gold Key, please contact the steward, Lady Molly Blythe.

The Unitarian Church is nationally listed as a treasure of gothic architecture with intricately carved wood wainscoting, frescoed walls and a large, working fireplace adorned with alabaster 11th century knights so open flames and smoking are prohibited in the church halls.  The site is dry – please do not bring any alcoholic beverages into the event.

Site Opens: 12 Noon
Site Closes: 9 p.m.
Event Location
Fairhaven Unitarian Memorial Church
102 Green Street
Fairhaven, MA  02719

Find your best way to Route 195 in Massachusetts.  Take 195 East or West to reach Fairhaven MA [this is adjacent to New Bedford MA].  Take Exit 18, marked Rte.  240 South Fairhaven.
Take 240 S; at the 2nd stoplight (junction of Rte 6 and 240) turn right onto Rte 6 / Huttleston Ave.
At the corner of the Fairhaven High School campus, make a left onto Green Street.  The Unitarian Memorial Church is at 102 Green Street (intersection of Green & Center streets)

Event Fees
Site : Site Fee:  Adults:  $20 ($5 discount for SCA members)
Youth 13-17:  $10
Children 3 - 12:  $7
Children under 3:  free.

Feast: Feast:  Adults & Youth 13 - 17:  $10
Children 3 - 12:  $5
Children under 3:  free.
Reservation deadline:  December 21, 2011.  Feast will be limited to 80.  Pre-registration for feast is strongly recommended as it usually sells out each year.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  - Barony of Smoking Rocks

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Molly Blythe (Mali Lim)
213 Central Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745

Send Reservations to:
Molly Blythe (Mali Lim)
213 Central Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745

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