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Event Details
Season's Beatings 2: A Fistfull of Beatings Event date: December 3rd, 2011
Hosted by Crown Province of Ostgardr - Brooklyn, NY
Event Last Modified: September 24th, 2011
Event details
Once again the season is upon us to celebrate our patron Saint Regiftus.  The Crown Province of Ostgardr is proud to be the Saint's chosen domain once again in this most festive time.

December 3rd will be a day of fine food for all and ferocious beatings for those that choose to compete.  This until last season Viking holiday, also called Beatings Day in Norway, honors St.  ReGiftUs (the fifth and not-so-wise man) whose untimely martyrdom inspired fighters and fencers of old to take up arms and beat each other soundly. 

For this season Saint Regiftus has decreed these activities in his honor:

To honour the good saint we will have fighting and fencing tourneys for which each fighter/fencer will receive a gift whether or not they have received a beating.
Saint Regiftus would like to be among the first to see what is in store for Arts and Sciences over the next year, and would ask all artisans to bring their works in progress to display.

Music and Dance are always pleasing to His Giftiness, so space will be set aside just for this, and all will be welcomed to play their music, and dance the afternoon away.

As is tradition, there will be a gift exchange in the late afternoon.  Saint Regiftus asks that all bring an offering of their unused and unwanted SCA related items from their homes, that will be redistributed amongst all that attend.  One man's trash can be regifted as another man's treasure.

Charity makes the season more enjoyable.  For this, we would ask that any that are willing bring a donation for Toys for Tots.  Those contributing will receive a favor from Regiftus as a token of thanks for the good will.

Merriment is always best served in eating with your fellow revelers.  Saint Regiftus has asked that this season's meal be a pot luck, and that you bring enough for thee plus three.  Drinks will be provided by the province, but anything you wish to contribute will gladly be accepted.  The site is discretely damp.
Site Opens: 11 AM
Site Closes: 7PM
Event Location
Brooklyn Army Terminal
140 58th St
Bldg A Unit 8M
Brooklyn, NY  11220

Site is a large warehouse, there is plenty of room, even polearms are fine.
Site is 2-3 blocks from the R/N train stop (59th St)
Has plenty of parking, in a guarded and fenced lot
There are bathrooms and a drinking fountain readily available.

Important Issue:
As stated, this is a guarded parking lot.  To get in, tell the gate guard that you are going to a meeting at
Quality Conservation.  (Bldg A, unit 8M)
If you mention anything about SCA, or fight practice, or events, or such...  it will just really confuse them.
There is nothing wrong or inappropriate, there just is no benefit in trying keep the guards informed.

Quality Conservation
140 58th St
Bldg A Unit 8M
Brooklyn NY 11220

The only entrance is on the corner of 58th and 1st.
As you enter, Building A is on the right (near the water)
Walking in:  You don't really need to check with the gate guard.  You will be able to see the front doors.  Enter,
wave/talk to the guard, and head down the hall to the elevators.  Take them to the 8th floor, and turn left.
Driving in:  Talk to the nice guard, turn right down the 'hill'.  At the bottom, you will curve left, and there will
be a large rust colored awning.  Under the awning is a door.
After parking, go through that door, about 50' down on the left is a door to the elevators.  Take one to the 8th
floor and turn left.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

Event Fees
Site : There are no site fees for this event.

Make Checks Payable to: None

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lord þòrmundr inn landverski
(John Estep)
436 Bleecker St.  Apt 2R
Brooklyn NY

Send Reservations to:

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