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Event Details
Sommerdraw TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance Event date: June 7th, 2013 - June 9th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Bergental - Greenfield, MA
Event Last Modified: April 21st, 2013
Event details
  The snow has melted, spring is in the air and our hearts yearn for the great outdoors.  The Barony of Bergental is pleased to announce the return of Sommerdraw to beautiful Camp Lion Knoll in Greenfield Ma.  Our goal is to include thrown weapons, fencing, youth combat, and artisan’s row as well as heavy list combat, archery, and a bardic circle, all with early summer camping, with warm days and cool nights on a lush field of green.  The Shire of Quintavia will once again serve us a hearty day board.  Merchants, as always, are most welcome.
  The Barony of Bergental will run its archery championship.  If you consider yourself a friend of Bergental, who attends most of our events and you are willing to stand behind the Baron and Baroness whenever we hold court you may shoot for the honor of being the Bergental Archery Champion.  The Tournament will be run by our current champion, Treya min Teanga.  When the new champion is named, they will be responsible for next year’s tournament.  There will also be challenging shoots for those who do not wish to compete for the championship, including targets for escorted minors. 

Please note that children under 10 must be accompanied by parent or responsible adult at ALL times.  There is a playground on site for them to enjoy responsibly and at your discretion.  Absolutely NO youth will enter the woods without an accompanying adult.
Site Opens: 5PM -12 Fri., 9AM - 3PM Sat.
Site Closes: 2PM Sunday
Event Location
Camp Lion Knoll
77 Oak Hill Rd.
Greenfield, MA  01301

From all directions find your best route to I-91 exit 26 ("Rt.  2 Mohawk Trail").  Off exit enter the traffic circle.  Take 2A East toward Greenfield.  (if you are coming from the South, it's the first exit off the rotary.  If coming from the North, you'll go under I-91 first then exit.).  Drive into town and turn left onto Conway St.  Conway will become Leyden Rd..  Stay on Leyden for several miles until the road splits.  It comes up suddenly, so keep a look out.  Take the right fork and turn right onto Barton.  If you miss the fork, take the very next right, which is also Barton.  Travel on Barton for a few thousand feet until you see the sign for Camp Lion Knoll on the left.  Turn left onto Oak Hill.  Stay on this road until it ends.  It will turn into a dirt road before then, so please use caution.  There will be a sign at the camp's entrance.  Travel down the drive until you see our gate tent.  Please be advised that parking is limited to certain areas.  Once you sign in we will direct you to available parking spaces.

Event Fees
Site : Pre-registration
Day fee:
Non-member adult (18 and up) $13.00
Member adult $8.00
Youth (6-17) $2.00
5 and under free
Weekend fee (camping):
Non-member adult (18 and up) $17.00
Member adult $12.00
Youth (6-17) $2.00
5 and under free

Non-Preregistration fee
Day fee:
Non-member adult (18 and up) $15.00
Member adult $10.00
Youth (6-17) $3.00
5 and under free
Weekend fee:
Non-member adult $20.00
Member adult $15.00
Youth (6-17) $3.00
5 and under free

Feast: There is no feast.  Dayboard is a seperate pay-as-you-go fee.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA.  Inc., Barony of Bergental

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Co-stewards are Baron Robert dwe Makmyane and Baroness Emma Makilmone

Robert and Nancy Nummy
Rob's email:  numms57@yahoo.com
Nancy's email:  nanon58@yahoo.com
Message phone # 413-594-2100

Send Reservations to:
Brigitha in Kollrama
MKA- Brandy Dillensneider
431 Plain Rd.
Greenfield, MA

Other Contact Information:
Merchants, please contact Emma to reserve space. 

Well behaved dogs are allowed, but a STRICT rule regarding cleaning up after them applies. 
Parking is limited to certain areas.  Cars marked with the handicapped tag will be allowed to park close to the field.
The site is discretely damp.  ALL attendees must remove their own bottles or cans.
Raised fire pits are allowed with the presence of a fire extinguisher.  The only ground fire will be lit on Saturday night in the camp's firepit for the bardic circle.
Portable "Castles" will be available on the field, but the site also has flushies in the main hall.
The site is bordered by dense woods so please expect various insect life to be present including, and especially, ticks.

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